Chapter 20: The Eve

The last two days before the contest, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist managed to grasp the first move of the Red Jade Sword Style, Touch of Red Jade to sub-completion.

With sub-completion, Touch of Red Jade produced a strong suction. With a space of half a meter, it could attract steel swords that weighed a few kilograms and if used at point-blank, the force of attraction would be dozens of times stronger. But actually with Li Fuchen’s cultivation, he should have been unable to produce any suction force.

“Young master, look out now.”

In the yard, Li Fuchen’s clan attendant, Li Daquan who was a fighter at the eighth level of the Qi Realm, slashed at Li Fuchen.

The sword had the velocity of lightning and force of a hurricane, if it was any other fighter at the sixth level of the Qi Realm, they would have been cleaved apart and unable to react.

Li Fuchen gave a lighthearted smile, drew the blade at his waist and countered the attack.


The swords clashed forcefully.

As Li Daquan used his qi to shake off Li Fuchen sword, he suddenly felt that his sword wasn’t in his control. It was actually stuck to Li Fuchen’s sword.

“What is going on?”

Li Daquan was startled.

“You lost.”

Li Fuchen’s sword was pressed against Li Daquan’s throat.

Li Daquan frantically swallowed his saliva, “Young master, you learnt the Red Jade Sword Style?”

To his knowledge, within the Li Clan, only the Red Jade Sword Style could magnetise the foe’s sword.

“Not considered learnt, only the first move is at sub-completion.”Replied Li Fuchen.

‘First move at sub-completion?”

Li Daquan look at Li Fuchen wide eyed. Isn’t it the case that before the seventh level of the Qi Realm, none can grasp the essence of high-tier, yellow class sword arts? Sub-completion is considered to have slight comprehension of the essence.

A sub-completion high-tier, yellow class sword style may not have a higher firepower than a completion mid-tier sword style. But in terms of technique, it surpassed the mid-tier by miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters. And for the Qi Realm, many times, it’s the technique that is more important than the power.

“Remember to keep it a secret.”Li Fuchen notified.

“I understand young master.”

Excitement was written all over Li Daquan’s facial expression. Others may not expect anything good from the young master, but who would have thought he would have a killer move. After the young master enters the Cang Lan Sect, as his attendant, his status in the Li Clan would certainly improve.

What he didn’t know was, Li Fuchen practicing the Red Jade Sword Style was not for the genius contest but for the future which was full of uncertainty. Seeking power is what a martial artist should strive for and cultivating the Red Jade Sword Style was purely for strengthening himself.


“Elder Chen, welcome to Yunwu City.”

At the gates of the city lord residence, city lord, Shen Tu Jianhe was warmly welcoming an elder in blue robes.

“Shen Tu city lord, thank you for receiving me.”

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The elder seemed to be 60 years of age, dressed in blue robes, and on his back was a small white blade.

If there were people that understood the dressing of the Cang Lan Sect, they would have instantly recognised this blue robe. Only the Cang Lan outer sect’s elder was qualified to wear this robe, with no exceptions. All outer sect elders were of the Earth Realm. Their status were the same as the city lord’s under the Cang Lan Sect and in special events, their status exceeded the city lord’s. Events like the genius contest.

“Elder Chen, this way please.”

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Shen Tu Jianhe escorted the elder towards the conference hall.

At the hall, Shen Tu Jianhe was seated directly across the elder.

This blue robed elder is Chen Zongming. With a sip of tea, he slowly spoke, “Yunwu Sity did a good job in producing a 4 star bone frame. This year’s advance recruitment had a total of 5 individuals. The other four came from large cities, only your Yunwu City is the small scaled city.”

Shen Tu Jianhe nodded in agreement, “Guan Xue, that girl is indeed a good talent, a pity my Shen Tu clan does not have any prodigies like her.”

Regarding the Guan Clan having such a genius, Shen Tu Jianhe was utterly envious.

Chen Zongming spoke with a deep intent, “She isn’t simply a 4 star bone frame. Lord Shen Tu, if I were you, I would not miss the opportunity and immediately set up good ties with the Guan Clan.”

“Ohh? What made Elder Chen give this advice?”Shen Tu Jianhe was puzzled.

Chen Zongming explained, “Guan Xue, this girl doesn’t having a regular 4 star bone frame. Within her bone frame contains an incredible power that could match up to a 5 star bone frame. With this kind of talent, she would at least stack up to the top 20 within the Cang Lan Sect.”

“4 star extraordinary bone frame?”

Shen Tu Jianhe was dumbstruck.

Bone frames were separated into regular and extraordinary types. There is nothing much to describe about regular types. As for extraordinary types, it contained mystical powers within. Take for example the legendary Sun bone frame, Thunder bone frame, Flame bone frame, and Blizzard bone frame.

If those with extraordinary bone frame cultivated a similar trait technique. It would halve the cultivation time and produce formidable power.

If a Sun bone frame fighter cultivated a sun-based technique, they would be able to display power of solar radiance.

A Thunder bone frame cultivating a thunder-based technique would be able to wield destructive power.

The Flame bone frame coupled with a flame-based technique would produce a blaze that can burn anything to char.

With no exaggeration, in just a few years, the 4 star extraordinary bone frame Guan Xue would definitely surpass his status. By then, his authority as the city lord would be of no worth in her eyes.

“The gods truly blessed the Guan Clan.”

Shen Tu Jianhe is not envious now, but jealous. Had his Shen Tu Clan had a 4 star extraordinary bone frame individual, it would have guaranteed the Shen Tu Clan glory for the next century.

Chen Zongming laughed, “Some things can’t be forced. Life revolves in a cycle, just like luck, no one will ever know who will be in the lead after 30 years.”

Entering the sect in his teenage years, after dozens of years, Chen Zongming witnessed numerous rises and fall of geniuses. Regardless, extraordinary bone frames were rare and geniuses that have them would only get stronger and not any weaker.

“Luckily I have good relations with the Guan Clan, Elder Chen needn’t worry about this.”Shen Tu Jianhe rejoiced. When he initially got close to the Guan Clan and forsaked the Li Clan years ago, it had now become a great move. It seems, it was time to shaken up the Li Clan and give half their businesses to the Guan Clan. Hopefully, the Guan Clan would remember his actions.

As night came, darkness swept over Yunwu City.

But everyone’s hearts were burning with fire as tomorrow was the start of the genius contest. The results would decide one’s future, as well as the clan’s destiny. Will you rise to the top or fall out silently, all would be decided tomorrow.


Li clan.

Li Fuchen was gazing at the starry sky.

The stars were set in formation and had glittered like never seen before. Every star was shining brightly.

“Which star represents me?”

Li Fuchen reached to the sky, looking into the deep darkness.

“Perhaps, none of these stars are me. Because they cannot represent me, as I will eclipse their existence.”

A golden luster radiated from Li Fuchen’s eyes, it’s authoritative brilliance made the stars seem dark in comparison. The heaven and earth revolved around him as the centerpiece, giving him control of everything.

At this moment, Li Fuchen’s mindset exceeded his imagination and brought about the aura of supremacy.

Simultaneously in Li Fuchen mind, the pale green soul spirit was already partially a darker tone of green, and one could clearly see the golden amulet shining with a blinding gleam.

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