Chapter 66: Birthday Party

“Tsk tsk, I didn’t expect your teacher to be so pretty. Lecher, you didn’t take advantage of her, did you?” While driving on the road, Lan Ya laughed at Cheng Yu.

“Don’t gauge the heart of a gentleman with one’s own mean measure. Am I such person? Don’t you think what happened to you is the best example? You tried presenting yourself to me, but I chose to reject it. How can I possibly hit on my own teacher? I have always treated her with extreme respect,” Cheng Yu said seriously.

“Stop complimenting yourself. Don’t you kiss me whenever you wish to? I have finally understood, you had it all planned. You initially wanted me, but you decided that you wanted to get even bigger benefits, that’s all.

“Don’t phrase it like that. Whenever I kiss you, don’t you also enjoy it. Or you wouldn’t have let me do it. Beside, didn’t you say I am your boyfriend now? Don’t tell me that being your boyfriend, I don’t have such benefits?” Cheng Yu said disapprovingly.

“Our relationship isn’t real. Don’t overthink it.”

“Are we going straight to your father’s birthday party?”

“Of course not. Do you intend to wear this outfit to attend the party? Over there, it’s filled with Yunhai’s celebs, you will definitely be laughed at.”

“Che! With just my looks, any clothes that are worn on my body will just be free advertisement,” Cheng Yu had absolute confidence in his looks.

Lan Ya rolled her eyes. She had seen all kinds of shameless men, but for a man as shameless as Cheng Yu, this was her first time. It really was the most despicable kind. “I am very curious, does the cultivation world not have any women?”

“Why do you ask?”

“If not, why do all of you come over to the secular world to find women? Especially those hoodlums who learnt martial arts. If you don’t become a rapist, it would be a sad say for all the secular world ladies.”

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“Rapist? Good opinion. It’s seem very constructive. Maybe one day I should go and try it out,” Cheng Yu rubbed his hands on his chin and said seriously.

Lan Ya really wished to throw him out of the car at this moment. This man really had such thinking?!


In Yunhai City, every night, the streets would always be filled with people. Every day, at this time, everyone would be in their most relaxed state.

They went into a Louis Vuitton store. Lan Ya picked out a tuxedo for Cheng Yu to try.

“Ms. Lan, I didn’t expect to meet you here. Such a coincidence!” When Lan Ya was still looking at other shirts, a man walked up and said.

“It’s Young Master Meng! You are also here to buy shirts?” Lan Ya turned around and realized it was Meng Wen, the son of Meng Zhiyuan who was the second biggest medical ingredient supplier in Yunhai.

“Haha! Yeah. Since I am going to your father’s birthday celebration, I am buying a shirt for my companion as well. Who’s that guy just now?” The moment Cheng Yu and Lan Ya entered the shop, Meng Wen had already seen them.

“He’s my boyfriend,” Since it was an act, she had to ensure that there wasn’t any holes in it.

“Oh? He doesn’t look like your fiancé?” Last year, he had attended Lan Ya’s engagement ceremony and saw how Fang Wenxuan looked. When he heard the news, he was annoyed for a period of time as he was trying to court Lan Ya as well. He didn’t expect her to reveal the news of her getting engaged so suddenly.

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“Haha, we broke up long ago.”

“Your friend?” At this moment, Cheng Yu just changed and came out of the changing room.

“En. This is Meng Wen. He’s the manager of Hengkang Medical Herb Corporation. This is my boyfriend, Cheng Yu,” She knew Cheng Yu was interested in collecting medical herbs, therefore she introduced him to Meng Wen.

“Hello Mr. Cheng! May I know what your occupation is?” Meng Wen stretched out his hand and asked Cheng Yu.

“I’m not used to shaking hands with men. I am just a high school student,” Cheng Yu said indifferently.

“Er…” Meng Wen felt awkward as his face showed a hint of anger, but he recovered promptly, ”Haha! I didn’t know that Cheng Yu had this kind of habit.”

Lan Ya who was standing beside them laughed. This hoodlum was so devious. What he just said, didn’t he mean that he would only shake hands with females?

“My female companion is out, I shall make a move first, see you later at the banquet,” Meng Wen turned and walked towards a woman who had just come out of the fitting room.

“Why are you like this? In front of a woman, you act so shamelessly, but in front of men, you are so cold. Are you thinking of just coming into contact with females only?” Lan Ya said ill-humoredly.

“That’s right. I’m only interested in females. That’s why I don’t think there is a need to be courteous to him,” Cheng Yu had always been like this. He would act however he wished to.

