Chapter 63: It’s Really Hard Being Too Handsome!

When Cheng Yu went back home, Keke and Zhao Yunfang were sitting in the living room watching a show called “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.”[1] They were watching it happily. In the past, whenever Cheng Yu left the house, Zhao Yunfang would feel very lonely. Now, there was Keke to accompany her, and the two girls would always be together. This show they were watching was children’s show that girls tended to like.

Cheng Yu sat down on the sofa and watched the show with the girls. After watching it for a while, he had no idea what was going on in it causing him to start eating the fruits on the tea table out of boredom.

“Cousin, how’s Sister Han?” Zhao Yunfang cracked a melon seed and asked.

“She already went home.”

“What?! She was discharged today?! Didn’t she get shot?! Isn’t the hospital too irresponsible by letting her out so early?” Zhao Yunfang was surprised. Normally gunshot wounds would take serious time to heal, especially one so serious like Han Xue’s.

“With your cousin around, there isn’t anything that can’t be solved! What I am trying to say is that she’s fine and has already gone home.”

“What?! She’s already ok? Cousin, are you the one who saved Sister Han?” Zhao Yunfang widened her eyes and looked at Cheng Yu.

“Of course. Your cousin is an immortal. Solving this kind of small issue is nothing to me.”

“Che! You are just boasting!” Zhao Yunfang didn’t believe Cheng Yu’s words and Cheng Yu wasn’t bothered by her as he continued to eat his fruits.

When it was around 10 pm at night, Cheng Yu received a call from Qin Canghai. Cheng Yu was stunned as he had no idea why Qin Canghai would call him.

“Hello, what’s going on?”

“Young Master Yu, there’s a woman here that waited for you for the past two days,” Qin Canghai informed Cheng Yu on the phone.

“Woman? What woman?” Cheng Yu asked curiously. Was he really so charismatic to the point of women coming to find him out of their own accord?

“She said she was the lady who you sent back after she got drunk,” Qin Canghai was filled with envy. This woman was too pretty and had such a large chest. This was the type of woman every man wished to have!

At the same time, he was gloating. He thought that Cheng Yu had definitely done something to her when she was drunk causing her to come over and find him.

“Oh? Did she say anything?”

“Nope. She say she wanted to talk to you face to face.”

“Ask her to find me in school tomorrow.”


After hanging up, Cheng Yu recalled the “big” woman and started to miss her. She had been looking for him the past few days? For what? Could it that she was fascinated by his charisma?

Aish! It’s really hard being too handsome. It seemed like he was being pursued by this woman.


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The next day, Cheng Yu went back to school to study obediently. Recently, he had been busy earning money and finding spirit stones. Money was no longer an issue for him with the profit from the deal with Ruoxue. Now, the Rejuvenation Pill and Eternal Youth Pill can be called the king and queen of beauty products in the beauty industry.

Since he had already obtained information about the spirit stones, he would just have to wait until he went to the cultivation world before searching for them.

He sat down on his seat and looked at his book. He teased Lin Yuhan who was beside him. This kind of life was really too wonderful! After third period, Cheng Yu stretched his waist. He saw the corridor was filled with people and also cheering voices. He knew that those desperate males were confessing to someone once again.


“Boss! Boss! Very big! Very big!” He saw fatty running in from the corridor shouting excitedly.

“Whether mine is big or not, you don’t need to tell me and also don’t need to help me advertise it. If you did, others would start to think that I actually did something dirty to you!” Cheng Yu said gloomily.

“No! Boss, what I am saying is, there’s a pretty girl downstairs. Her ‘this’ are very big!” The fatty used both his hands and pointed at his chest area as he elaborated to Cheng Yu.

“Look at them, just because of a beautiful woman, they have all turned into hungry animals. Can’t even resist such temptations. She’s here to find me. Can you see any excitement from my face?” Cheng Yu knew that the woman had come as he said disdainfully to the fatty. He wished he could forget the scene where he saw Lan Ya and he was excited to the point of spitting out what he just drank.

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“Brother Yu, Brother Yu!” At this moment, a frail looking fellow came running over shouting excitedly.

“Brother Yu, there’s a pretty lady outside looking for you!” The frail fellow looked at Cheng Yu in worship.

“F*ck! Boss, that lady is really here to find you?” When he heard what the fellow had said, fatty was truly surprised.

