Chapter 71: To Seek Out a Wish

Hearing Li Fei Fei’s urging, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character managed to muster up his courage and slowly move his hands upwards. At this moment, he actually had some regret for his actions; so he realized that he couldn’t do it.

Even though he picked up Li Fei Fei’s blue bra before, and even though he sneakily turned it over to have a look, he knew how the paperclip-like hook worked, but he didn’t know how to fasten it!

Since things were already like this though, he could only make a live horse out of a dead one. He then gritted his teeth before his trembling hands finally reached deep into Li Fei Fei’s tennis shirt that he lifted up. He could feel a soft and smooth surface from his fingertips. He then saw that Li Fei Fei had straightened her back, so he hid behind her.

“En.” Seems like there are whispers. Li Fei Fei’s body was as straight as a spring before she suddenly reacted. While she slowly relaxed, her breathing was quite fast and her body carelessly trembled.

“Don’t be scared, it’ll be over in a moment! Su Ke said softly. He didn’t know you he was reassuring, but both of them were quite anxious.

Su Ke twisted his hands before wiping the sweat from his head. Just from that simple movement, a lot of sweat had gathered on his forehead. He reached out once again, but his movements were more confident this time. With deft hands, he was quickly inside.

“En.” Li Fei Fei wanted to move away, but Su Ke’s hands were already gripping her slender waist. While she was immobilized, she couldn’t help but give out a light groan since his palms were so warm.

Her skin was as smooth as silk and as tender as milk. Su Ke was, for a moment, unwilling to let her go. Since Li Fei Fei’s body was trembling faintly though, it slowly woke Su Ke up. His palms slowly relaxed before he moved backward, even feeling goosebumps forming on her skin.

Li Fei Fei pulled her shirt down tightly and no longer looked. down. She then glanced around the room because she was afraid that they would gain attention. After that, she felt like there were millions of ants on her back, causing her to feel itchy and limp. This kind of feeling, along with her anxiety, made her feel dizzy.

Su Ke’s then moved his hands up even further. His heart jumped in his chest every minute and every second. His breathing was also difficult, and the heavy sound of it made his mouth dry.

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His fingers then relaxed because Li Fei Fei’s back was clean and smooth, but also flexible. Her skin was also taut and shuddered slightly. As his hands roamed around, he could feel the bones of her spine protruding. The bones along with the firm muscle were very impactful.

Time quickly passed, and in a flash, Su Ke had gone fully inside her shirt. When his hands had nearly reached their destination, Li Fei Fei had agitatedly pulled down her shirt, causing it to stop moving, even as Su Ke was going in. His hands had stopped roaming, but the shirt remained in her strong grip.

His hand was tightly pressed against her skin. Su Ke then suddenly stopped moving after his hands finally touched the hooks of her bra. The outline of his hands could be clearly seen through her shirt, but his hands were now separated from her chest by less than 10 cm.

“I’m done for, I’m done for!” Su Ke kept repeating in his heart. He now had the sudden urge to move his hands over to her front for a bit since they were so close.

Su Ke then anxiously felt his hands tremble while he tried to firmly ignore his desires. When he finally managed to control it, his hands followed the straps and finally found the hooks. He then let out a sigh of relief.

“Are you done?” Li Fei Fei asked. At the moment when Su Ke had paused, her whole body became rigid, even her trembling had ceased. Even though Su Ke was separated from her chest by a little bit, there was still distance. His hands seemed to have magic though, as his touch felt like electric currents going straight to her chest.

She then felt very uncomfortable because it felt like all the blood rushed to her chest. Only when Su Ke’s hands felt normal did the feeling go away and Li Fei Fei was able to speak again.

“This is fine!” Su Ke also felt like he was dallying as if he was going to take advantage of her. He then quickly tried to fasten the hooks, but he soon realized that it was a complicated problem.

He then tried a few times to no avail, making him rather flustered. Even Li Fei Fei was becoming anxious again. As she was observing the situation, she finally couldn’t take it anymore, so she tried to teach Su Ke how to fasten a bra.

“Slow down!”

“Two people need to do it together!”

“Up and down!”

“En, just like that. Don’t rush, try again!”

Su Ke was just like a kindergarten kid. Under Li Fei Fei’s guidance though, he finally managed to fasten the hooks. Just as he was about to take out his hands, he heard Li Fei Fei, “Wait! It’s too tight, I can’t breathe. You need to loosen it by one level!”

After going through that ordeal, Li Fei Fei was no longer scared. Since things had already progressed until here anyways, it’s better to finish it faster.

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“Eh! Okay!” Su Ke then went back to work.

“Hoo!” Su Ke breathed out heavily. He then sat on the floor with his hands in her shirt. He could then see the outline of the hooks where it was refastened before he finally relaxed.

His whole body was wet and he sweated profusely, even worse than when he was fighting.

With his hands on the floor, he managed to stand up with trembling legs as he slowly dragged his feet and sat back down on his seat before looking at Li Fei Fei.

With a red face and a forehead covered in sweat, Li Fei Fei was also rather tired. The hand that she used to clutch her shirt was also numb and stiff. Her gaze then flickered around the room as she lowered her head and was unable to meet his eyes.

“Thank you!” Her voice was almost inaudible.

“How do I thank…?” After Su Ke finally relaxed, his mood was naturally better. Especially at the beginning when Li Fei Fei forced him to become her temporary boyfriend. Li Fei Fei didn’t have that violent attitude now though. He wanted to smile, but he blurted that out instead.

When he said those words, Su Ke suddenly saw a notification appear in his mind. While Li Fei Fei fell into a daze, he went into the system’s space for a look.

“Task: Get Li Fei Fei’s first kiss. Reward: A wish.”

“F*ck, a wish actually came out!” Su Ke was rather surprised. Even though he had finished 20 tasks beforehand and found out about the different reward categories from the help section, this was still the first time he saw this. He didn’t understand it completely either.

“Don’t tell me that I only need to wish for it?” Su Ke was really happy. If the reward was telling the truth, then it’s really powerful. He definitely needed to complete this task!

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