Chapter 65: Such a Good Opportunity Was Destroyed By My Teacher!

With a seductive face and a hint of desperation, Cheng Yu felt pitiful, ”Alright, I promise you. But you still have to convince your father. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have any means.”

“Thank you! He will definitely promise you,” After getting Cheng Yu’s acknowledgement, Lan Ya said excitedly as she pulled him over and gave him a kiss.

“This kiss is truly very expensive. Just this kiss alone, it cost 20% of the medicine ingredient profits.”

“Hehe! Ok, let me send you back to school,” After she had settled the issue that had been bothering her, her mood lightened up.

When he arrived back in school and was about to get off the car, Lan Ya pulled him back and said, ”Today is my father’s birthday. Tonight, I will come over and fetch you to the party.”

“So fast and I am already meeting my father-in-law?”

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“Hmph! Didn’t you said that you don’t want me? Now, you don’t have the opportunity anymore. Get out of the car!” Lan Ya glimpsed at Cheng Yu and said.

“It’s alright. There will be more occasions where you will ask me for favors. The next time, I will be taking you!” Cheng Yu laughed pervertedly as he got off.

When Cheng Yu returned to his seat in the classroom, Lin Yuhan was doodling on the paper and was reciting something.

“Ah!” When Cheng Yu sat down in his seat, it had given Lin Yuhan a scare, causing her to sweep the paper away, making it fall down to the floor.

Just as Lin Yuhan was about to pick the paper up, Cheng Yu stretched out his hand, and the paper flew to his desk. He turned the paper over and laughed.

On the paper, there was a drawing of a big head and it looked like a very ugly stick man. On top of the drawing, Lin Yuhan had written ‘Scoundrel Cheng Yu.’ On the body of the ugly stick man were many ‘stab’ wounds.

“Don’t look, don’t look. Give it back to me!” When she saw the paper fly into Cheng Yu’s hands, she panicked as she wanted to snatch it away from him.

“Haha! Xiao Hanhan, do I look like that in your heart? What are you trying to do with this? Are you trying to perform a voodoo spell?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Hmph! Why do you care?! You look almost the same as him. Just that I can’t draw something uglier than this,” Lin Yuhan snatched the paper back and stuck it between the book, after which, she took out a question booklet and started working on it.

Cheng Yu gazed at her while sitting beside Lin Yuhan. “Such a beautiful girl.”

“Oi! What are you staring at me for?” When she felt Cheng Yu’s burning gaze, Lin Yuhan’s face reddened as she roared.

“Hehe! Xiao Hanhan, are you feeling jealous just now?”

“Who’s jealous? I was hoping for you not to be able to come back the moment you left with that vixen so you can no longer disturb me when I am studying,” Lin Yuhan curled her lips and said.

“Yes, yes. I promise you, in the future, I will listen to Xiao Hanhan’s words. Every day I will follow the vixen around.”

“Go ahead. It would be even better if you don’t bother coming to school so that I wouldn’t feel upset about it!” Lin Yuhan said angrily.

“Xiao Hanhan, don’t be angry. I was just helping out a friend when she was in trouble. You should also know that I’m very mysterious. Naturally, I am able to do things that others can’t.”

“Hmph! Why are you even explaining? I am also not anyone special to you.” When she remembered the scene where Cheng Yu had rescued her, it was really very mysterious. Besides, the two times the woman had come over to find him, they both looked around 26-27 years old. Since Cheng Yu was just 18 years old, they should not have any lewd relationship.

“How can that be? I have already met your parents, and we are already a family!”

“Who’s your family?! Shameless. I’m going to study. Don’t disturb me!” When she saw that Cheng Yu was going to start teasing her again, she stopped bickering with him as she continued to do her assignment.

Cheng Yu was no longer interested in teasing her after looking at her reaction as he took out a book and started reading it.

In the afternoon, fatty joined them as they went to the cafeteria together. From afar, they spotted Xu Yuandong and Jiang Ming. Just as Cheng Yu was about to greet them, they ran away when they saw him.

“Boss, what’s with them? Did they see a ghost or what?” When fatty saw them running away from them, he was doubtful.

“I think the ghost should be you, big head ghost. Can’t you tell that they had been subdued by my handsome and charming appearance, causing them to no longer dare to look me into the eyes?” Cheng Yu slapped the fatty’s head and said arrogantly.

“So it’s like that! Boss is truly so powerful and influential!” Fatty boasted.