“You think your boss would be boasting? You think with my face, I would need to boast about such a thing to you? There’s a saying ‘Once a pretty person smiles, it can help him gain the people’s admiration. With another smile, it can help him conquer the country.’ Now you know why I usually don’t smile? I am worried that the moment I smile, all of you will be fascinated by me. Those people in the Immortal World would usually address me as Brother Allure,“ Cheng Yu lied shamelessly.

“Hmph!” Cheng Yu looked towards the direction the sound came from. It was from Lin Yuhan who was showing a serious face as she snorted. It was obvious that she was not happy with Cheng Yu going around flirting with other girls.

“Xiao Hanhan, are you jealous?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Hmph! Who’s jealous?! I am just worried that someone may die on top of a woman’s belly,” Lin Yuhan turned her head away.

“Maybe one day, I would die on top of Xiao Hanhan‘s belly? Haha!” After Cheng Yu finished laughing, he ran out to the corridor. Before that, he turned his head back and said, ”Xiao Hanhan, believe me, you are the prettiest inside my heart!”

When he reached the ground floor, he saw Lan Ya who was wearing sunglasses standing beside a Porsche. Cheng Yu felt what he just saw was very familiar. Could it be that in this world, all women like to act like that? Yang Ruoxue was like that, and this woman was also like that! It seemed like females are like males, they both liked the feeling of showing off.

Not long ago, there was also a pretty lady who drove a sports car over and looked for Cheng Yu. Now, another one had appeared. Could it be that all the beautiful ladies in this world revolved around him?

Apart from being a bit more handsome, wealthier and being able to fight better compared to others, there was nothing else! I am the school tyrant! Why aren’t there any pretty ladies looking for me?!

“Hehe! Big Sister, I heard that you have been looking for me for the past two days. Don’t tell me that you have really fallen in love with me? Although I may seem like a mysterious man in this world, if you are being so blunt about this, it makes me feel quite embarrassed,” Cheng Yu went up to Lan Ya while speaking.

“Haha! Little Brother is still so shameless. When you sent me home previously, I remember you took advantage of me,” Lan Ya laughed while accusing Cheng Yu.

“Eh? Big Sister, how do you know it was me who sent you back? Are you trying to tell me that you were just acting drunk that day?” Cheng Yu said, acting surprised.

“Who was acting drunk? Didn’t I recognize you when I left the nightclub? For what happened next, I had no idea. However, since Little Brother is so shameless and so lecherous, how could you possibly not take advantage of me? Tell me, did you do anything to me that wasn’t supposed to be done by a child?” When she heard what Cheng Yu said, Lan Ya was stunned, as she was almost exposed before she replied hurriedly.

“So it’s like that. I almost got frightened to death. I thought that Big Sister actually remembered what happened that day and you were here today to ask me to bear responsibility. Since Big Sister doesn’t remember anything, that will be the best. However, I swear that other than touching Big Sister’s ‘big’ place and kissing your small lips, there was nothing else. For things that should happen when a male and a female were alone in the room, I didn’t do,” Since the other party didn’t wish to admit it, Cheng Yu continued acting.

“Haha! Little Brother didn’t do the thing that a male and female would do when they are alone in the room, but you still admitted that you took advantage of me. Do you think we should find a place to discuss this issue further?”

“Alright! If it’s regarding meeting the in-laws, we should really sit down and have a discussion about it. As you can see, you coming here in this way has affected my reputation. How can I still maintain my fame and integrity? Since it has come to this, let’s decide on a date to get a marriage certificate. That can serve as proof of lovers getting married,” Cheng Yu’s shamelessness reached a new level.

“Pui! Follow me into the car! If you wish to get engaged with me, it would depend on your ability, whether you can do it or not.”

“Follow you? With so many people glaring at us, if I were to follow you and drive off, how am I supposed to flirt in school again? Furthermore, I promised my teacher that I will study obediently and would no longer skip classes,” Cheng Yu said shyly.

“What nonsense! If you were a good student, then all other students would be able to get into Capital University. Are you coming or not? I wanted to let you touch me for a while. But since you are unwilling, forget it!” Lan Ya looked at Cheng Yu’s expression as she replied disdainfully. The moment she finished speaking, Cheng Yu was already sitting in the front passenger seat.

“You said it! I will decide where I get to touch. You better not deceive me. Let’s go,” Cheng Yu licked his lips.

“You really are a perverted lecher,” Lan Ya was speechless. She started the car and exited the school’s premises.

[1] – TL Note – Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is a Chinese cartoon that airs on a children’s channel. Yes it is literally Big Big Wolf and not Big Bad Wolf.

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