Chapter 61: Are You an Immortal?

“This…” Han Xue’s face reddened. How could she possibly pull up her shirt and let another man look at her body in front of her mother?

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“What’s so embarrassing about this? When I was saving you, I already saw you naked. You are already my girlfriend, lifting up your shirt and let me have a look isn’t anything embarrassing. You just need to unbutton the first two buttons and let me have a look at the wound. That’s all.”

“Who’s your girlfriend?!” Han Xue looked at her mother and unbuttoned the first two buttons. It revealed her snow white skin. However, with the 2.5 cm suture in her chest, her skin seemed very artistic.

“Is it very ugly?” Han Xue asked sadly when she saw the long suture on her chest.

“Is it very painful?”


“Let me help you remove the scar then.”

“Is it possible?! Can you really remove the scar?!” Han Xue asked agitatedly.

“Auntie, can you go out for a while? I don’t mean anything by asking you to do so. Just that there’s something that shouldn’t be seen in the process of healing her,” Cheng Yu said embarrassingly as he looked at Hu Qiman who was beside him.

“Huh? Oh! Sure. No problem. Auntie understands,” Hu Qiman exited the room.

“Whatever you see later, don’t speak of it anywhere. Ok?” Cheng Yu said seriously as he looked at Han Xue. Originally, he wanted to make her unconscious first before doing what he needed, but after some consideration, he felt that it was not necessary, and he believed that she would help him keep it as a secret.

“En!” She nodded in agreement as she looked at Cheng Yu serious expression and realized the importance of it.

Cheng Yu stretched his hand, placing it near to Han Xue’s chest. Han Xue thought that he wanted to caress her ***, causing her to quiver. However, after that, what she witnessed caused her eyes to widen in shock. She quickly covered her mouth when she realized her jaws were wide open and was about to exclaim in shock.

She saw Cheng Yu’s hands suddenly projecting out dazzling lights as the wound his palm was facing started to heal up. The suture scar was also disappearing slowly. Han Xue felt her *** warming up. She felt that it was extremely comfortable.

Within a few seconds, the suture on Han Xue’s chest had already vanished. Han Xue extended her hand as she touched her wound. She realized that her wound had indeed recovered, and the scar was gone as well. It was as if she wasn’t even hurt before!

This was simply too inconceivable! She stared at Cheng Yu curiously and didn’t speak.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Cheng Yu looked at Han Xue.

“Are you an immortal?” Han Xue asked sarcastically. Although it was done very quickly, what happened was too sudden, causing the feelings she had to be very unrealistic.

“Currently, I am not.”

“Currently, you aren’t one? Are you saying that in the future, you will become one?” Han Xue was surprised.


“Does the world really have immortals?” Han Xue asked curiously.

“Immortals don’t live in this world.”

“Where are they then? There are other worlds than Earth?” Han Xue was extremely curious. This had already subverted from science and had opened another door of potential discoveries!

“Er…I can’t really explain it,” Regarding such matters, Cheng Yu couldn’t be definite about it. Ever since he had been sent to Earth, he had understood the way of life here and outside of Earth. As to where the Immortal World was at, he truly had no idea.

When she saw Cheng Yu’s confused look, Han Xue knew he wasn’t lying. She felt disappointed before continuing, ”You don’t even know where the immortal World is, how can you become an immortal then?”

“When I reach that level, I will be sucked away by the Immortal World.”

“Become an immortal to obtain enlightenment?”

“Should be!”

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“Haha! I didn’t expect to meet an immortal so coincidentally. Cheng Yu, can you fly?” Han Xue laughed.

“Currently, no. But I will be able to do it if I had a flying sword.”

“Flying sword?! Chinese Paladin[1]?!”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a drama series where they step on their sword and fly around. In the future, once you are able to fly, remember to bring me with you!” Han Xue spoke excitedly. She no longer had her policewoman disposition, but was like a fascinated little girl.

“Sure. But you will have to be my wife. Only those close to the sword master would be able to go up on the flying sword because it doesn’t like to bring strangers to fly on it,” Cheng Yu said shamelessly.

“Is that true? What’s shown on tv isn’t like that. You must be lying to me again. You young lecher, always full of stupid ideas,” Han Xue accused Cheng Yu.

“If you don’t believe me, forget it. When the time comes, you better look after yourself.”

“Hmph! I will never believe you. At most, I will not experience it. Since you don’t know how to fly, do you know any spells? Like for example changing stones to gold?” Han Xue thought for a moment and said.

