Chapter 57: I Can Save Her!

When he arrived on the third floor where the emergency operating room was, there were three people sitting outside. One of them was Peng Dahai, while the other two were a couple. They were most likely Han Xue’s parents.

At that moment, the middle-aged woman started crying and throwing a tantrum at the middle-aged man, ”Sob, I told you before, not to let her go and become a policewoman. See! Now she had an accident. If our daughter were to die because of this, I don’t want to continue living anymore. Sob! Sob! Sob!”

“Alright. Stop crying. Now isn’t the time to talk about such things. We should wait for the doctor to come out of the operating room first!” The man said helplessly.

“Chief Peng,” Cheng Yu went forward and greeted Peng Dahai.

“Oh! It’s Young Master Yu. You have arrived so quickly. Come over. Let me introduce you. This is Han Xue’s father, Han Liwen. He’s the City Organization department’s vice chairman, and also one of the municipal committee members. Beside him is Han Xue’s mother, Hu Qiman. As for this young man here, he’s Mayor Zhao’s nephew, Cheng Yu, and he’s Han Xue’s friend.” When Peng Dahai saw Cheng Yu arrive, he introduced them to each other.

“Hi, Uncle and Auntie. Both of you should stop worrying. Han Xue will be fine.”

“Hello. Thank you, Mr. Cheng,” Han Liwen said.

“Uncle and Auntie can just call me Xiao Yu. Calling me Cheng Yu makes it seem as if I’m an outsider. How long has Han Xue been in there? When will she be out?”

“Thank you Xiao Yu for coming over to visit Xiao Xue at this time. She has been in there for more than 40 minutes. We don’t know how much longer it will take.” Hu Qiman sobbed while her face was filled with sadness.

“You are welcome, Auntie. I am Han Xue’s friend. Coming to visit her is something that I should do. Auntie should stop feeling sad. We should wait for the news from the doctor. Han Xue will definitely be fine.”


The four of them sat down on two benches and no longer talked. The only sound that was heard was Hu Qiman’s sobbing.

5 minutes later, a doctor and nurse came out of the operation room.

The doctor’s forehead was full of sweat while he removed his surgical mask. He looked at the four of them with a grim expression, ”Who’s the patient’s family?”

“I am, I am,” Hu Qiman said hurriedly.

“The patient is in a critical state right now. The bullet pierced too deeply into the body and has entered her heart. It was stuck between the heart and the aorta. This caused a huge amount of blood loss. The patient’s condition right now is very unstable. Her heart has also started to show signs of failure. The risk for the operation is very high and I need your consent before I can proceed with the operation.”

“What do you mean doctor? Are you telling me that my daughter will die? Doctor, I beg you, you definitely have to save my daughter!” Hu Qiman started to sob again.

“We can only try our best and request that you guys prepare for the worst outcome. Frankly speaking, in such circumstances, for the patient to have lasted until now is already a miracle. Normally, if there is any patient who faced such a situation, they would have already died on the way here.” Regarding this patient, the doctor also felt very strange. Even though the bullet had already pierced the aorta, the blood didn’t gush out like it was supposed to. Although the patient had lost a huge amount of blood, it was very obvious that it was not according to the scientific theories. He truly could not understand how such a thing could possibly happen.

“Doctor, what is the chance of success with this operation?” Han Liwen asked nervously.

“Judging from the current situation, the chances of the patient surviving are around 10%. Because of the huge amount of blood loss, the patient has already entered shock.”

“What?! Only 10%? Doesn’t this mean that she’s likely to die? No way! Doctor, I beg you. I don’t care what method you use, you must save my daughter. As long as you are able to save my daughter, I can pay you any amount!” When they heard what the doctor said, all of them were shocked. With a 10% probability, wouldn’t that mean death? Hu Qiman grabbed the doctor as she wept and wailed loudly.

