Chapter 73: Hurry Up and Call Brother Su Ke!

“F*ck!” Su Ke2Su KeMain Character slapped his head, unable to form words. He then looked down as he grabbed the plates before heading off. This meal was rather eventful.

Speaking honestly though, Li Fei Fe’s back was really smooth!

Su Ke then twisted his hands as he headed to the classroom. Looking closely, he could feel the remnants of Li Fei Fei’s body heat and her smell. His brain also kept conjuring up images of where his hands had been just now.

“Ai! If only I had moved my hands to her front just now, haha. I reckon that I’ll be squatting in a police station right now though!” Su Ke was scared by his own thoughts, causing him to shove them away. There were still even quite a few classes that he had to pay attention to later.

In order to finish preparing for his examination, Su Ke worked really hard. Immediately after class ended, he had to face that sl*ut Wang Xiao Gang’s harassment. That guy not only reported to him about the goings-on of the “Most handsome guy of 17 High School” competition but also about how bright his future will be after he makes it into the entertainment industry. It was extremely depressing.

“Boss! I’m calling you boss from now on by the way. You’re really great! Next week is the examination, can you teach me!?” Su Ke was then tormented until he was exhausted and gave up.

Seeing Wang Xiao Gang in such high spirits, he put his hands together in a pleading gesture.

“Relax, I’ll help you. We’re in different examination venues this time, so I’ll find some friends to pass you the answers!” Wang Xiao Gang took charge and slapped his chest.

“F*ck, who can pass me the answers in the same venue? We’re all in the bottom 500s, so who doesn’t know who!?” Su Ke then shrugged, feeling more helpless.

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Seventeenth High School split the examination venues by grades. The TOP 40 students were in one place, so if there weren’t any accidents, he should be in room 20.

Of course, if he did really well, he might just be put in the first classroom and take the exam with Wei Lan.

“Aiyah, don’t worry! Your grades have always been so steady, so it’s unlikely that they’ll drop again!” When Wang Xiao Gang heard Su Ke’s words, he felt they were quite logical, but he still needed a bit more comfort.

“Boss, I’m not sure that I’ll drop to the last venue in the next exam. The people over there are even more steady, I really can’t go there!” Su Ke then flopped onto the table.

The bell for class finally rang, which means Su Ke was free.

School was over just like that, so he packed his bag and went home with Wei Lan.

Wei Lan followed Su Ke to the parking area before she tilted her head and asked, “Are you suffering?”

“I can still hold on!” Su Ke knew that she was referring to Wang Xiao Gang’s harassment.

“Look at you making Wang Xiao Gang so depressed! He was nice enough to chat with you, but you don’t even feel grateful!” Wei Lan said righteously, her face radiant with delight as she happily stared at Su Ke.

“I don’t have a choice. This is so I can surpass someone during the exams. There’s even a big prize waiting for me! How can I really be lazy then!? Don’t you agree?”

Su Kethen suddenly stopped and faced Wei Lan with a smile on his face.

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“Pervert!” Wei Lan’s face was red as she shouted and turned away.

When Su Ke mentioned the prize, she knew that Su Ke was referring to letting her kiss him, causing her to be momentarily bashful and anticipatory.

Trouble will suddenly appear sometimes.

While Su Ke and Wei Lan were pushing their bicycles and following the crowd of students leaving the school, they saw Huang Mao with five or six hooligans waiting at the opposite side of the school.

Wei Lan suddenly felt Su Ke stop, so she followed his lead. Sh then quickly saw the hooligans that tangled with her before.

When she noticed Huang Mao’s group heading in their direction, she was afraid.

Wei Lan then pulled the corner of Su Ke’s shirt and called out to him with a voice carrying a trace of fear, “Su Ke!”

Su Ke then turned his head and saw that Wei Lan had paled. He immediately knew what she was worried about. This Huang Mao brought five people with him today. He definitely thought about shamelessly getting rid of him. He took care of only three of them last time, so it’s even more troublesome.

Even though it was like this, Su Ke’s smile deepened and his eyes shined coldly. His mouth then curled up, giving Wei Lan a very secure feeling and making her let out a relieved breath.

“It’ll be fine!” Su Ke laughed softly and patted Wei Lan’s hand before continuing, “You can go on ahead, I’ll go and take a look. Don’t follow me or I’ll be distracted!”

After saying so, he wanted to push his bike forward, but he couldn’t and decided not to because of the crowd.“I’ll go with you!” This time, the one who spoke wasn’t Wei Lan, but Wang Xiao Gang who had appeared out of nowhere. He then stood beside Su Ke with a serious expression on his face and carrying a Nike sling bag.

“That’s enough! I’m fine, I don’t need you!” Su Ke knew that Wang Xiao Gang looked tall and imposing, almost breaking 1.8 metres. Honestly speaking though, this sl*t was a coward that typically blustered about with a false bravado.

When the time comes, he shouldn’t be involved.

Besides, Su Ke felt like he wouldn’t lose too badly if it’s just 6 people.

When Su Ke finally finished speaking, he pushed his bicycle to where Huang Mao and his group were waiting. This time though, Wang Xiao Gang was very manly as he took a deep breath and followed closely behind him. Wei Lan was afraid that if she followed them, she would be more trouble than help, so she intelligently didn’t go.

Huang Mao and his group of hooligans were a very scary deterrent. In the wake of the six of them, the students that were heading home were all unable to hide, so they stayed out of the way. These people all hid in one place though, wanting to watch the show.

A majority of the students then suddenly realized that Su Ke was the one that the hooligans wanted to find.

After a bit of effort, a space was cleared around Su Ke and the hooligans.

Su Ke spoke to Wang Xiao Gang, “Help me hold the bike!” He then let go of the bicycle and quickly walked forward before immediately switching his body to an offensive position. His muscles and fingers then started moving like he was playing the piano, clenching his fists even tighter.

“Hey! Su Ke!” Wang Xiao Gang shouted, propping the bicycle up before throwing his bag on the floor and rushing over. In the time he spent with Su Ke, he already saw him as a close friend. Since his friend needed help right now, he naturally couldn’t just run away.

When Wang Xiao Gang reached for Su Ke’s back though, he was instantly stunned. Huang Mao’s suddenly  rushed forward, but when they reached Su Ke, Huang Mao brightly smiled and nodded at him, “Brother Su Ke!”

“F*ck! Brother Su Ke?”

When he heard this, Wang Xiao Gang started wondering if he was so frightened that he started to hallucinate.

His eyes widened, but Huang Mao’s next words made him even more dumbfounded.

After Huang Mao nodded at Su Ke, he immediately turned around and shouted, “What are you guys waiting for? Hurry up and call Brother Su Ke!”

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