Chapter 67: Birthday Party Accident

“Mayor Zhao, I’m sorry for not coming over to entertain you. Just now, there were some issues that needed me to personally handle. I’m sorry for not going out to meet you when you came here. I’m truly sorry,” Lan Jinsong ran out of his house the moment his butler told him that Mayor Zhao had arrived.

“Haha, Boss Jin is too polite. Today is your birthday, how would I dare to ask you to receive me personally. I wish Boss Jin a happy birthday.”

“Thank you Mayor Zhao. With you participating in my birthday banquet, it’s really an honor. I would also like to thank Madam Zhao and Ms. Yang for participating as well. This mister is?” Lan Jinsong greet them and looked at Cheng Yu before asking.

“He’s my boyfriend!” Before Cheng Yu could say anything, a voice echoed behind Lan Jinsong.

This sentence from Lan Ya wasn’t loud, but also wasn’t soft. Originally, everyone was paying attention to the mayor giving his blessings to Lan Jinsong and had long ago stopped communicating with others. Hence, the moment Lan Ya said Cheng Yu was her boyfriend, all those people heard what she said very clearly.

Lan Jinsong’s face that was smiling suddenly turned motionless. At first, when he found out that Lan Ya had come over, he was very happy. Furthermore, he also realized that her attitude towards him was better than in the past.

However, he didn’t expect her to say such a sentence in this kind of situation. Everyone who was at the scene displayed different expressions. The whole area became very quiet suddenly.

Over at Cheng Yu’s side, Yang Ruoxue, Cheng Meiyan and Zhao Minglong were also stunned. They had no idea what was going on!

As for Fang Wenxuan, who was following beside Lan Ya, his face was filled with shock before turning ashen. This was giving him a tight slap to his face! Everyone who was present here today, a majority of them were well-known in the business world in Yunhai, and some of them had even attended his engagement ceremony. A lot of them definitely knew that he was Lan Ya’s fiancé.

But in front of so many people, Lan Ya had actually announced that man as her boyfriend, was she even giving him any face?!

Even Guan Shiyuan who was beside him also didn’t expect such a situation would happen. He looked at the man opposite and asked Fang Wenxuan, ”Is it that man?”

Fang Wenxuan clenched his fist and nodded.

In fact, Lan Ya herself was also very nervous. She had cut off all possible means of reconciliation. If Cheng Yu were to decide not to help her, she would really be in trouble.

If you were to say who was the most relaxed currently, it would be Cheng Yu. He drank a mouthful of water and stood up. This woman was really so straightforward, he had just met his future father-in-law and she had already pushed him into such a difficult situation.

“Hello Uncle, I am Xiao Ya’s boyfriend. I am here today to specially celebrate your birthday for you. May you have good fortune and lead a long life,” Cheng Yu broke the silence and said.

“If you are here to offer your blessing to me, you are always welcome. But little fellow, do you know that Xiao Ya is already engaged. A few days later, she would be getting married,” Lan Jinsong frowned. For the past few days, Fang Wenxuan had placed him under immense pressure saying that he would bring Xiao Ya back to the Kunlun Sect. He had no other way to handle this issue.

With her daughter declaring that she had a boyfriend, wasn’t it smacking Kunlun Sect in their face? If her daughter were to follow them back, wouldn’t she suffer?

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He felt disappointed in his daughter. How could she do such a thing at this moment. If Kunlun Sect people were to be dissatisfied, wouldn’t they force them to a dead end?

“I know. Even if they are married, they can also divorce. What does an engagement count as? Besides that, Xiao Ya is already mine, how can I give someone else my wife? Xiao Fang? What do you think?” Cheng Yu laughed and looked at Fang Wenxuan as he questioned him.

When Lan Jinsong saw that Cheng Yu was able to recognize Fang Wenxuan and was still speaking with him in such tone, he felt astonished. Isn’t he looking for death? Even if they killed someone, no one would dare to bother them.

“You…You…Don’t go too far! Lan Ya is my fiancé, I will never give her to you,” When he saw Cheng Yu was looking at him, Fang Wenxuan felt a hint of fear. Although inside Kunlun Sect, there was a few elders who were also in the Foundation Establishment Realm, he had never sparred with them before. After fighting with Cheng Yu once previously, he had realized the power of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

“Young man, I don’t know whether the supporter you claimed is real, but you have provoked us again and again. You better not overdo it or else, I’m afraid even if your supporter were to come here, they wouldn’t be able to save you,” Guan Shiyuan step forward and looked at Cheng Yu as he said.

