Chapter 155: Killer


Purple flame aura revolved around the area and lightning flashed down continuously. The thousand feet radius around became a lightning field. Qin Tian floated above the seabed and stared down like he was someone that judged the lives of the ocean monsters. A smile grew on his face.
Within the lightning field, the Oceanic Giants were panicking. Their red eyes were filled with fear. The entire seabed was full of unrest.
“Scared now?”
“It’s too late.”
Qin Tian widened his eyes, “Explode!”

A heaven shaking lightning descended.
Under the effect of berserk, the might of the heaven shaking lightning was now far beyond natural lightning.
Countless rays of light shot out, submerging much of the surroundings in purple light.
Oceanic Giants fell one after another. Seeing his experience bar increasing, Qin Tian felt extremely refreshed. The experience gained from rank five Oceanic Giants is even greater than the monsters in the Devil’s region.
However, without the rank two berserk, wanting to use Sky Piercing Lightning arts to kill rank five monsters instantly would be somewhat difficult, what’s more, the Oceanic Giants with very thick skin.
“Congratulations for gaining 50000 experience, 1100 Qigong value, 3 survival value……”

“Congratulations for gaining 50000 experience, 1100 Qigong value, 3 survival value……”  

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“Congratulations for gaining one drop of……”

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“Blood essence?!”

The prompts of the system went by quickly, but Qin Tian still heard the words ‘blood essence ‘ clearly. Immediately, he looked into his spatial ring and saw a drop of blood essence.
“Little demon, is this drop of blood essence any help to you?”

Qin Tian asked with uncertainty. These monsters were after all ocean monsters, not demon monsters.
The demon baby frowned slightly before nodding. There was not much joy on his face.
“Because of its purity?” Qin Tian asked again.
The demon baby nodded once more. At this point in time, he seemed to be in a crucial state, the red glow on his body was more intense. It was like he was breaking through to a higher realm.
Sensing the change occurring, Qin Tian no longer bothered him.
Tens of thousand years ago when the ancient Great War hasn’t occurred, Jibei Ocean was a land of the demonic tribe. The land was filled with demonic energy. After water covered the land, aquatic monsters came to be. Some of the higher rank ocean monsters absorbed the demonic energy, thus was able to condense a demonic blood essence. However, the purity is very low and the amount is little.
After hundreds of rank five Oceanic monsters were killed, only one blood essence was dropped.
Tens of minutes later, the purple flame aura around had been completely dispersed. The Sky Piercing Lightning art had greatly devastated the seabed and monsters laid motionlessly on it. Qin Tian looked at where Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan were and shouted, “You can come now.”
Then, he took out a small knife and started to dig out cores.
“You abnormal freak!” Meng Fanyi yelled.
“I have to concur.” Hei Yan said. Seeing the huge monsters piled up, forming a small hill, he could not help but be shocked. In a short few years, Qin Tian grew just too unimaginably fast.
“There are at least a hundred cores here, first come first serve, quickly dig. Soon when the smell of blood spreads out, who knows what monsters would be attracted.” Qin Tian held a core in his hand and smiled.
“Cores ah, hehe……”
Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan no longer spoke and took action.
On the ocean surface stood five people, they wore the clothing of Violent Sky faction. One of them had his eyes closed, seemingly as if he was feeling everything that’s going on between heaven and earth.

A wave came and an ocean leopard rushed out from it, only to be welcomed by a sword. The sword pierced into its head.
The five were calmed as if nothing had happened.
“They’ve already reached deep into the ocean region and that lad actually killed hundreds of rank five ocean monsters in an instant. No wonder Wang Xie died in his hands. Seemed like Yan Han was telling the truth, Qin Tian’s cultivation speed is very fast.”
The old cultivator in the middle opened his eyes, “Too bad he is not one of us. It would be such a pity to kill him.”
“Supervisor, do we have to take action against a rank six disciple that just entered the inner sect?”
“Yang Han has entered Sky Beyond Sky, his strength would have greatly improved in half a year. In the future, his position in Violent Sky faction would not be low. And, he is Heaven Sun pillar’s future master.”
“Violent Sky young master is now comprehending the mysteries of Void Piercing force. He will be able to kill Wutian during the fight with him a month later at Mt Jiuhua. At that time, who would dare to be Violent Sky faction ‘s enemy? Heaven Sun Pillar will be nothing much sooner or later.”
“Young master only cultivated for a hundred years and had broken through to the Void Piercing realm. I believe he will reach the absolute realm in a thousand years. He will then pierce through the void and become a saint. At that time, Tianji sect will have to change its name, haha……”

“Alright. This task is very important, it concerns whether we would be able to have Heaven Sun’s Pillar’s support. We must eliminate Qin Tian.” A cold light flashed by the old cultivator’s eyes and killing intent rose. With a step forward, he jumped up into the sky.
The other four, Feng, Yun, Lei & Dian followed.
The old cultivator, Violent Sky sect’s 4th ranking supervisor, peak ascension realm.
Feng, Yun, Lei and Dian, rank four ascension realm. They specialized in killing in the dark under the command of Violent Sky faction.
The five of them had only one motive, to kill Qin Tian.
This was what Yang Han requested before he went up to Sky Beyond Sky, for which Violent Sky young master agreed.
Even if Yang Han had not requested, Violent Sky young master would not let Qin Tian go.

Qin Tian had committed a grave sin for killing the 12th ranking supervisor and provoking Violent Sky faction. The only reason why he did not kill Qin Tian at the achievement hall was simply that Qin Tian was not worthy of him attacking. In Tianji sect, only Wutian was worthy.
That absolute genius, stepping into Rebirth realm within a hundred years.
However, Violent Sky young master believes that one month later, Wutian will be no more.
The five of them did not enter ocean, but ran across the ocean. It was faster to chase above than in the ocean……

“Get ready to go.”
After Qin Tian dug out the last core, he opened up his system. When he saw his increased experience bar and that he was close to advancement, he was excited.
Every time he level ups, Qin Tian would feel incredibly excited.
Soon to be rank seven spirit refining realm, he was now a step closer to the ascension realm.
Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan said concurrently.
“Good.” Qin Tian stared into the darkness and yelled, “Let’s go……”

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