Chapter 389: Meeting again after a long period of separation


After helping the three soldiers, Long Yi stared at the soldier who had initiated the first attack. He asked with a smile, “Why did you choose that exact moment to attack me? Don’t you know you will startle the snake by exposing yourself so early into the battle?”

Hearing Long Yi’s question, the soldier straightened his back and replied respectfully, “Replying to General, at that time this subordinate saw that General was strolling around the place where we were hiding. As such, I suspected that General already knew of our location. After which, this subordinate heard General say that your family had run out of grains. Based on this statement, this subordinate determined that General was intentionally strolling about here. As such, this subordinate made his move, initiating the first attack on General.”

“Oh, what made you think that I intentionally took a stroll here?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows as he smiled. Long Yi thought that this was a soldier which could be developed to better serve the Unparalleled Battalion,

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“Because when General was coming from far away, this subordinate had been observing General. The clothes General wore were much better compared to what the nobles wore. As such, this subordinate knew that it was impossible for your family to run out of grains. Moreover, General’s bearing didn’t resemble an inn worker.” The soldier who was questioned by Long Yi answered loudly.

“Good, very good. From now on, you shall be promoted to a squad leader. As for the higher positions, you have to depend on your meritorious military service.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Thank you General, this subordinate will definitely risk my life to fight the enemy. I will not ruin the mighty name of the Unparalleled Battalion.” This soldier said with excitement. One should know that the selection process for officers in the Unparalleled Battalion was extremely strict. Even for the position of a ten men squad leader, the competition was very intense. However, their general, Long Yi, personally gave him the position of a squad leader after inspecting the training exercise. It was a big honor for the soldier being promoted, by the general himself. Envious stares were given to him by the other soldiers.

While they were talking, teams after teams of soldiers from the Unparalleled Battalion gathered around Long Yi. Before long, more than a thousand soldiers surrounded Long Yi.

“Make way, make way. What’s going on here?” A loud shout came from outside this encirclement. All the soldiers stepped aside to make a path.

“Brother… brother-in-law……” The person who had just arrived was Nangong Nu. He was shocked to see Long Yi all of a sudden. After experiencing the baptism of war, this previously immature young boy had already grown into a dignified young man. Now, he had a robust build, and his previously fair and clear face had turned into a healthier wheat color. He even kept a thin mustache above his lips.

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“Subordinate Nangong Nu pays respect to General.” After being stunned for a few seconds, Nangong Nu returned back to his senses walked over to where Long Yi was standing. He performed a proper military salute as he stared at Long Yi with admiration flashing in his eyes.

Long Yi nodded his head before sweeping his gaze at the thousand soldiers from the Unparalleled Battalion surrounding him. “Attention, all team leaders continue to train your troops. After you complete the training session, assemble your troops and return to camp.”

With a single shout of acknowledgment, all the team captains accepted the order. The troops surrounding Long Yi dispersed as all of them resumed their training.

“Brother-in-law, why are you here?” Nangong Nu’s eyes reddened as he asked Long Yi. In front of Long Yi, he was still that mischievous child from before.

“Little Nu, why on earth are you, a grown-up man, showing this girl-like appearance? You have already grown up. Xiangyun would definitely be happy to know that.” Long Yi smiled and held both shoulders of Nangong Nu firmly as he said.

Nangong Nu took a deep breath and held back his tears that were about to fall. With a sense of pride, he held his head up high as he said, “Brother-in-law, in this war, I have already killed more than a thousand enemies. With the exception of General Bear and General Beitang, I have the most kills.”

“Mmm, Little Nu is awesome. However, you are now a captain of a thousand man team. You need to use strategies and coordinate your troops properly in order to win the battle. This is something the superior, like you, should do. You don’t need to go and rob meritorious military service from your subordinates, do you understand?” Long Yi rubbed Nangong Nu’s head as he said.

Now, this child was nearly as tall as him. He remembered that when he had just returned to Soaring Dragon City, Nangong Nu had yet to reach his chest, however, in the blink of an eye, he had already grown to become a real man.

