Chapter 68: Discussion

“I am definitely his nephew, but this doesn’t have any link to if I am a cultivator,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“You are a cultivator? How can you prove it? Besides, Xiao Ya, what kind of agreement did you promise him for this cooperation?”

“I think it’s better for me to say. Previously when I was drunk, it was Cheng Yu who sent me home. When we were outside the villa, coincidentally, we bumped into Fang Wenxuan. After that, Fang Wenxuan got injured by him. This should be able to prove that he is a cultivator, right?” Lan Ya looked at Cheng Yu before replying.

“What?! That day the injury was caused by him?!” Lan Jinsong had no idea that Fang Wenxuan’s injury was because of him going to find Lan Ya. Furthermore, the injury he received seem to be very grievous.

“What about the cooperation?” When he saw Cheng Yu was not talking, Lan Jinsong looked at Lan Ya and questioned.

“For the past two days, Fang Wenxuan has been pestering me to go with him to the Kunlun Sect, and I am not willing to. Therefore I told them that Cheng Yu was my boyfriend. He has agreed to help us handle the issue with Kunlun Sect, but the condition was to give him 40% of your harvest from the medical field,” Lan Ya summarized the whole situation.

“What?! 40%?! That is impossible! The max I can give him is 20%!” When he heard Lan Ya’s words, Lan Jinsong immediately rejected her proposal.

Cheng Yu didn’t speak as he continued to drink his tea. When Lan Ya saw this, she knew that he had decided not to meddle in this and she was all on her own.

“Dad! You have to understand, we were just a chess piece for the Kunlun Sect. Everything we do, we will have to look at their face. Besides, for all these years, you have placed all your heart into handling the business. When mother had fallen sick that time, you pleaded them to give you a lifesaving pill, but they weren’t even willing to. Otherwise, mother wouldn’t have left us so early! Could it be you still wish to continue being their subordinate?” When she mentioned her mother, Lan Ya got quite emotional.

When he heard Lan Ya’s words, he was also quite upset. During that time, he went to the Kunlun Sect and begged for a pill for his wife, but before he had even met them, he was chased off the mountain. When he came back, it was already too late as his wife had died. That had become one of his regrets in his life and it was also because of this that their father and daughter relationship worsened from that day onwards. That’s because before his wife had passed away, the last name she was calling out for was his name, as she wished to see him for the last time before she was gone from this world.

“But 40% is really too much!” Lan Jinsong said with some awkwardness.

“Dad! You should also know how powerful Kunlun Sect is. You think that handling them would be an easy thing? With Cheng Yu around, you think they would still dare to do anything? Can’t you tell that today they didn’t dare to do anything to him because they were scared of his background? With us cooperating with Cheng Yu, not only will they be taking out medical herbs, we will also get back our freedom. Could it be that this isn’t worth 40% of our medical herbs? If it’s not because of me, he would definitely asked for 60%.”

To be honest, all these years, in other people eyes, Lan Jinsong was a very successful business man. However, no one knew the suffering he had endured behind the scenes. He was just a chess piece fostered by someone else.

“Alright. I agree. Then Cheng…Mr. Cheng, in the future, matters regarding Kunlun Sect will be in your hands. After so many years of suffering, I am tired. I also hope to break off all relations with them,” Lan Jinsong pondered before agreeing with Cheng Yu’s demands.

“It would be better if you could call me Xiao Yu, since we have already become partners. Because of the payment, I will help you to settle the issue fully.“

“Haha! Since it’s like this, I hope we will have a happy partnership,” After he had settled the issue regarding the Kunlun Sect, the pressure he felt in his heart had also dissipated.

“Today I am here to give my blessing to Uncle. I didn’t bring any worthy presents. I shall gift this Longevity Pill to Uncle then,” Since the problem had already been settled, Cheng Yu no longer meddled as he took out a pill bottle and poured out a Longevity Pill.

When he opened up the pill bottle, the fragrance of the pills filled the entire room. It caused the father and daughter to feel extremely refreshed.

Kunlun Sect had presented him their own version of the Longevity Pill and said that it could extend his life by dozens of years. It was quite obvious that the pill he had received now was even better than what the Kunlun Sect had originally given him. Just by taking it out from the pill bottle, it had already caused the whole room to be filled with a refreshing pill fragrance. Furthermore, it could even ease their minds.