“That’s just camouflage. You actually think that’s gold?!” Cheng Yu exclaimed with disdain. After that, he stretched out his index and middle finger and pointed it at the banana on the table opposite.

The banana flew over and hovered in front of Han Xue. Han Xue looked at the banana hovering in front of her as she used her fingers to poke it, she exclaimed, ”Wa! This spell is so good. In the future, I can eat grapes while lying down on my bed! Teach me this spell!”

When he heard what Han Xue said, Cheng Yu rolled his eyes. You think this is what spells are made to do?! Showing you this skill is already an insult to my identity and you still want to use it to help you eat grapes?!

“No problem. You can learn from me for 8 to 10 years. I guarantee you will have small success in it.”

“What?! 8 to 10 years and it’s only small success? You are also only 18 years old. Could it be that you started practicing it when you were in your mother’s womb?!” Han Xue said unbelievingly.

“It’s because I am gifted. You think everyone is like me? Alright, let’s not talk about it anymore, your mom is still outside waiting for us. If you wish to know all my secrets, be my wife then.”

“Hmph! Wishful thinking. Go and call my mum to come back in.”

When Cheng Yu opened the door, Hu Qiman, Li Wenbo, Doctor Zhang and several nurse came in together. When they noticed that Han Xue was fine, Hu Qiman felt relieved.

“Auntie, I think we should handle the procedures of discharging from hospital and go home today,” Cheng Yu told Hu Qiman as he could no longer bear the smell of the hospital.

When they heard Cheng Yu’s words, everyone was shocked! What’s this situation?! Yesterday, she almost died. Yet, today he wanted her to be discharged from the hospital?!

“Xiao Yu, Xiao Xue her…” Hu Qiman asked puzzledly.

“She’s alright. If you were to ask her to run five km now, it shouldn’t be a problem at all,” Cheng Yu replied while looking at Han Xue who was lying on top of the bed.

When Han Xue saw Cheng Yu’s expression, she immediately got off her bed by jumping off.

When they saw the lively Han Xue, everyone believed that she was really all right and felt that this was too mysterious.

When Ji Wenbo witnessed the scene, his body trembled. He looked at Cheng Yu and said, ”Little Brother Cheng, can I discuss with you something?”

“What?” Cheng Yu frowned.

“Can we discuss it outside?” Such talented person, Ji Wenbo didn’t want to miss such an opportunity.

“You can say it here,” Cheng Yu said indifferently.

“This…” Ji Wenbo looked at everyone before he continued, ”It’s like this, Little Brother Cheng has such a high attainment in medical skills. It caused everyone to be surprised. Such mysterious medical skills, I hope that Little Brother Cheng would be able to save those that we aren’t able to save. Therefore, I hope that Little Brother Cheng would become a guest professor doctor in our hospital.”

The words Ji Wenbo said caused everyone in the scene to blush in shame. The youngest among them was Cheng Yu, and the person with the best abilities was him as well.

A person who was supposed to be on her death bed had actually become a living person who seemed as if she had never gotten into an accident. Who would have this kind of ability?!

The dean of the hospital had actually invited him to become the guest professor doctor in his hospital, this was too shocking for them. When they thought that Cheng Yu would be excited by the invitation, the following reply from Cheng Yu caused all of them to be speechless.

“I am very busy. Not interested,” Cheng Yu rejected Ji Wenbo’s offer.

“This…Little Brother Cheng, being a guest professor doctor here doesn’t need you to report to work every day. It’s just that if we were to meet such incident that was similar to patient Han, and we weren’t able to handle it, I hope that you will be able to come over to assist us. Of course, the remuneration would be at the professor level,” When he heard Cheng Yu’s instant rejection, Ji Wenbo replied hurriedly.

“I am not in need of money,” Cheng Yu ignored him and continued to help Han Xue pack her stuff.

“Little Brother Cheng, when one gets more powerful, the higher the responsibility he will have. Little Brother has such a mysterious medical skill, why not save more people? This is performing a good deed. Doesn’t Little Brother want your name to be passed on through hundreds of generations?” When he realized Cheng Yu was not moved by the conditions he gave, Ji Wenbo started panicking.

“I don’t care for that!” Cheng Yu shook his head in rejection and continued to pack Han Xue’s belongings.

“This…Little Brother Cheng, please consider it carefully. This is a really good deed that can be performed by you!” When he saw Cheng Yu didn’t even have a hint of slight willingness in doing it, he felt quite helpless about it.

[1] – TL Note – Chinese paladin is a wuxia drama that had flying sword techniques in it.

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