Chapter 19: The Touch of Red Jade

What Li Shanhe taught was in fact quite good. But Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist realized that he had already learnt all this during his battles with the beasts.

Demonic beasts have tough hides and quick attacks. If you were to face them head on, it would be foolish. Using his innate combat sense, he only took a short while to understand the concept of striking at the weakness of one’s foe. Thus, his ability to only use a single blade to kill Class 1 mid-tier beasts.

The talent for combat can’t be explain, but it still existed.

The Yang Clan’s Yang Kai who has a 3 star bone frame. He also has a great combat sense, when he was at the fifth level of the Qi Realm, he could single handedly kill Class 1 mid-tier beasts.

The city’s genius of the century, Guan Xue was even more exceptional. With her 4 star bone frame, she was a natural combat genius with no need of any guidance.

The combat skills of Li Fuchen was also gradually improving with the nourishment from the pale green soul spirit.


The next day, Li Fuchen didn’t go to where Li Shanhe as he felt that he should dedicate some time for the Red Jade Sword Style since he already understood what Li Shanhe was going to teach.

“Uncle Shanhe, Li Fuchen isn’t here.”

One of the Li clan descendants, Li Hongkai reported.

Li Shanhe’s face blackened, “It’s his loss, it also saves wasting my time. Li Hongkai, Li Xiangdong, work hard, and defeating him during the contest will be an easy task. I would love to see his face then.”

The cultivation of a high-tier, yellow class Red Jade Sword Style was of high difficulty.

In normal cases, without reaching the seventh level of the Qi Realm, one would never be able to comprehend the essence of the Red Jade Sword Style.

To reach the completion stage for the Red Jade Sword Style, you would have to be around the Origin Realm.

“I see, the battle techniques of the Red Jade Sword Style is to create openings on the foe.”

After studying for the past few days, Li Fuchen finally was able to figure out a small portion of what the first move, ‘Touch of Red Jade’ was trying to portray.

Every martial art has its own battle techniques in order to counter and win against the opposition. The first move, Touch of Red Jade is a suction move. Once the user’s sword came in contact with the foe’s sword, it would have a suction effect on the other sword, breaking the foe’s battle pace. As such, it would become effortless to defeat the foe.

But this depended on whether the user’s qi was sufficient and of quality. With more qi and a higher quality of it, the suction force would be stronger. But the opposite was also true, if you had a weak and low amount of qi, the suction would be negligent.

As the leaves are falling, Li Fuchen executed a stab!

With no motion, the sword attracted the falling leaves.


Under the qi of the Red Jade Technique, the steel sword was like a fireblade as the leaves caught fire out of the sudden.

“This is why is it a high-tier, yellow class sword style!”

Li Fuchen was full of admiration, flabbergasted at the creator of the Red Jade Sword Style and also amazed at the profundity of the sword arts.

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In the bat of the eye, just 3 days were left before the genius contest.

All the major clans’ descendants appeared to be full of vigor after a stretch of combat training.

“Yang Kai, your talent for combat surpasses us. After you go to the Cang Lan Sect, you would be one of the better ones amongst the outer sect disciples.”

Yang Lie and Yang Zhan were in awe of Yang Kai’s combat sense, so they basically just gave some hints instead of actual guidance. Even though Yang Kai’s current status was not like the two of theirs now, but in a few years after Yang Kai gets into the Cang Lan Sect, he would definitely surpass them and they may even need to rely on him in the future.

Yang Kai declared, “The things that Guan Xue can do, I can too. I will let the Cang Lan Sect know that not recruiting me in advance was their wrong judgement.”

Yang Kai was in a great mood. Although he only had a 3 star bone frame, his ambition well exceeded what a 3 star bone frame was capable of.


Guan Clan: Demonic Beasts training arena


The Metal Claw Wolf bent its knees and like a slingshot, rushed at Guan Peng. Using its meter long sharp claw, it slashed at Guan Peng.

Clink! Clank!


With the violent exchanges, Guan Peng executed 3 slashes in a row. The 3 blades flashed by and 1 of them found the mark on the throat of the Metal Claw Wolf.

“Li Fuchen, I will let you experience true humiliation at the genius contest.”

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A fierce look was found in Guan Peng’s eyes.


An abundance of geniuses entered Yunwu City.

These geniuses were from the towns in the region of Yunwu City. Within the region there were a few dozens of clans, every clan wished to establish themselves in Yunwu City. In the past century, the 4 major clans were not the current major clans. If the current major clans could take over the previous 4, why can’t they take it for themselves?

“The 4 major clans has the six Tempering Pools, enough to make six descendants with overwhelming physical strength. Who will they be?”

“Your information sure is lacking, they are the Yang Clan’s Yang Kai, Yang Hao. The Shen Tu Clan’s Shen Tu Jue and Shen Tu Liang. The Guan Clan’s Guan Peng and the Li Clan’s Li Yunhai. With Yang Kai being the strongest among them.”

“Such prejudice, only the major clans have Tempering Pools, we have nothing. If we had the Tempering Pools, defeating them wouldn’t be an impossible task.”

“In this world, where would fairness belong. If the day came where our clan is a major clan in Yunwu City, we would also invest in the Tempering Pool. And in order to ensure a constant supply of Cang Lan Sect disciples, would you still talk about being fair with the small clans?”

“Hey, whose side are you on? Why are you speaking for the major clans.”

“I’m not siding with anyone, I just want to let you know, real justice is to be fought for and not protesting whether it is fair or not. Even if the major clans were charitable enough, it would just be like a mirror in the water, broken at any time.”

The one speaking was around the age of 15, with average looks but a determined face. He had strong looking rough hands unlike normal youths. On his cheeks and neck were claw marks, which proved that he had fought demonic beasts and had gotten hurt.

“Are you He Ping?”

Out of the blue, the former youth recognized the determined youth.

He Ping, Yunwu City’s northern region’s famous genius. In the past, his family’s clan was one that didn’t lose out to the 4 major clans, but it is now in a slump.

When he was at the third level of the Qi Realm, he courageously entered the Misty Mountains to toughen himself. He single handedly took out a seventh level Qi Realm bandit when he was only at the fifth level of the Qi Realm. With exceptional live combat skills and titled Yunwu City’s exceptional genius of the north.

“He Ping, it’s an honor to meet you at last. I am Si Fei. At this contest, we are bound to meet, I hope you are as tough as the rumors go.”

Hearing He Ping’s name, a youth with sharp eyes and long hair came over.

“Si Fei.”

He Ping lifted his head and looked at the long haired youth.

Si Fei, Yunwu City’s southern region’s ruthless genius. He’s well known for his vicious quick sword arts. It is rumored that he had kill over a dozen Qi Realm experts and has terrifying combat skills and is extremely ruthless.

It was because the 4 major clans has great resources that most of their descendants are treated like flowers grown in beautiful vases and have not encountered any hardships. But it is different for the small clans, they have been drilled with the concept that hard work begets success.

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