“Brother-in-law, from now on, I’ll pay attention… Who are you?” Nangong Nu nodded his head. While he was chatting with Long Yi, a delicate fragrance suddenly assailed his nostrils. Nangong Nu saw a beautiful woman in a spotless white gown appear out of thin air behind Long Yi. When he saw someone else appearing out of thin air, his nerves subconsciously became tense.

“Don’t be nervous, she is Wushuang. You can call her big sister Wushuang.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Wushuang?” Nangong Nu thought for a bit and had a sudden realization. Nangong Nu realized that it was because of her that Long Yi gave this independent battalion the name, ‘Unparalleled Battalion’. After thinking for a little while, he obediently called out, “Big sister Wushuang.”

Wushuang gave Nangong Nu a slight smile and nodded her head. Her beautiful smile stunned Nangong Nu and made him absent minded for a while. When he finally came back to his senses, he realized that his face was beet-red.

Long Yi laughed heartily. It seems like the destructive power behind Wushuang’s smile was really large indeed. Long Yi turned to Nangong Nu and said, “Little Nu, bring us back to the military camp. I haven’t seen Tyrant Bear and Yu’er for a long time. I really miss the two of them.”

“I think that General Beitang is the one brother-in-law misses. As for General Bear, he is only secondary.” Nangong Nu mischievously smiled. In front of Long Yi, he reverted back the old Nangong Nu.

“Get lost, what does a little child like you understand. Why are you still standing here, is your ** itching?” Long Yi scolded in jest as he raised his legs to kick Nangong Yu’s **.

Nangong Nu dodged Long Yi’s kick and began running towards the army camp with a smile on his face. He was really fast when he ran. Even though he was a magician, Nangong Nu’s speed was fast enough to shock warriors.

Long Yi and Wushuang followed behind Nangong Nu at a leisure pace. Before long, they saw the military camp in the distance and there were many camps in the area. There were banners and flags fluttering in the air above the camps. In particular, the flag of the Unparalleled Battalion was fluttering higher than other flags. This was the flag that terrified the soldiers of the Proud Moon Empire. This was also the flag that had an undefeated legend behind its name on the battlefield..

Beitang Yu was dressed in red and black clothing as she sat inside a huge military tent. She was tirelessly browsing and sorting out the gathered intelligence she received from the reports from her subordinates. While she sorted out the information, she wrote down notes and her pen danced across the piece of paper placed in front of her.

Suddenly, one of Beitang Yu’s bodyguard lifted the curtains of the tent before entering in a rush. He stuttered as he spoke, “Re… reporting to General……”

“What’s the matter? Why are you panic-stricken?” Beitang Yu frowned as she spoke to him and was obviously very dissatisfied with the performance of this bodyguard.

This bodyguard quivered. The iron-clad discipline used to manage the Unparalleled Battalion came from Beitang Yu. The rules and regulations in this battalion made everyone, officers and men alike, fear Beitang Yu. A single frown from Beitang Yu made this bodyguard feel as though he was thrown into a cold pond naked. Taking a deep breath, he calmed himself down before he continued, “Reporting to General, Nangong thousand strong and General Ximen have returned.”

“So what if they returned, what’s the uproar for…… Wait, who did you say returned with Nangong thousand strong?” Beitang Yu’s hands shook as she heard Long Yi’s name. The pen she was using to write notes fell from her hands, and ink spilled over her notes.

“It’s General Ximen, General Ximen is back.” Looking at Beitang Yu’s reaction, this bodyguard laughed out loud in his heart. However, he didn’t dare to show his amusement on his face. Everyone in the Unparalleled Battalion knew the relation between Beitang Yu and Long Yi.

Getting up, Beitang Yu rushed out of the tent with lightning speed. The moment she stepped out, she saw that Long Yi was greeting the soldiers on duty with a smile on his face. She could see that the soldiers who were fortunate enough for Long Yi to pat their shoulders were extremely excited. Long Yi was the soul of this army, he was the one who created this iron-willed battalion. Everyone in the Unparalleled Battalion worshipped him, officers and men alike.