“Please calm down. We have no other choice. The chances of a mishap happening in such circumstances are very high. We are also facing a huge amount of pressure. If we don’t carry on with the operation, the patient would at most last for another 20 minutes. We can only risk it now. Therefore, I hope all of you will be able to understand. If you are able to accept the risk, then please go and sign the consent form for us to carry out the operation. The patient’s situation is not optimistic. Every second counts.”

“Alright. I get what you mean. What you are trying to say is that it isn’t within your ability to save her, right?” At this moment, Cheng Yu accused the doctor.

“Mister, not with the patient’s situation. We are not gods. There are still a lot of patients that we are not able to save.”

“Alright. Since you already know the situation and every second is very important, you still ran out and continued to talk nonsense. Then, do you know that the supposed 50% would drop to 20% because of what you did? Do you think you can be responsible for it?”

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“Mister, please mind your words. The way I am behaving is according to the regulations of the hospital. We need to inform the patient’s family of such situations, otherwise, we will not be able to proceed with the operation.

“Alright. Take it as you were right. I shall ask you right now, will you be able to save her? What I am asking for is a 100% success rate, not if you are confident in saving her,” Cheng Yu looked at the doctor as he commented. If Cheng Yu wished to save Han Xue, he had to let her parents know that the hospital could no longer save her.

“That is impossible. In such a situation, for her to continue living is a miracle. Even if it was Hua Tuo[1], he doesn’t have such an ability. It’s impossible for me to give you a 100% success rate operation. She doesn’t have much time left. Please decide whether or not we should do the operation.”

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“Sob. Old Han, what should we do now? Our…our daughter…sob.” At this moment, Hu Qiman also believed that her daughter had been sentenced to death. She laid on Han Liwen’s body and started to weep.

“Uncle, Auntie, I have a method that can definitely save Han Xue. I hope you guys would allow me to do so.”

“You?” When she heard Cheng Yu’s words, she raised her head and looked at him with doubt. The others also looked at him in shock as they had no idea why he would say such words.

“You? Who are you? Are you a doctor? Are you a certified doctor? Do you know the situation the patient is in right now? Do you know what would happen if you continue being like this? Will you be able to handle the responsibility?” The doctor snorted.

“Ha! You act as if you know everything. Why not go ahead and save my friend then? If you don’t have the ability, then shut up! Uncle, Auntie, I am being very serious. I can really save Han Xue. I hope you can believe me.”

“What happened? Chief Peng, Minister Han why are you here? Who had an accident?” This time a 60-year-old man walked over.

“Dean Ji, my daughter was shot. Her situation isn’t very optimistic,” When he saw Dean Ji Wenbo come over, Han Liwen said.

“Oh? Xiao Zhang, what’s the patient’s condition right now?” Dean Ji looked at the doctor and asked.

After that, the doctor Zhang went over the whole scenario with the Dean before pointing at Cheng Yu, ”This man said that he has 100% chance of saving her and asked us to back off.”

“Oh? Little Brother, are you 100% sure that you will be able to save the patient?” Dean Ji asked.

“Yes. Since you guys aren’t confident in saving my friend, I won’t let her take this risk and let the doctors handle it. Uncle, Auntie, let me go inside and save her. We have already been held up for a long time. We can’t delay any longer,” Cheng Yu started off impolitely before telling the couple.

They hesitated. The mayor’s nephew looked like he was not even 20 and they didn’t know him previously. When he said that he was 100% sure that he would be able to save Han Xue, no one would ever believe him. Even though the doctor only had a 10% chance of saving her, he was still a certified doctor.

The couple didn’t know what to do as they looked at Dean Ji and hoped for his suggestion.

“Frankly speaking, for this kind of operation, I wouldn’t say our Yunhai City hospital, or even in the whole world, would have a 100% chance of rescuing the patient. However, Little Brother, how can you prove that you will be able to save the patient?” Ji Wenbo questioned.

[1] – Ed Note – Hua Tuo was a famous physician in Ancient China.
[2] – Ed Note – Noticed this chapter was shorter than the usual. The author will make this up later on.

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