“Are you really give me this pill? Isn’t this too precious?!” Lan Jinsong received the pill and said excitedly.

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“Since Uncle has been in collaboration with the Kunlun Sect for so long, I believe you should have some knowledge about pills. This pill I just gave you can prolong a person’s life depending on their body situation. From what I see, it can at least give you an additional 30-50 years of life,” Cheng Yu said gently.

“Ah! 30-50 years?!” Lan Jinsong and Lan Ya were both shocked. Didn’t it mean that he could live past 100 years easily?!

Lan Ya’s eyes shined brightly as she looked at Cheng Yu. This man was truly very generous. Only the first meeting and he already gave such a precious gift to her father. This was enough to prove his ability and wealth. This wasn’t something that Kunlun Sect could compare to. So formidable! She looked at her father’s expression and knew how precious the pill was.

“Uncle, since the issue is resolved, I shall make a move first,” Cheng Yu stood up and said.

“Ok. You follow Xiao Ya out first. After a while, I will go and give Mayor Zhao a toast,” Lan Jinsong carefully placed the pill into a box and said.

“I also want one!” When they exited the room, Lan Ya extended her hand out in front of Cheng Yu.


“Longevity Pill! I saw that you had a bottle of it. Giving me one pill shouldn’t count as much to you. I didn’t short change you when I was discussing with my father!”

“I won’t give it to you,” While walking, Cheng Yu replied.

“Why? Are you that petty? It’s just a pill,” When she saw Cheng Yu had rejected her in such a upfront manner, Lan Ya was dejected.

“It’s because I have fallen in love with you. I will make you live and die together with me,” Cheng Yu replied without a care in the world.

“Are you sure? Are you an immortal already?” Lan Ya said surprisingly.

“Not yet. I only have a life expectancy of 300 years right now.”

“You are only able to live up to 300 years when you are already so powerful?! How are you going to make me live such a long life as you? I shall warn you beforehand, I am not the same as you, killing people as you wish.”

“I have my own means. It’s just the time isn’t right.”

“Don’t tell me you really want me to become your woman?” Lan Ya said seriously.

“Of course.”

“If I’m not willing?”

Cheng Yu stopped walking and used a hand to block Lan Ya from moving forward. After that, he pushed her against the wall as he used one of his hands to stroke her chin, ”You can only be mine, even if you aren’t willing to.” After he finished speaking, he moved his lips over and gave a kiss.

“This shall be the tag that will be left on you. From today onwards, you’re mine,” he said before walking away.

She looked at Cheng Yu and smiled. This little fellow was truly very interesting. Sometimes the words he said were very easy-going and showed that he didn’t really care about the other person’s feelings, but from his tone, you could feel his arrogance.


When they arrived at the dining area, they found Zhao Minglong and the others. The table they sat at had only Cheng Meiyan and Yang Ruoxue. It was most likely because Zhao Minglong was the mayor that no one dared to approach them.

“All of you are really something. At other tables, there are at least eight people, but here, there’s only the three of you. What a luxury!” Cheng Yu walked over and laughed.

“Xiao Yu? Is everything settled?” Cheng Meiyan asked.

“It’s all settled,” Cheng Yu sat beside Yang Ruoxue.

“Stay further away from me. Lest your girlfriend get jealous because of this,” When Cheng Yu sat down, Yang Ruoxue pushed him away.

“Whether my girlfriend would get jealous, I wouldn’t know. But I do know that you are jealous. I already told you before, I am very attractive and asked you to grab the opportunity. Now you are regretting it, right?” Cheng Yu smirked.

“Get lost. I’m too lazy to be bothered by you.”


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“Mayor Zhao, I am sorry about what happened. You made a trip down to celebrate my birthday, but I actually let you witness such an embarrassing event. Come, let’s toast with these three cups of wine,” At this moment, Lan Jinsong led Lan Ya over and stood in front of Zhao Minglong’s table. He poured three glasses of wine.

“It’s ok. The problem that surfaced today was all because of my nephew. If you were to say who should be punished, it should be me, not you,” Mayor Zhao stood up and said politely.

“Mayor Zhao, that isn’t right, you have such a good nephew. It will definitely make everyone drown in envy. Besides, he already settled the issue for me. I’m really thankful towards you and Xiao Yu!” Lan Jinsong said happily.

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