Suddenly, Long Yi lifted his head and met Beitang Yu’s gaze. With a warm smile blooming on his face, Long Yi thought of how much he had missed her.

The nose of Beitang Yu soured. Just this smile from Long Yi made her feel as though all her efforts were worth it. Now, she knew that he was thinking of her in his heart. With a smile, she knew that he had acknowledged everything she had done. It was all Beitang Yu needed.

As the chief commander of the Unparalleled Battalion, Beitang Yu knew that she mustn’t lose control of herself in front of her men. She did her utmost to restrain her urge to rush into Long Yi’s embrace. However, she wasn’t able to stop herself from showing her excitement as her gaze towards Long Yi gave it away.

“Little Nu, take your big sister Wushuang and look for a place for her to rest.” Long Yi instructed Nangong Nu as he looked at Wushuang with an apologetic gaze. Wushuang replied him with an understanding smile as she left with Nangong Nu.

Walking towards Beitang Yu, Long Yi held her hands and walked into the military tent with her. The moment they entered, Beitang Yu hugged Long Yi tightly from behind and her tears gushed out without restraint.

Turning around, Long Yi held Beitang Yu in his embrace, allowing her to cry to her heart’s content. Before long, the tears flowing out of Beitang Yu’s eyes soaked Long Yi’s clothes. Other than his clothes, Long Yi felt as though her tears soaked his heart.

“You have suffered for so long.” Long Yi caressed the back of Beitang Yu and said softly.

Beitang Yu shook her head in Long Yi bosom before looking up and staring at him in the eye. In her eyes, tears could be seen forming again, however, she spoke to Long Yi in a firm voice, “I didn’t suffer, I really didn’t suffer much. The military life is what I yearn for. Moreover, this is your army, even in death, I will love…… wu……”

Before Beitang Yu could finish speaking, Long Yi blocked her little mouth with a kiss from his own. Their tongues passionately entangled with each other. After missing each other for so long, their passion for the other party was ignited as soon as they met.

This military tent Beitang Yu was living in was very big, it could be separated into two parts. At the front of the tent, it was where official business was discussed. It also doubled as the workplace for the chief commander. At the back of the tent, it was the resting place of the chief commander.

The two of them who had their tongues intertwined with each other inched towards Beitang Yu’s bedchamber which was at the back of the tent. Throughout the way, their hands didn’t leave each other’s body as they quickly removed each other’s clothing. When they finally reached the huge soft bed, neither of them had a shred of clothing on. Their clothes were tossed everywhere inside the tent.

“My husband, love me……” Beitang Yu whispered as her little hand grabbed Long Yi’s burning hot **.

Long Yi moaned, and his big hands moved about her soft and smooth skin. His primary focus was on her towering ** and the secret place between her legs.

Reaching out, Long Yi grabbed one of the snow-white mound of flesh on Beitang Yu’s chest. He licked the pink ** which was standing erect with his tongue and a moan escaped Beitang Yu’s mouth. Feeling the body of Beitang Yu trembling in his embrace due to his teasing, his tongue began to move towards Beitang Yu’s smooth and hairless armpit. There was a hint of her natural body fragrance as he slowly teased her. Long Yi knew that this place was the most sensitive place of Beitang Yu with the exception of her private parts.

“Ah…… my husband……” Feeling Long Yi’s nimble tongue licking her sensitive armpit, Beitang Yu’s entire body quivered. Her love nectar flowed out of her secret place like a waterfall as her moans became louder. That was her over-excited emotional discharge after **.

Long Yi no longer hesitated, and he joined together with Beitang Yu in the most intimate way. Beitang Yu’s soul left her body and flew beyond the highest heaven as he pounded her in the most primitive way. Sinking and rising in the ocean of desire, everything in the world seemed to have gone far away from her.

After an unknown period of time, her ** began to dissipate. The messy bed and wet patches were the witnesses of how crazy the two of them were.

“My husband, I want more…” Beitang Yu was lying weakly in Long Yi’s bosom and her finger was drawing circles on Long Yi’s sturdy chest. But all of a sudden, she moved up and bit his ear, as she whispered coquettishly.

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