Chapter 58: Treatment

“Doctor Zhang! Doctor Zhang! The patient’s aorta burst! She won’t be able to hold on much longer!” A nurse ran out from the emergency operating room as she told the doctor.

“What?!” When he heard what the nurse said, Doctor Zhang was shocked. He didn’t expect the worst case scenario to occur so quickly. He started heading back to the emergency operating room.

“I don’t have the time to continue talking with you people. In any case, I will be the one saving Han Xue,” Cheng Yu went forward and shoved the doctor aside. He ignored everyone as he went into the emergency operating room. He felt the spiritual Qi he had left in Han Xue’s body had disappeared. Without the spiritual Qi protecting Han Xue, she would lose a large amount of blood very quickly, which would cause her death. Therefore, Cheng Yu had to save her.

When Cheng Yu entered the emergency operating room, he kicked the other doctor and two nurses out immediately. “Bang!” The door was shut solidly as he used his spiritual Qi to prevent anyone from coming in. He also used his spiritual Qi to destroy the surveillance camera in the operating room.

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He hurried to the operating table. He saw the wound on her chest was overflowing with blood. Her complexion was as pale as paper with a hint of feeble vitality. Cheng Yu poured out a Reversal Pill and stuffed it into her mouth. He used his spiritual Qi to dissipate the pill through her body, which would enable her to absorb the pill’s medical efficacies faster, increasing the chances of her survival.

After doing so, Cheng Yu started to project out a large volume of spiritual Qi. Immediately, Cheng Yu’s body emitted a bright spiritual light, wrapping around both of them. It caused the operating room to be covered with bright light.

Cheng Yu stretched out both his hands. The spiritual light that was covering Cheng Yu started to slowly be absorbed into Han Xue’s body causing her body to emit a faint spiritual light. Slowly, she floated up from the operating table.

The higher Han Xue floated, the greater the spiritual light that emitted from her body. After floating to a meter above the operating table, she no longer ascended and the spiritual light also became very dense. At this moment, Cheng Yu no longer projected any more spiritual Qi. He joined his hands together as he recited a spiritual incantation. The spiritual light on Han Xue’s body started to flicker due to the incantation.

“Ping!” The bullet inside Han Xue’s body flew out as it hit the ceiling lights and pierced through the cement ceiling. The aorta, which burst because of the bullet, had started to slowly heal up.

It was a complete mess outside the operating room. A group of people surrounded the exit of the operating room and they were exerting all of their strength to push open the door, but still weren’t able to open it.

“Sob! Sob! Old Han, what should we do now? What’s going to happen to our daughter?! If Xiao Wue dies, I don’t wish to continue living. I want you all to pay if my daughter dies! It’s all because of your delays! Sob! Sob!” When Cheng Yu dashed in just now and kicked the doctor out, this was beyond their expectations. Han Xue’s life was in danger, and with him causing such a disturbance, the chances of her daughter surviving became almost zero.

“Old Peng, is he really Mayor Zhao’s nephew? What should we do now? Should we give Mayor Zhao a call?” Facing such situation, Han Liwen had no idea what to do.

“Yes, yes, yes. I will call the mayor now,” Peng Dahai was frightened to death. This Young Master Yu was truly not afraid of troubles. The doctor already said that he wouldn’t be able to save her, yet why did you still go and bother doing something so stupid? Didn’t you just become the scapegoat for the hospital instead? He quickly went to the side and called the mayor.

Ji Wenbo didn’t expect the situation to become like this. Now, no matter who’s fault it is, the hospital would definitely have to take the blame for it. He frowned when he saw the door didn’t have the slightest sign of opening after pushing for so long, and he asked the group of people to pull back.

“Let’s go to the surveillance room. Over there, we will be able to see what the situation inside is.” Ji Wenbo walked towards the surveillance room and the group of people also followed behind him.

When they entered the surveillance room, he told the workers there, ”Open up the surveillance for emergency operating room one.”

