Chapter 62: Opposition!

“There isn’t a need for me to reconsider. Let me phrase it this way, you only witness that she has been saved, but did you see the effort that I put in to save her? Just the pills I used on her, even if you were to sell your hospital, you would never be able to afford them. If you don’t believe me, once you are able to find such pills in this world, I will promise to join you as a guest professor doctor!” Cheng Yu wasn’t a saint. In the hospital, there are so many patients who are on the verge of death every day. Cultivation wasn’t that easy. Although they had said that the cultivators should use their spiritual Qi often, over usage of Qi was not a good thing.

“This…” What he had just said caused everyone to be speechless. That’s right! A person who was already on her deathbed, how could he possibly save her so easily?

Although they had no idea how he did it. What could be confirmed was to save a person’s life, he definitely needed to pay a huge price. Unless it was like what he said? Had he used a lifesaving pill to save her? Does this world really have such pills? Then, what kind of price would they have to pay to be able to make such pills?

Even Han Xue and Hu Qiman were stunned. Since they didn’t ask Cheng Yu about this until now, and they didn’t even know how Cheng Yu saved her. At that point, Hu Qiman recalled yesterday’s scene where Cheng Yu had left the emergency room, and his complexion was very pale and he looked very exhausted.

As for Han Xue, she already knew that Cheng Yu was not a normal person. In the future, he will become an immortal. When she thought back to the scene where Cheng Yu healed her wounds, she knew that those dazzling lights that he produced should be the huge price that he had to pay. At this moment, Han Xue felt touched. She didn’t expect him to pay such a huge price for her, to the point of him using an immortal pill.

“Enough. Let’s go and follow up with the discharge procedures,” Cheng Yu carried the bag that was filled with Han Xue’s belonging as he said to Han Xue and her mother.

“En!” Han Xue replied affectionately causing Cheng Yu to be shocked. He gazed at Han Xue for a moment before walking out of the ward.

When they saw the trio had left the room, the remaining people had no idea how to react to such a situation as they looked at the Dean for his opinion.

Ji Wenbo sighed as he left the room while shaking his head.

After leaving the hospital, Cheng Yu wanted to go home. However, Hu Qiman insisted on him coming over to her house and at least having a meal before going home. Cheng Yu had to follow them back.

Hu Qiman drove while Han Xue and Cheng Yu sat in the passenger seats behind. Han Xue used her fingers and poked Cheng Yu twice before asking, ”Well, did you really pay a such a huge price just to save me?”

“Of course. Didn’t you realize that my face had gotten thinner because of that? I am very tired right now, let me lie on your shoulder.” At this moment, only an idiot would speak the truth. Cheng Yu laid his head on Han Xue’s shoulder the moment he finished speaking.

What’s strange was that, Han Xue didn’t shove him away as she allowed him to continue lying on her shoulder. Cheng Yu didn’t really bother about it as he took a sniff. A scent of delicate fragrance entered his nose. He was feeling very puzzled. Women are such strange creatures. He didn’t see her spraying perfume when she was in the hospital, but her body was actually so fragrant. “Could this be the body fragrance mentioned in the legends?” Cheng Yu smirked.

When they reached the city government personnel living quarters, Hu Qiman let the them get off first before proceeding to buy ingredients.

They entered the house, which had an interior design of three bedrooms and two living rooms. “Hehe, it seems like the taxes of the Yunhai citizens have been put into ‘good use.’ The civil servants actually live in such wonderful houses.”

“Hmph! How is that comparable to you?! Your uncle is staying in a villa!”

“Haha. That’s my auntie’s villa,” Cheng Yu sat on the sofa and peeled a banana to eat. “Oh yeah. Xiao Xue, did you realize that your mom is showing more and more affection to me? This is a sign of approval from Mother-in-law. It seems like you can’t escape from me any longer.”

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“What nonsense are you talking about?! That’s just a sign of gratitude for saving me. Don’t think too much! Who will like such a playful little kid?!”

“Haha. That’s just bull. I already witnessed how you really felt in the hospital.”

“You hoodlum!” Han Xue blushed as she yelled. Cheng Yu laughed as he continued to eat his banana and ignored her.

After having a meal in Han Xue’s house, Cheng Yu went home straight away.

Inside Lan Ya’s villa, a woman and a man sat in the living room. It was Lan Ya and Fang Wenxuan.

“Xiao Ya, the things that I told you yesterday, have you considered them?” Fang Wenxuan asked.

