Chapter 64: Negotiation!

It was a 5 minute drive before the Cheng Yu and Lan Ya reached a nearby café.

“Speak, why are you looking for me?” Cheng Yu drank a sip of coffee.

“I am called Lan Ya, may I know Little Brother’s name?”

“Cheng Yu.”

“En. I will remember. Actually, I am here this time because I need your help.”

“Oh? Tell me about it!” Although he had met Lan Ya only twice, he felt that she was the type of woman that he had always preferred. Furthermore, after that incident, Lan Ya had also become aware of his character. Other than Han Xue, she was the only other person who knew he was a cultivator. He isn’t sure if she knows what a cultivator is, but she saw his genuine side.

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“I know you aren’t a commoner, but a cultivator,” Lan Ya looked around her surroundings, ensuring there that no one was around before telling Cheng Yu.

“Oh? You know about cultivators?” Regarding this, Cheng Yu was still surprised. Even though he knew that her fiancé was a cultivator, he wasn’t able to determine if Lan Ya also knew about it.

“Yes. I also know that you came from a sect called the Limitless Palace.”

“Haha!” Cheng Yu laughed and no longer talked as he looked at Lan Ya.

After getting stared at by Cheng Yu, she felt a bit awkward, so she said embarrassingly, ”Alright! I admit, that day I was acting drunk.”


“I believe you also know that man was from Kunlun Sect and he is my fiancé, but I don’t like him. For the past two days, he keeps on pestering me about getting married and wants to bring me back to Kunlun Sect. It just so happen that I got acquainted with you, and I said that you were my boyfriend, causing him to become hostile towards me. I hope that you will be able to help me.”

“What benefits will I get?” Cheng Yu pondered before replying.

“Don’t you like me? If you are able to help me solve this issue, I will let you court me,” Lan Ya replied.

“I say, beautiful lady, isn’t your sense of superiority too large? Although I admit that you are very pretty, that doesn’t mean that I have to like you. In order to get a chance to court you, I would need to fall out against Kunlun Sect and endanger my life, you really think that I am that stupid? I need a more dependable advantage,” Cheng Yu laughed and said.

“What do you want then? I can give you money. If you are able to help me settle this issue, I can give you a large amount of money.”

“Do I look like I am in need of money?”

Lan Ya thought for a moment and agreed with him. Cheng Yu was able to drink a bottle of wine that costed a thousand dollars casually, how would he be in need of money?

Lan Ya clenched her teeth and said, ”I can let you do it with me once. It’s my first time. Don’t you men like this kind of stuff? This should do, right?”

Cheng Yu laughed happily. He stood up and bent himself towards Lan Ya, around 10 cm away from her. He sniffed her fragrance and said neutrally, ”Are you sure you wanna do this?”

When she saw Cheng Yu’s face in front of her, Lan Ya felt nervous, ”Yes.”

Cheng Yu, once again, moved his face closer causing him to be able to feel Lan Ya’s fast breathing as he pressed his lips against hers. Lan Ya widened her eyes. She didn’t expect Cheng Yu to actually kiss her in this venue as she quickly retreated backwards.

“Haha! Very soft, sweet and fragrant. Indeed a woman with good qualities. A woman like yourself makes it very hard for me to reject you!” Cheng Yu returned to his seat and licked his lips.

Although Lan Ya spoke in a unrestrained way, she wasn’t such an easy-going person. Otherwise, she wouldn’t still be a virgin now. When she heard Cheng Yu’s words, her face blushed as she said excitedly, ”I take it as you have accepted the deal.”

“Did I say that?” Cheng Yu said indifferently.

“How can you be like this? You have already kissed me and you still want to renege on our deal?” When Lan Ya saw Cheng Yu was still being so shameless, she replied angrily.

“I was just confirming if what you said was true. You truly attract my interest. But I think I forgot to tell you that I don’t like this kind of superficial business and I even despise using such a method to get a woman. For any women who are with me, I want them to do it willingly and not feel pressured.”

“What must I do before you agree to help me?” Lan Ya asked angrily. She felt that she could no longer see through what this man was thinking at this moment. It was evident that he was a lecher, yet at this moment, he behaved as if he was someone very decent. She could no longer tell what was on his mind anymore.

“Rather than what I want, why not tell me what you can give me?” Facing Lan Ya’s calm and collected attitude, Cheng Yu was unruffled.