“Ok, Dean.” When they saw the dean had brought a group of people in, the worker who was leaning on the wall and sipping his tea was shocked. He thought that they were here for inspection. When he heard what the dean said, he was relieved as he quickly went to open the surveillance of the operating room.

“Dean, the emergency operating room one camera is not working. Most likely, it’s broken,” The worker broke out in cold sweat. It could have broken at any other time, but why did it have to be now? This was an opportunity for him to redeem himself, yet this happened. Wasn’t this his fault once again?

“Dean Ji, what’s going on with your hospital? The emergency operating room is such an important place. Why didn’t you fix the surveillance camera?” When Hu Qiman heard what the worker said, her complexion turned ashen as she started to show her temper.

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“Madam Han, don’t be so anxious first. This is indeed a lapse in our work. What’s going on? Why isn’t the camera fixed when it’s clearly broken?” Ji Wenbo consoled Hu Qiman first before scolding the worker.

“Dean, I don’t know as well. Every morning when we swap shifts, we would check every single camera to see if it was working. In the morning, all of them were working fine. I don’t know when the camera stopped working,” The worker scowled miserably as he explained. When bad things came, they would all come at once.

“I think you are just shirking your responsibility. If it was working fine in the morning, why would it break suddenly? This is the failure of carrying out one’s duty! Dean, I think you should sack this person, he’s so irresponsible in his job,” Hu Qiman didn’t care about anything else. She didn’t even know if her daughter was dead or alive right now. Since she was able to seize someone to blame, she decided to throw her fury at them.

“Dean, please don’t! I verified all of them in the morning. At that time, it was working fine. I will go and check it right now,” The worker pleaded. This job was quite relaxing and had good benefits. How could he possibly get accused wrongly and get sacked for that.

“Nonsense! If we can go in, why would we even come here to find you?!” Hu Qiman scolded.

“Madam Han, this matter can’t be verified at all. I know that you are feeling very angry right now, but didn’t the little fellow say that he would be able to save Han Xue? I can tell that he truly cares for Han Xue. He wouldn’t joke on such matters. Madam, you should calm down first.” Ji Wenbo commented as he looked at the weeping Hu Qiman.

“Dean, if my daughter dies, I will definitely sue this doctor. It’s all because of him procrastinating and not proceeding with the operation. Otherwise, my daughter would definitely be fine,” Hu Qiman was filled with sorrow as she pointed at Doctor Zhang.

“Dean, I am just following the hospital’s regulations!” When he heard Hu Qiman’s words, Doctor Zhang was frightened as his complexion turned pale. He quickly explained to Ji Wenbo.

“Madam Han, regarding this matter, I will definitely investigate it thoroughly. If it is indeed our hospital’s fault, we will definitely shoulder the responsibility.”

“Shoulder the responsibility? If my daughter is gone, you think that shouldering the responsibility would be able to bring my daughter back to life? I want him to pay with his life for his mistake!” Hu Qiman said in frustration.

When they saw Hu Qiman’s frustration, no one dared to say anything. Only Doctor Zhang who was standing at one side was scared sh*tless. His forehead was filled with sweat. This concerned someone’s life! Besides, he was a surgeon. If they were to push the blame on him, his career, which was admired by many, would end.

At this very moment, Doctor Zhang actually wished that the little fellow would be able to save the patient. However, when he thought about it, he felt like he was delirious as he shook his head. How could that be possible? He had been a surgeon for more than 20 years and the patient’s condition was beyond a human’s means to save her. Unless there was a deity descending.

The other person was just a kid. If he was able to save this kind of patient, why would there be a need for doctors anymore?

Without any other options, they all went back to the operating room. When they looked at the door that was still closed, they had no idea what the situation was inside, and they had different opinions about what was happening. There was anxiety, worry, sorrow, expectation, fear, curiosity and suspicion. At this moment, inside the operating room, Cheng Yu’s head was filled with sweat. The current situation seemed rather optimistic as Han Xue’s wound was slowly recovering. However, the prior situation was really too terrible!

Because the bullet was stuck in between the heart and the aorta, the most crucial and frail junction, once it received a bit of damage, it could easily cause heart failure.

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