When Lin Yuhan heard what they were talking about, she shook her head. One of them was shameless, the other one was thick-skinned. She quickened her pace towards the cafeteria. Going together with them was too embarrassing for her.


Afternoon, the class ended, the students started to disperse. After a few minutes, fatty ran back, ”Boss, you are really too awesome! That beautiful lady is back. Within a day, she came to look for you twice. It seems like she’s inseparable from you!”

“Haiz, take note of your appearance. Be a good student, don’t always think of those nonsensical stuff. She’s here to find me because she needs my help,” When Cheng Yu saw Lin Yuhan’s face started to turn gloomy, he replied hurriedly.

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“Hmph!” Lin Yuhan carried her bag and walked towards the exit.

“Boss, I’m sorry. I was too excited just now, causing your backyard to be on fire[1],” When he saw the situation, fatty said embarrassingly.

“It’s alright. Now you know that if a man is too attractive, it may not be a good thing. Aish! It’s still the same sentence, it’s really hard being too handsome!” Cheng Yu said with a sense of disappointment, acting as if it was true.

Looking at his boss’s lonely silhouette, fatty felt that his boss was very outstanding. The pressure he was facing now should be very big!

After reaching the ground floor, Cheng Yu saw that it was filled with people. Everyone was walking at a very slow pace, hoping to have a few more glimpses of the beautiful lady, but were too embarrassed to look at her directly. Without any other choice, occasionally, they would shoot a glance at her.

He walked towards Lan Ya, ”I say, can you not act so ostentatiously? It has caused everyone to have an impression of me being a boy toy. This will really make me lose all my face!”

“Che! Would you truly be bothered by such thing? I think they are more adorable than you. If I were to look at them, they would blush. You only cause me to blush, not the other way around,” Lan Ya said ill-humoredly.

“Hehe! If it’s not like that, why would I be the one sitting inside the car, and not them? They are all bound to be conquered by woman or specialize in conquering women,” Cheng Yu stretched out towards Lan Ya and sniffed her. This really helped refresh his mind!

“Is that so? Than may I know how many girls did Little Brother conquer?” She looked at Cheng Yu’s face and laughed.

“I don’t know about other women, but if I want, I can conquer you first.”

“CHENG YU!” Just as Cheng Yu was about to kiss Lan Ya’s red lips, he got scared by a shout that came from outside the car. F*ck! Who was this that doesn’t have eyes! Can’t you see I am conquering a woman right now?!

“Cheng Yu, what are you doing?” That woman came up. Cheng Yu looked out and realized it was Yao Na.

“Haha! It’s Teacher Yao! Such a coincidence! I was just about to call you to ask for leave,” Cheng Yu said indifferently. Although he had been seen getting intimate with another woman, Cheng Yu was still very calm and his face didn’t even show any signs of blushing at all.

“Why are you asking for a day off? Who is she?” Yao Na frowned and looked at the woman inside the car. This woman had truly very big ***. Since her *** were already quite big, she didn’t expect this woman would have even bigger *** than hers.

“Oh. She’s my friend. Today is her father’s birthday. I need to go to attend the birthday party. That’s why I need to request for a day off.”

“Hello, I am called Lan Ya. I am the general manager of Chentian Medical Herb Corporation. This is my business card,” Lan Ya took out her business card and passed it over.

Yao Na took a look at the name card. It really was the Chentian Medical Herb Corporation! How did this fellow get acquainted which this kind of successful woman? ”Hello Ms. Lan. I am Cheng Yu’s homeroom teacher, Yao Na. Is it really your father’s birthday today?”

“Hello Teacher Yao, it is indeed my father’s birthday today. I am here specially to invite Cheng Yu over,” Lan Ya laughed.
“Since it’s like that, I will allow you to take a day off. In the future, don’t do this again. There isn’t much time left before the national exam. You should be grasping the time and studying even harder. Ms Lan, I wish your father to have great fortune for his upcoming years and have a long life.”

“Thank you, Teacher Yao. I will definitely pass your blessings to my father. We shall make a move first then.” When Lan Ya finished speaking, she drove out of the school premises.

Looking at the car speeding off, she didn’t know why, but she felt uncomfortable whenever she looked at the woman called Lan Ya. Just now, she obviously saw that Cheng Yu was going to kiss her. Hmph! This scoundrel! Every day fooling around with other girls and not studying properly!

[1] – TL Note – Backyard is a Chinese way of expressing mistresses or other girlfriends.

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