Chapter 72: I Was Already Seen Through!

According to Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s imagination, a wish would be like Aladdin’s lamp. In his heart, he didn’t think that it was impossible since the system’s appearance was already a miracle. For another “Aladdin’s lamp” to appear wouldn’t be out of the question.

Li Fei Fei saw Su Ke’s expression and was stunned before she surprisingly started laughing. Ecstatic, she was thinking if this fella was in a mess because he helped her fasten her bra!

At first, she was feeling shy and embarrassed, but after looking at Su Ke’s foolish expression, she relaxed and slapped the table, “Hey! Su Ke, are you dreaming!?”

“Eh!” Su Ke finally returned to his body. Looking at Li Fei Fei in front of him, he blushed from ear to ear. When slapped the table and stared at him, it felt like she returned to her previous attitude.

While looking at Li Fei Fei’s tender lips though, he immediately thought about the reward for the task. “I still don’t know which day you’ve picked? I might as well be prepared!”

“Next Saturday! You don’t need to prepare anything, I think you’re fine just like this!” Hearing the rare praise from Li Fei Fei, it made him feel like he was seeing heaven for the first time.

“How can that be? No matter what, I will be there as your boyfriend. Even though it’s only one day, I still need to prepare with all my effort. I have a problem that I’m afraid will affect my performance though!” Su Ke then pinched his eyebrows and had a serious look on his face.

“What is it? Speak!” Li Fei Fei also didn’t want to mess it up at the last minute because she wouldn’t be able to go to the party.

When Su Ke mentioned it, she naturally became anxious.

“Everyone attending the party is from your junior high, right!?”

Li Fei Fei nodded.

“There’s that guy who’s always chasing you, right!?”

Li Fei Fei nodded.

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“That fella’s parents also know your parents, right!?”

She nodded.

“We must be really realistic in front of them and develop a good story. We must also agree on a bit of action to perform that you can’t reject, like hugging or kissing.”

Li Fei Fei nodded automatically before her face changed and she became agitated and indignant, “In your dreams!”

“Eh! As an actor, you need to believe me!” Su Ke’s face was serious, while his eyes were as clear as a river flowing between mountains.

“You’re just a bloody extra!” Li Fei Fei then lifted her chin and pointed at the table with her finger before looking at Su Ke.“Ah? Actually, I’m an actor!” The corner of Su Ke’s mouth started to tremble.

“You’re a bloody extra!” Li Fei Fei stuck with her stance without moving.

“Big sister, if you want to call me an extra, can you not add the word ‘bloody’ in front of it!” Su Ke couldn’t help it anymore as he acted like a rooster who was defeated and hung his head. After that, he looked up and met Li Fei Fei’s eyes before the two of them burst into uncontrollable laughter.

That moment of the tacit agreement made them very relaxed.

The embarrassment from just now had completely disappeared. Su Ke and Li Fei Fei then laughed until they were unsteady. Li Fei Fei’s rabbits started to sway, and the bouncing was getting faster.

She then suddenly stopped.

“What happened?” Su Ke said as he straightened up.

“I have to go. When the time comes, I’ll call you!” Li Fei Fei’s face was a bit unnatural as she stood up and even pulled her shirt down.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? Just leaving like this!” Su Ke didn’t understand what happened to cause Li Fei Fei’s mood to suddenly drop.

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He just saw Li Fei Fei curl her lip. “Schoolmate Su Ke that steps on three boats at the same time (seeing multiple girls at one time), your year 1 girl is here to find you!” After saying so, she pointed behind him.

“Brother Su Ke!” He then turned around and saw Liu Qing Qing smiling and standing behind him with Wang Huan and Li Yan beside her

“Qing Qing, how coincidental!” Su Ke stood up. It was really accidental.

“Not really, I heard that you were standing in front of our classroom for quite a while. Were you looking for me? Is there something you needed?” Liu Qing Qing’s voice was very sweet, and she had even politely smiled at Li Fei Fei. Even though the both of them had long straight hair, since Li Fei Fei was just in PE class, she had it in a ponytail.

Liu Qing Qing’s hair was completely let down and like a waterfall.

When the two of them looked at each other, Su Ke felt like something was wrong. Even though the two of them were smiling, there seemed to be sparks when their gazes met.

Being between the two of them, Su Ke suddenly felt a bit embarrassed.

Luckily though, Li Fei Fei had already decided to leave.

She then nodded at Su Ke and Liu Qing Qing. “I gotta go. I can get some rest if I head back now!”

Only when Liu Qing Qing saw her walk quite far away did she finally sit across from Su Ke. With a glittering smile, it was obvious that she was in a good mood today. Even though there was still leftover food on the table, it was completely unable to damper her mood.

Su Ke then looked at Wang Huan and Li Yan before pointing at the empty seats. “Hey, you two sit as well!” The two of them quickly waved their hands, “We don’t want to be light bulbs, haha!”

The two of them waved and left before leaving Su Ke and Liu Qing Qing alone together once again. “Qing Qing, I actually wanted to find you to eat with me. Have you eaten?”

“I ate already. Wang Huan and Li Yan dragged me away after school to the same restaurant from before, even the same seat. If I knew that you would find me, I would’ve waited for you!” Liu Qing Qing wasn’t as reserved as last time as her eyes glittered like the suns rays.

Su Ke then nodded before he smiled and said, “I didn’t have much on me. Oh right, are you free this Saturday? We can go out to shop!”

“Okay! I don’t have anything to do at home anyways!” Liu Qing Qing nodded delightfully and agreed before continuing, “Brother Su Ke, I know that you might not like my personality since I’m so introverted!”

“Huh?” Su Ke never thought that Liu Qing Qing would suddenly bring that up, so he blushed for a moment and didn’t know how to reply. Liu Qing Qing immediately continued though, “Brother Su Ke, I read the forums. Was that the girl just now that was involved in the fight in the cafeteria you had that time?”

“En! She’s called Li Fei Fei, and she’s my friend. Don’t believe the forums!” Su Ke shook his head, despairing at the situation.

“Hehe, I’m also on it! I never knew that the competition was so fierce. Brother Su Ke, relax, I will do my best to snatch you up!” Liu Qing Qing then raised a fist like she was cheering herself on.

Su Ke could only give a hollow laugh, but his face became foolish a moment later.

“Brother Su Ke! Regarding childbirth, I’ve thought about it, and I think I’m prepared!”

Liu Qing Qing then saw Su Ke’s eyes widen and his mouth became big enough to fit a chicken egg from being so flabbergasted.

She then laughed like a blooming flower, making Su Ke absent-minded.

“Haha, Brother Su Ke, your rejection excuse was actually quite bad!”

Liu Qing Qing then smiled like a flower once again before standing up and walking away before sneaking a peek at Su Ke’s face.

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