Chapter 56: Han Xue Got Shot!

“Haha! This is a secret. Isn’t Keke very cute? How about we give birth to a baby to have it accompany Keke?” Cheng Yu sat down on the sofa and started snacking as he laughed at Yang Ruoxue.

“Pei! You wimpy kid. You don’t even focus on your studies and only know how to think about perverted things.”

“Ruoxue, you are wrong. Age is not relevant when it comes to love. Although I am still young, this wouldn’t affect my love for you. Most importantly, my little brother has already finished puberty. Not to mention one baby, even a football team is not a problem.

“Stop! Don’t talk about love in front of me. I don’t have any feelings for you. We are at most only cooperative partners. Don’t get a wrong idea.”

“Ruoxue, if you were to put it that way, you will hurt our relationship. Within this world, you were able to meet me. This could be counted as fate. You must know that such a mysterious man like me is being chased by innumerable women every day. With the way you are treating me, I can easily get swayed and fall in love with another woman. At that point in time, it would be too late for regret.”

“Don’t worry. Your kind of mysterious man always flirts with women every day. I would prefer to let someone else have a chance to be with you.”

“Hmph! You will definitely regret it! Keke, let’s go. We shall ignore this bad sister.” Cheng Yu stood up and carried Keke away from Yang Ruoxue’s bosom as he walked to the exit.

“Hehe! Sister Yang, you made my brother angry,” Zhao Yunfang laughed at Yang Ruoxue while snacking.

“If this thick-skinned guy can be angry, he’s definitely being possessed. What has your brother been doing? Did he go out to flirt with girls?”

“Yeah. My cousin has gotten acquainted with a few pretty sisters recently. Sister Yang, you may have to start worrying. Perhaps in the future, my cousin will really be taken away by another female. At that point, you will definitely regret it,” Zhao Yunfang rolled her eyes as she looked at Yang Ruoxue and said.

“Che! Why would I regret it? We aren’t in a relationship,” Yang Ruoxue said with disdain before continuing. ”Have you seen those pretty sisters he found?”

“Of course! There is an attractive policewoman sister! She’s very beautiful, and comparable to Sister Yang,” Zhao Yunfang said confidently before running off to catch up with Cheng Yu.

Looking at Zhao Yunfang’s silhouette, Yang Ruoxue’s heart turned gloomy, ”Sure enough, this scoundrel is a lecher. He actually took the money I gave to go around and flirt with other girls and it’s even an attractive policewoman? Hmph! See if I still give you money in the future.”

They brought Keke to the theme park and played for the whole afternoon. Zhao Yunfang and Keke were so excited and played until they lost their sense of time. In Cheng Yu’s eyes, they were still children. As for Yang Ruoxue, she had a smiling expression for the whole time. Although, she would stare at Cheng Yu every time their eyes met. This caused Cheng Yu to feel confused as he didn’t even offend her today.

As it was weekend, the theme park was crowded. Zhao Yunfang was very happy when she saw the roller coaster as she pulled Cheng Yu along. Cheng Yu held no interest in such things and hoped that Yang Ruoxue would go, but she didn’t want to go.

Cheng Yu had no choice as it was impossible to let Keke follow her. He could only allow Yang Ruoxue to accompany Keke while he followed Zhao Yunfang to queue for the ride for 40 minutes. Cheng Yu almost fell asleep due in line.

While riding the roller coaster, Cheng Yu covered his ears as he had a helpless expression. This ride was pretty interesting, but surrounding him were all girls. From the moment the roller coaster started moving, their screams never stopped, especially Zhao Yunfang’s, who was seated beside him. The process was unbearable for Cheng Yu.

After seven minutes, they finally returned back to the start.

“Cousin, carry me on your back,” Zhao Yunfang looked at Cheng Yu who was beside her and said.

“Why?” Cheng Yu asked curiously.

“My legs are shivering. I can’t walk properly,” Zhao Yunfang blushed as she was embarrassed.

He carried Zhao Yunfang to the spot where Yang Ruoxue and Keke were drinking their beverages and placed her down as he said, ”See! I told you not to go, but you insisted on it. In the end, you were screaming from the start to finish. Now, even your legs are shivering. Are you trying to punish yourself?”

“I didn’t play around before. When I saw those people on TV were filled with excitement while riding it, I didn’t think that it would be so scary. In the future, I will not play it anymore.”

“Haiz! Keke is still the most obedient. Keke, are you hungry? What do you want to eat? Brother will go and buy it for you.” Cheng Yu smiled at Keke who was still drinking her beverage.

“I am not hungry. Is brother hungry? Keke can go and help brother buy!” Keke shook her head and held her head on a crooked angle as she said to Cheng Yu, causing her to look extremely adorable.

“Haha! Keke is so obedient. Brother is not hungry. Let’s rest for a while before we go and buy some beautiful clothes ok?”

“Ok! I want to buy a doll as well!”

“Sure! Brother will buy you anything you want!”

When Yang Ruoxue who was seated opposite saw the affection between them, she felt that they were like a pair of father and daughter. When she looked at Cheng Yu’s face that was filled with affection, she felt that at this point, the most adorable person was him. She was never able to figure out, which side was the real him.

