Chapter 37- Semifinals Part 1

KMega6KMegacharacter realistically knew that he had a good bracket in the tournament. Getting to the semifinals with only one serious fight was really lucky. With each passing match, his time to rest has shortened though. Naturally, Astrid7Astridcharacter would repair his gear for him while he watched the rest of matches, but he took a nap after his last match to get some needed rest. It was rather beneficial. When he was ready again, the last match of the quarterfinals was just arriving at its apex. The fight was between the Northguard sword and dagger user and the empire’s ace. Like KMega, the ace used a two handed sword. His skill level and gear told him that the individual appeared to have a level in the late 100’s, maybe early 200’s. The sword and dagger user was ill equipped to deal with such a skilled fighter, so he was crushed by the ace’s superior stats and CC.


KMega entered the arena again with his newly transformed ‘Justice Knight’ set equipped. Naturally, the armor looked like the junk it did before, but it’s characteristics from now and then were like night and day. To top it off, his stats had a large spike since his previous match.

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KMega is a completely different player now because he’s a true mid level 100 elite.


The Southguard champion looked at KMega and noticed that the air around him changed since his previous matches. In fact, none of his allies even expected him to get this far so easily. Naturally, his legend has proceeded him as well. He was the knight blessed by the god of war and the lone knight that never yields from a fight. He was also a man who rushed into enemy’s lands to rescue his brethren. The Southguard dual sword wielder respected KMega, so he took his hand when it was offered. This man was the prince of the southern branch of the union, Luke. Unlike the cold demeanor he gave off before, KMega smiled.

“I must thank you for coming to Eastguard’s aid.” (KMega)

To Luke’s surprise, KMega sounded grateful, but it didn’t last for long.

“I hope you understand, but for Eastguard, I won’t yield.” (KMega)

Luke nodded before speaking with a smile on his face.

“For the glory of Eastguard.” (Luke)


KMega grabbed his short sword and shield and got into ready stance while the dual wielder took his own. Luke took the initiative after the match started and rushed at KMega head first.

To Luke’s surprise though, KMega was a lot faster than he was before. He blocked both of his swords with his shield and parried them away to create an opening for his own sword. This move was rather predictable though, as Luke jumped backwards, then KMega advanced this time. Luke struck one of his swords against KMega’s shield as he charged with it raised.


Luke noticed that KMega’s footwork and timing was rather good, so he stepped up his game as well. They spared back and forth. They pushed and shoved, and they pulled and countered. Neither of them was taking any big hits or making any big moves.

To many of the bystanders, this was a boring match to watch.

However, to warrior type npcs and a game enthusiasts, it was just the opposite. This is exactly what they wanted out of this tournament. Anyone could do a big and flashy move like KMega’s all or nothing in the last match. No, this was strictly a battle of skill and CC.

Each action was reflected on the fight five moves in future.

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It was a perfect dance of blades and combat until something gave.

That something was KMega’s sword….

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