Chapter 88: His Gentle Side


Zhuang Nai Nai’s heart is filled with sorrow.  Turning aside, she can see Si Zheng Ting getting up, putting on a bathrobe and then heading to the bathroom.

Looking at his tall back profile, Zhuang Nai Nai wraps the quilt around her body.  Her tears suddenly fall.

What happened just now gives her the feeling of being forced.

She knows she is thinking too much.  Hadn’t she prepared to do everything the moment they got married?

Maybe she feels too tired and it makes her heart weak.  She cannot control her emotion at the moment.  She buries herself under the quilt deeper, her tears falling endlessly.

As she weeps silently, she can hear the sound of footsteps nearing her.

She is shocked.  It should take Si Zheng Ting at least 5 minutes to bath, why is he back here in less than 1 minute?

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She wipes her face with the quilt before forcing herself to stop crying.  Just as she is about to poke her head out, she gets lifted up, quilt and all.  She automatically reaches out and wraps her arms around Si Zheng Ting’s neck.  She looks at him with her red-rimmed eyes.

What is he doing?

He wants to do it again?

But it really hurts-ah!

There are two bruises on her arms.  When Si Zheng Ting sees them, his eyes darken a little.

He knows he allowed his anger to took control of him tonight.  He ended up hurting her.

He lowers his head to look at her.  She quickly looks away.  Under the soft light of the bathroom, he can see that her eyes are a little red.

He freezes.  Did she cry?

Was it because he hurt her?

A trace of regret can be seen in his eyes.  The way he carries her becomes even gentler.

Since the bathroom heater is on, Si Zheng Ting wants to release her from the quilt.  She trembles before he even gets to do that.

His hand freezes.  He puts her on a chair near the bathtub, “Go on and bath.  You will feel more comfortable.”

And then, he turns around and walks out.

Zhuang Nai Nai remains there without moving.

Did he went to the bathroom earlier to prepare the water for her?

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He, who have always liked cleanliness puts her before himself?

Her heart is a little touched, but a rational voice inside her wakes her up from wishful thinking: “Don’t think too much, Zhuang Nai Nai.  Any man, even a stranger, will be a little gentler to their woman after doing ‘that’.”

She sighs and takes off the quilt before stepping into the bathtub.

After soaking for a while, she feels really comfortable.  Her eyelids starts getting heavier, she feels really sleepy.

After leaving the bathroom, Si Zheng Ting realizes that he himself has not cleaned up.

He wants to go to the bathroom on the next room to clean up, but upon thinking of her condition and exhaustion, his heart is not at peace.

10 minutes pass and no sound can be heard from the bathroom.




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