“I already told you very clearly yesterday. I don’t like you and don’t wish to marry you. Besides, I have someone I like already,” Lan Ya said impatiently.

“Than can you tell me who that person is? Since you already know I am someone from the Kunlun Sect, do you think he will still dare to like you if he knew about your fiancé’s identity?” The reason why Fang Wenxuan came yesterday was because he wanted to know who the guy in Foundation Establishment Realm he met yesterday was. But Lan Ya kept going around in circles and didn’t tell him about it. Today, he was determined to coax the information from her.

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“Hmph! Don’t bother using such means to threaten me. I know that the Kunlun School is powerful, but the place the person I like comes from is even more powerful!” Lan Ya said with a unyielding determination.

Yesterday night, when Fang Wenxuan was battling with the Little Brother, she had heard everything they said. Not only was the Little Brother’s martial arts stronger than him, his backing was even more formidable than Kunlun Sect. She didn’t believe that Fang Wenxuan would dare to do anything to her. Although she knew that she had no relations with the Little Brother, but other than her, who else would know such information?!

What caused Lan Ya to feel depressed was that she actually didn’t know anything about the Little Brother, even his name. She had to go over to Xinguang Nightclub to wait for him. But she had waited till midnight and he still didn’t appear. When she asked those workers there, they didn’t reveal anything about him and just told her that he would only come here occasionally. This was the first time Lan Ya had put in such an effort to find a man.

“Lan Ya, I truly am in love with you. For these past few years, haven’t I been very affectionate to you?” When he realized Lan Ya’s attitude was so unyielding, Fang Wenxuan wrinkled his eyebrows.

“I know that you love me, but this doesn’t mean that I also love you. I don’t like people who always think that they are very powerful and always display arrogance to commoners. What I want to find is a husband, not an immortal.” The moment Lan Ya knew who these Kunlun Sect people were, she started hating them and felt a strong repulsion towards them.

Her father didn’t even have a shred of dignity in front them. Occasionally, they would threaten him. Although Lan Ya was in discord with her father, they were still father and daughter. Who would wish their parents to humiliate themselves in front of others?

Furthermore, they always like to act as immortals in front of them. They felt that commoners were nothing more than ants.

“If you don’t like us immortals, then why would you want to be together with him? Could it be that you are doing this to show your opposition towards us, the Kunlun Sect?” Fang Wenxuan asked Lan Ya.

“Although I hate immortals, he isn’t the same as you people. He isn’t like you people who would trample or threaten commoners’ lives in any way you like.” Although she knew that Fang Wenxuan held Cheng Yu in resentment, she decided to gamble on it. She wanted to give them the impression that she also had a backing behind her.

“Lan Ya, I want to let you know that without us, the Kunlun Sect, your father wouldn’t be able to achieve what he had today. Don’t think that I don’t recognize him. In reality, I did meet him before. He isn’t from the Limitless Palace. Don’t get tricked by him. When that time comes, no one would be able to save your family,” Fang Wenxuan thought that Lan Ya was intoxicated to the point of not remembering anything.

“I trust him. He wouldn’t lie to me.” When she heard what Fang Wenxuan said, Lan Ya’s heartbeat sped up, but she still clenched her teeth and said.

Fang Wenxuan looked at Lan Ya, such a beautiful woman, he truly couldn’t bear to let her slip away like that, ”Hmph! Since it’s like that, I hope that you won’t regret it in the future.” He left the villa angrily.

In his heart, he had decided that once her father’s birthday celebration was over, he would bring Lan Ya back to the Kunlun Sect. Currently, he couldn’t determine if Cheng Yu was really from the Limitless Palace. Even if he was it was impossible for him to get the Limitless Palace to come to the secular world’s Kunlun Sect to get her back. Not to mention, he had no idea what sort of position Cheng Yu held in Limitless Palace.

Lan Ya’s heart was very chaotic at this moment. Currently, she already opposed Fang Wenxuan. What did he mean with his last sentence? Was it a threat?

After thinking it through for the whole afternoon, it was finally nighttime. Lan Ya picked up her handbag and left the villa. She was prepared to go over to Xinguang Nightclub to look for Little Brother. No matter what, she had to get Little Brother to help her. Otherwise, she had brought a catastrophe to her family.

This bunch of people are crazy, they never put the secular world’s laws in their eyes at all. Murder and arson is a normal thing for them. She was really afraid that they would do something like this to them.

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