Chapter 154: Feast to Kill

Qin Tian sensed danger and slowed down, enduring the pressure acting on his back.

Although he brought along a Water Avoidance Pearl, enabling him to move normally in water, outside forces could not be avoided. The turbulent current is an outside force.

How strong was the turbulent current?

Even if Qin Tian used his Qigong to disperse the pressure acting on him, his advancement speed was still fast.

Qin Tian, with his dense Qigong, was able to somewhat withstand. Hei Yan was however different, unable to withstand. His advancement speed did not slow down a bit.

“Not good!”

Qin Tian shouted in his heart and chased after Hei Yan.

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Suddenly, the currents changed. The speed of the currents increased, making Qin Tian also unable to withstand.

“Stay alert, don’t be distracted.”

Around the corner black flat rocks, shaped weirdly, strangely. With no time to consider, Qin Tian took out a Thunder Pearl and threw it.

What’s strange was that there was a faint aura coming from them. And, even if that was a normal rock, injuries could not be avoided just by banging into it.


The Thunder Pearl exploded within the masses of rock, releasing a huge thunder field. The Rock monsters reacted violently, but it was too late.

The lightning force of the Thunder Pearl turned them into dust. Even rank five monsters could be instantly killed by it, what’s more, this group of rank four Rock monsters.

Qin Tian was startled, not expecting those flat rocks to be ocean monsters, “F**k.”

“Fortunately, I had some Thunder Pearls, else if we were sneak attacked by them in the current, we won’t be able to escape unscathed even if we don’t die.”

Cold sweat emerged as a trace of fear appeared within the trio.

The group of Rock monsters was killed. The continuous prompt of the system excited Qin Tian, “Thunder Pearls, really a good item.”

The explosion caused unrest in the surroundings.

Meanwhile, the currents were slowing down gradually. Not waiting for the trio to get out, a loud roar sounded.

“What was that?”

Meng Fanyi halted and looked up. Hundreds of metres above seemed to have two red lanterns hung.

Following soon after, the number of ‘lanterns’ increased.


Qin Tian could not help but swallow his saliva and revealed a cold smile, “We are surrounded.”


“There’s not a single ocean monster around!”

Hei Yan surveyed the surroundings. There was not a single monster, only countless turbulent currents moving about.

Meng Fanyi took a small step back. He stared at Hei Yan and with his finger, pointed upwards.

Hei Yan looked up and widened his eyes. Just as he wanted to scream, his mouth was covered, “Hush…don’t raise your voice.”


Hei Yan’s palms turned wet.

Meng Fanyi nodded and turned his head towards Qin Tian, only to see his eyes brighten.

Suddenly, Qin Tian pushed a feet down. Sand flew. “Kill!”

“You’re crazy!”

“You want to die?!”


He leaped and slashed his crescent sword down, aimed at the red lantern a hundred metres away.


A huge rough arm smacked down at Qin Tian’s sword wave.

The sword wave shattered. The huge monster roared, causing the others to awake.

“Haha, they’re awake.”

Qin Tian landed on the seabed while laughing. He then stared at Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan. Seeing their ashen face, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Black lines appeared on Meng Fanyi’s forehead. He stared at the excited Qin Tian and no words came out of his mouth.

Oceanic Giant, rank five, extremely huge. The biggest it could reach was a thousand metres. Its physique is great, with flesh filled with great strength. They like to gather around turbulent currents, swallowing other monsters that come out of it.

Their surroundings had around a hundred of them, which would be equivalent to more than 5 million experience points.

Although they are rank five monsters, facing the abundant experience, how could Qin Tian let it slip?

Moreover, there are cores!

Qin Tian activated his Qigong and kept his crescent sword. He leaped and went to give each of the hundred huge monsters a punch, waking the rest up……

“Is he ill?”

“Probably turned muddle-headed from illness.”

“What should we do?”

“What else? Kill……”

Without a choice, the two of them followed behind and attacked.

A rank five monster was nothing to Qin Tian, but a hundred of them was different. What’s more, they are those that live together, hence they can work with one another well.

Not waiting for Qin Tian to wake all of them, he was attacked.

Though Oceanic Giants are huge and are slow-witted, their attack speed was incredibly fast. Every attack of theirs’ would create an explosive sound.

“Good enough.”

After waking all of them up, he shouted, “Hide far away, lightning is striking……”

“Run quick.”

Meng Fanyi acted immediately and dragged Hei Yan along.

“Rank two berserk.”

“Sky Piercing Lightning art!”

Purple flame aura emerged, flowing in the ocean, into the midst of the monsters. Under the rank two berserk, the Sky Piercing Lightning art trembled as if it cannot be controlled.

Feeling the flowing of the purple flame aura amongst them, the Oceanic Giants sensed danger. They attacked even more fiercely.

With the 8 times attribute increase, Qin Tian’s speed can no longer be described using ‘fast’. Before the attacks reach, he would vanish. Facing those monsters, he felt no pressure.

“Shouldn’t it be my turn now?”

Qin Tian jumped higher. He then looked down with a sneer and both hands out. Suddenly, the purple flame aura gathered. Purple light kept flashing.

“What does he want to do?”

After Hei Yan escaped thousands of feet away and seeing purple light flashing, Hei Yan asked.

“Didn’t you hear, lightning is striking.” Meng Fanyi also did not know what Qin Tian wanted to do. However, looking at the situation, he should be preparing a big move.


Qin Tian laughed out loud in delight. The Oceanic Monsters below him started to run like they’ve turned mad.

“Want to run?”

“Too late, haha……”

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“Lightning, descend!”

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