As a cultivator who was in the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm, Guan Shiyuan was able to tell that Cheng Yu was still in the initial stage. Such a young age and he was already at the Foundation Establishment Realm, he was really a genius in the cultivator world.

He wasn’t sure if Cheng Yu was really from the Limitless Palace. But judging from the current situation, the possibility was very high. If such a young Foundation
Establishment Realm cultivator wasn’t from those big sects, who else would be able to foster such a person? Furthermore, his position inside the sect may not be low, it was very likely they had used a large amount of medical pills to foster such a genius.

If it was like this, he would really not dare to do anything to Cheng Yu. If he were to slaughter a cultivator who was meticulously fostered by the Limitless Palace, he was afraid the existence of Kunlun Sect would perish in the near future.

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He could only hope that the opposite party would be constrained because of his cultivation and not be willing to cause complications.

It was very obvious that Cheng Yu was not that kind of person. Although cultivators with lower cultivation would not be able to see those cultivators who were in a higher realm than them, Cheng Yu was different. He was someone who had been an immortal. He still possessed the ability to figure out other people’s cultivation realm. His opponent was nearing the late stage of Foundation Establishment Realm. Cheng Yu was pretty sure that he could still contend against him.

“Haha! You think that with your cultivation, you can do anything to me? I am afraid that when the moment comes, you wouldn’t be able to do anything to me but as for you guys, it’s hard to say,” Cheng Yu laughed.

Both Guan Shiyuan and Fang Wenxuan’s complexions turned extremely unsightly. With so many people around, it was impossible for them to fight with him. If they couldn’t kill him in the process, it would definitely bring them endless calamities.

“Hmph! I hope that you will be able to continue being this arrogant! Lan Jinsong, it seems like you have found yourself a new backing. Since it’s like that, I will go and report it as how things really are. You should fend for yourself in the future!” When Guan Shiyuan finished speaking, he turned his body and walked out of the villa.

“Hmph! You will definitely pay for what you had done!” Fang Wenxuan looked at Lan Ya and walked off.

“Aish! Mr. Guan, Mr. Guan, please listen to my explanation, this isn’t what you think!” When he saw them walking away, Lan Jinsong hastily ran up to them and shouted.

After a while, Lan Jinsong came back, but his complexion was very unsightly as he looked at everyone.

“Everyone, I am really thankful for all of you making a trip to celebrate my birthday. However, as you all witnessed, there are some family problems that I need to settle. Since all of you have already came, I wish everyone will still be able to enjoy the meal. I hope my issues didn’t cause a downer in tonight’s occasion. I still need to handle some family issues, so I will move first. I hope everyone understands. After I settle the issue, I will definitely toast everyone as a form of celebration. Mayor Zhao, Madam Zhao and Ms. Yang, I’m truly sorry. Please go ahead and enjoy the meal!” Lan Jinsong informed everyone present at the scene.

“Xiao Ya and you, follow me! Mayor Zhao, I’m sorry, I will need to make a move first,” Lan Jinsong invited everyone to the dining area before speaking to Lan Ya and Cheng Yu.

“Boss Lan, Cheng Yu is my nephew,” Looking at the disappearing Lan Jinsong, Zhao Minglong cried out.

Lan Jinsong and Lan Ya were stunned, they didn’t expect Cheng Yu to have such a relationship with Zhao Minglong. However, when they remembered that Zhao Minglong’s wife had the surname Cheng, they understood what was going on.

“Mayor Zhao, rest assured, I will not make things difficult for him.”


Inside Lan Jinsong’s study room, they sat down on chairs. Lan Jinsong’s mood was very bad. One of them was his own daughter, the other one was the Mayor’s nephew. This issue wasn’t easy to handle. Most importantly, Kunlun Sect had already broken off all relations with him. This was the most headache inducing part.

Lan Jinsong knew their method handling people. Since they were able to let him become the biggest medical herb supplier, they could also make him lose everything.

“Tell me, what’s going on?” Lan Jinsong took a deep puff of a cigarette and asked.

“Cheng Yu is someone I found to help us!” Lan Ya said indifferently.

“So you trying to say that you guys are not in a relationship together? Why must you do this? Could it be that you don’t know who that group of people is? What you are doing now is opposing them. Not only will you cause harm to our family, you will also harm him as well,” When he heard Lan Ya’s words, Lan Jinsong was quite surprised. After that, he pointed at Cheng Yu and said.

“Indeed, we aren’t in a relationship, but we are collaborating with each other. He’s also a cultivator. Furthermore, his background is even more powerful than Kunlun Sect.”

“This…What exactly is going on? Aren’t you the Mayor’s nephew?” Lan Jinsong asked.

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