“I already offered myself to you, and you rejected me. What else can I give you?” Lan Ya said gloomily.

“I can only say I am unable to help however much I would like to,” Cheng Yu stood up and walked off.

“Wait!!” Lan Ya hastily grabbed onto Cheng Yu’s hands and shouted.

“Thought of something?” Cheng Yu turned his head and laughed.

“Sit down first.”

Cheng Yu saw Lan Ya’s pitiful state and sat down once again, ”Speak.”

“I know that you cultivators seem to care a lot for medical ingredients. My dad is Yunhai’s biggest medical ingredient supplier and he even has an area that he plants his own plants. If you are able to help me settle this issue, I can let you cooperate with my dad,” Lan Ya offered.

“Oh? Your father has a medical plant facility?” This caused Cheng Yu to feel surprised. He didn’t expect Lan Ya’s father would be in the medical ingredient business. They may really have a chance to cooperate together since he needed a huge amount of medical ingredients in the future.

“Yes. However, it’s always under watch by the Kunlun Sect people as they currently force my father to work for them. If you wish to get the rights for the cooperation, you will have to chase the Kunlun Sect people away,” When she saw Cheng Yu was interested, Lan Ya turned enthusiastic.

“How did you get involved with Kunlun?” This was a question that Cheng Yu had always been curious about.

“Actually, my dad can only be so successful today because of them. At that time, my dad purchased a lot of medical ingredients, and he didn’t expect that during those years, the medical ingredient market wouldn’t flourish. The prices kept on tumbling. It was when my dad was almost unable to hold on any longer, a group of people appeared. They used a sky high price to buy all my dad’s medical ingredients. This group of people were the Kunlun Sect. Every year from then on, they would come to purchase a huge amount of medical ingredients. Gradually, their cooperation became more and more intimate. Slowly, it caused the other medical ingredient merchants to lose their business. Finally, the majority of the medical ingredient businesses landed into their hands. But due to this, the nature of the cooperation started to change between Kunlun Sect and my dad. He slowly became their subordinate. The worst part of the cooperation is them! They would frequently use some illegal ways to deal with competitors. It’s the same for us. If I don’t promise to get married with Fang Wenxuan, they will definitely use some means to deal with my dad. They are able to help my dad get to the upper echelon of the society, and they will also definitely be able to push him down as well. If it’s only this, I am fine with it. What I am afraid of is that they will bring me away and also harm my father’s life. Since I told him that you were my backing, you definitely have to help me. I beg you, please!” Lan Ya pleaded.

“Since they had to assist your dad to make his way up to the upper echelon, if they wish to take it back, it’s quite normal. I have no right or ability to interfere with it.”

“If that’s that they want, I am fine with it. But they shouldn’t have any ideas on me and shouldn’t have forced me. Last year, the engagement with them was also forced. We had an agreement that after three years of engagement, we will consider if we will get married. But now, evidently they are showing signs of breaching the agreement and want to bring me back immediately to the Kunlun Sect. Furthermore, those workers inside the company are under my dad’s jurisdiction, and if they don’t use some illegal ways, they have no power to actually get all these back from my dad.”

“Oh? Then you plan to cooperate with me? Can you confirm that you will be able to account for this? What if your dad doesn’t listen to you? At that time, wouldn’t I become a scapegoat for your family?”

“I can convince my dad to cooperate with you. After the issue is settled, 20% of our harvested medical ingredients will belong to you.”

“No way. I think that you should be the one getting 20%,” Cheng Yu said coldly.

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“What?! You want 80%? That’s impossible. You have to know that’s an area of thousands of hectare of medical ingredients. Just 20% of the area is already hard to get people to harvest them. At most, you 30%, I get 70%. This is a pure revenue, 30% is already a very big profit given to you.”

“I get 60%, you get 40%. If you can’t agree to it, find someone else then. It saves me the trouble of offending the whole Kunlun Sect for medical ingredients,” After Cheng Yu completed his sentence, he stood up once again.

“Wait, wait, wait! Don’t go off first. What you wanted is really too much! Every year, our orders are more than 40% of it. How can we give the purchasers the goods like that?! 40%! I can give you 40%! This is really the maximum we can give it to you! Cheng Yu, can’t you just promise me?” Lan Ya pleaded miserably.

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