“Hmph! I’m too lazy to be bothered with you. His family is the second biggest medical herb supplier in Yunhai, and my intention was to introduce you to them since you were interested in medical herbs. What a waste of my kindness.”

“Alright. Thank you for your good intentions. But this kind of thing, I don’t beg others for it. You choice to cooperate with me will be your wisest choice you ever made in your life,” Cheng Yu went back to the fitting room after the conversation.

She looked at Cheng Yu speechlessly. This man, if he wasn’t such a narcissistic fellow, maybe he wouldn’t have the will to live.


At around eight pm, Cheng Yu and Lan Ya arrived at her father’s villa. Outside the villa, loads of expensive cars were parked.

“Young lady!” When they saw Lan Ya came, the receiver stationed at the door cried out respectfully. However, when they spotted the man beside her, they were puzzled.

“Sit down here for a moment, take what you want to drink. I will go and change my clothes. The banquet will start at around 8:30 pm,” After they had entered the villa, there was a big courtyard, and it was filled with tables. On top of the tables were pastries, wine, fruits and etc.

He looked at the attendees. These successful males and females were all dressed in imposing manners. When Cheng Yu witnessed the scene, it killed his appetite. He went to a corner and found a table without anyone. As he didn’t have any interest in wine, he started to eat pastries.

“Cheng Yu? Why are you here?” Cheng Yu felt that the pastries tasted good and was eating happily. Suddenly, a familiar voice came from behind him.

“Ruoxue? Why are you here?” He didn’t expect that he would meet Ruoxue here as he asked curiously.

“Lan Jinsong is one of Yunhai’s business celebs. Celebrating his birthday, he would definitely invite lots of Yunhai’s business people here. As for you, why would you be here? From your style, you really gave off the impression of a rich businessman.”

“What about me? Don’t I look like one of Yunhai’s celebrities?”

“You? Who would know about you? Can’t you pay more attention to your image? In this kind of occasion, you eat as if you are a hungry ghost, making you look like someone who has never eaten anything before coming here. Even if you were to put on a dragon robe, you wouldn’t even look like an emperor,” When she saw Cheng Yu kept on stuffing pastries into his mouth, it caused everyone around them to start showing disdain towards him.

When the surrounding celebrities saw Yang Ruoxue had actually attended the banquet and was even alone, their eyes brightened up. When they were about to step forward to fawn upon her, they didn’t expect her to walk to a table and sit with a young man who was gorging himself.

“Crazy. Since when does eating have to do with image. Can maintaining my image keep my stomach full? All the food here was arranged not to let people eat? Could it be that it was only to let people look? These pastries are so delicious, and if I were to not eat them, wouldn’t it be a waste? Besides, they are free. You think I’m that stupid?”

“Than can you not eat like that? It seems as if you were a national refugee eating while on the run,” Yang Ruoxue picked up the red wine on the table and poured a glass for Cheng Yu and herself.

“Xiao Yu? Why are you here? Ruoxue, you are here as well?” At this moment, Cheng Meiyan walked over and Zhao Minglong was following beside her.

“Sister Cheng, you came as well? Hello Mayor Zhao,” When she saw the couple, Yang Ruoxue quickly stood up and greeted them.

“Hello,” Zhao Minglong smiled and greeted her back.

“Ruoxue, did you bring him along?” Cheng Meiyan sat beside Yang Ruoxue and asked.

“Nope. When I came over, he was already sitting here, gorging on his food.”

“I say, are you that hungry? How can you not have some table manners in this occasion?” Cheng Meiyan said discontentedly when she saw Cheng Yu kept on gorging his food without bothering about his image.

“Sister Cheng, don’t bother about him. I already scolded him, but he ignored my kindness and continued eating like that, destroying his image.”

“Alright, alright! Isn’t it solved if I were to stop eating? *Hic!* Why must you speak of me in such manner? All of you are so hypocritical, when you are hungry, you are supposed to eat! *Hic!*” While wiping his mouth, he started to have hiccups.

“Drink some water. Sister Cheng and I are doing so for your own good. Males should pay some attention to their image whenever they are outside, just like Mayor Zhao,” While speaking, Yang Ruoxue poured a cup of water for Cheng Yu.

“Uncle, aren’t you hungry?” Cheng Yu drank a sip of water and looked at Zhao Minglong who was sitting opposite him in a neat and proper manner as he said.

“I am still ok,” When he heard Cheng Yu’s words, Zhao Minglong was stunned as he said awkwardly.

“See! Is this how a man should pay attention to his image? Even though he’s hungry, he wouldn’t voice it out. All of you are so hypocritical,” Cheng Yu said with disdain. It caused Zhao Minglong to feel even more awkward. Towards his nephew, he really had no means handling him.

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