After having their lunch, they all went to the pedestrian street and shopped for several hours. Their hands were filled with bags. Even Keke was carrying a bag on her shoulder. The bag was specially bought for her. Of course, Cheng Yu was carrying the most shopping bags, but none of the things inside them belonged to him. This was the responsibility of a man when they shopped with a woman.

Around 4 pm, the ladies were finally satisfied as they walked out of the shopping mall. While doing so, they heard the ambulance siren as it sped over. At this moment, they realized that there was a lot of people in front of them.

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Just when they were about to go over and have a look, they noticed that the paramedics had already brought the stretcher out from the crowd and on it laid a woman.

“Ah! It’s Sister Han Xue!” At this moment, Zhao Yunfang cried out in fear.

Previously, he was blocked by the paramedics, so he couldn’t properly see who was on the stretcher. However, Cheng Yu turned his head over again and finally saw the person on the stretcher was actually Han Xue!

Cheng Yu immediately walked up and tried to examine her situation. A doctor reached out his hand and blocked him, ”What are you trying to do? The patient is in a critical condition. Please don’t block the exit.”

Cheng Yu shoved the doctor’s hand away as he pushed him to the side. He saw Han Xue’s eyes were tightly shut, her complexion was pale and the left stomach area was bleeding, which caused her clothes to be covered in red. Her condition didn’t seem very optimistic.

Just as he was about to check her condition, the doctor who was pushed away previously ran back up and blocked Cheng Yu. He let the stretcher through, ”What are you trying to do?! Do you know that the patient is on the verge of death right now? If because of you, the treatment time was delayed, would you be responsible for it?!”

When he saw Han Xue was about to get into the ambulance, Cheng Yu ignored the frustrated doctor and sent a thread of spiritual Qi over when no one was paying attention. With the protection of his spiritual Qi, she should be able to hold on until he went to save her.

When he returned to the side of the trio, Yang Ruoxue asked, ”That’s your friend? How’s her condition?”

“Yes. Her condition doesn’t seem optimistic. But for the time being, her life isn’t in any danger.”

“I didn’t expect to see you here, Young Master Yu. Han Xue got into trouble. You should go and take a look.” At this moment, the eastern district Bureau Chief, Peng Dahai, walked over as he greeted Cheng Yu.

When he saw Peng Dahai’s forehead was filled with sweat and his nervous expression, Cheng Yu asked, ”It’s Bureau Chief Peng. What’s going on? Why was Han Xue injured?”

“Half an hour ago, someone armed with a gun went to that atm over there and hurt someone as he stole away their money. Coincidentally, this was seen by Han Xue who was supposed to be off duty today. You should also know that Han Xue is a straightforward person. Therefore, when she saw the savageness in the criminal, she wanted to fight it out with him. However, the criminal had a gun, and before she even managed to fight it out with him, she was shot by him,” Peng Dahai said with resentment. It was known that Han Xue was a daughter of his old friend. If something were to happen to her, he didn’t know how he was going to explain to him.

“I suppose the robber wasn’t caught yet, right?” Cheng Yu frowned.

“Yes. The robber is on the run currently.”

“Alright. I will bring my friends back first. Oh right, pass me your number. Later, I will make a trip down to the hospital to visit Han Xue. Wait for me in the hospital, I will need your help later on.”

“Ok. I will head to the hospital now. When you are coming over later, give me a call first,” Peng Dahai hurried over to the hospital after he gave Cheng Yu his number. This criminal injured his niece. It was impossible for him not to go over to take a look at the situation.

After they witnessed such an incident, the four of them no longer had the mood to continue their shopping. While Cheng Yu was driving them back, his mood was very gloomy. Although he had left a thread of spiritual Qi on Han Xue’s body, he couldn’t be confident that there might not be a mishap in the process.

At first, he wanted to bring Han Xue away, but the scene was filled with people. It would be troublesome to bring her away. Hence, he could only rely on the spiritual Qi to keep her life away from danger for now.

“You should stop worrying. Don’t you have the reversal pill? Later on, just go there and won’t it be fine?” When she saw Cheng Yu’s complexion was extremely dark, Yang Ruoxue consoled him. Ever since she was acquainted with him, she only saw the side of him talking nonsense and had never seen such an expression before.

“The reversal pill is unable to heal such a serious injury. I am just afraid that those quacks would cause a mishap, and I would no longer be able to save her.”

“Why not just head over there? So as to avoid any mishap from happening in the first place.” When she heard Cheng Yu’s words, Yang Ruoxue suggested.

“No need. They are at the City Hospital. It is on the way back to your house as well. Furthermore, even if I were to head there now, they would have already started treating her in the emergency operation room. They would need at least two hours before finishing the operation.”

After sending Yang Ruoxue home, Cheng Yu sent Zhao Yunfang and Keke back as well. After that, he drove his Lamborghini to the city hospital. On the way there, he sped past innumerable red lights.

Although he didn’t have a close friendship with Han Xue and she had never respected him, Cheng Yu was never bothered by such things. Cheng Yu had always been a self-centered person. No matter what the other person thought of him, if he felt that he liked the girl, he would definitely exhaust all his means to protect them. This is also what a man was supposed to do.

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When he arrived at the hospital’s parking, he gave Peng Dahai a call and asked where he was at as Cheng Yu went to the hospital alone.

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