Chapter 59: Miracle?! It Isn’t Scientific

The bullet had definitely injured her heart. When Cheng Yu went into the operation room, Han Xue was on the brink of death. After feeding her a Reversal Pill, her chances of survival increased.

Currently, Cheng Yu had projected out a large amount of spiritual Qi to heal Han Xue’s wound. Although it isn’t a problem right now, the worst part was her recovery. Because of the heart failure and blood loss, the spiritual Qi needed to bring her back from the brink of death was a huge amount.

Even though Cheng Yu had a very large amount of spiritual Qi, to heal up the body of a human, the consumption of spiritual Qi is just too high. As his hands were used for the incantation, he couldn’t take out a Qi recovery pill to recover his spiritual Qi, causing his complexion to be extremely pale.

At this moment, Han Xue, who was hovering above the operation table, still had the spiritual light flickering on her body. The wound, which was bleeding profusely earlier, had stopped bleeding.

This continued on for 30 minutes before Cheng Yu’s legs also started to tremble. His forehead broke out in cold sweat and his complexion was like Han Xue’s, as pale as paper.

Cheng Yu clenched his teeth as he continued with the last verse of the incantation. The spiritual light started to slowly fade as her body descended back to the operation table. When she returned back to the operation table, the light completely vanished.

“Pa!” Cheng Yu fell to the ground as he could no longer hold on. Both his hands were shaking while he took out a Qi recovery pill and quickly swallowed it.

Half an hour later, Cheng Yu finally restored a portal of his strength. He supported himself with the operation table and checked Han Xue’s condition again. When he realized that there was no longer any dangers, he slowly walked out of the operation room.

Everyone outside was waiting impatiently. When they saw Cheng Yu open up the operation room, all of them rushed in and surrounded him.

“How is it? How’s Han Xue?” Hu Qiman grabbed onto Cheng Yu’s arm and asked impatiently.

“It’s done. Ask them to clean up the blood clots in her body and stitch the wound up. She should be fine by then,” Cheng Yu said weakly.

When they heard his words, the doctors rushed into the operation room. Han Liwen and his wife wanted to go in as well, but they were blocked outside.

“Madam Han, you should wait here first. Let them go inside and handle it. If you were to go in like this, you could easily cause the patient to be infected by pathogens,” Ji Wenbo went up and told Hu Qiman.

“Xiao Yu, are you alright?” Zhao Minglong had reached the hospital 20 minutes ago. He also understood what was going. Although he knew that Cheng Yu had gotten more and more mysterious as the days went by, such an incident would really cause him to worry. Only after he saw Cheng Yu had resolved the problem, he heaved a sigh of relief. At least he didn’t stir up any troubles. When he saw Cheng Yu’s complexion was very pale and no longer had rosiness in it, he was worried.

“I’m fine. I need a room to rest for a while,” Cheng Yu spoke with an exhausted expression.

“Mayor Zhao, I will help you arrange it,” When Ji Wenbo saw Cheng Yu’s condition, he went forward and said.

Outside of the emergency room, only the Han couple and Peng Dahai were left. Although they had heard from Cheng Yu that Han Xue was fine, they still felt extremely anxious. Especially the Han couple.

“Old Han, do you think that Xiao Xue is really all right?” Hu Qiman asked Han Liwen nervously.

“She should be fine,” Han Liwen replied slowly. After all, he didn’t manage to see anything, therefore, he wasn’t that confident in his reply.

“If Xiao Xue is really able to pass through this, we should really thank Xiao Yu,” Hu Qiman said after giving it a thought.

“En. Of course.”

After they got a room for Cheng Yu to rest in, Ji Wenbo and Zhao Minglong went back to the emergency operation room one.

Doctor Zhang, who had gone into the operation room, was shocked by what he had witnessed. When he was clearing the blood clots in the patient’s body, he realized that the bullet that was supposed to be inside her body had actually gone missing. And her wound seemed as if it didn’t even exist.

“Xiao Ling, bring the apparatus,” Doctor Zhang told the nurse when he witnessed the situation.

“Ah! Doctor Zhang, look above us!” The other nurse shouted when she looked at the ceiling after she saw the floor was filled with broken glass.

They raised their heads and looked at the ceiling. Everyone was shocked. The bullet was actually embedded in the ceiling. What the h*ll was going on?!

“Doctor Zhang, the apparatus is ready. The patient’s condition is stable. The heartbeat is also normal. It’s just that her blood pressure is a bit too low, but it’s still within the acceptable range,” The nurse said astonishingly.

Doctor Zhang ran over and looked. He was shocked to the point of being speechless. What the h*ll was going on?! It was a patient that was supposed to be on the death bed! How could she possibly lay here as if like nothing had ever happened? If it wasn’t because of the operation wound he had opened up just now, he would have thought that everything he had seen here earlier was a dream.

When he went out of the operation room earlier, the patient’s life was already on the brink of death. Now, not only was her heartbeat normal, her blood pressure was still in a healthy range even though it was a bit too low! Didn’t she just lose a huge amount of blood?!

Is this really a god descending to earth?! Miracle! Is this even scientific?! Can someone prove that this was all according to science?! Could it be that after all these years being a doctor, I am actually still a frog in the well?

However, after thinking, he didn’t know how Cheng Yu did it, but at least the patient was fine now and her mother would no longer find anymore trouble with him.

After that, he spent the time snitching the patient’s wound. About 20 minutes later, a few of the nurses pushed the patient out of the emergency room while everyone quickly surrounded them.

“How is it? How is it? Doctor, is my daughter alright?” Hu Qiman asked anxiously. For the past few hours, she had been very agitated and anxious. She was worried that her daughter would pass away in the midst of her operation.

“She is fine. She will just need bed rest for a couple of days. She will most likely wake up tomorrow,“ Doctor Zhang took off his mask as he spoke.

Inside the ward, a group of people was staring at the sleeping Han Xue. They felt extremely happy for her to be able to pass through such a crucial surgery. However, what caused all of them to be shocked was that the boy who looked like he’s so young was actually able to save a patient who the doctor had already deemed as a dead person. What’s more mysterious than this?

“Mayor Zhao, can you do me a favor?” Ji Wenbo asked Zhao Minglong after walking out of the ward.

“Oh? What kind of favor does the Dean need from me?” Zhao Minglong looked at Ji Wenbo puzzled.

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“Haha, it’s like this, your nephew’s medical skills are really above the heavens. I hope that Mayor Zhao can allow your nephew to become a guest doctor in our hospital and his position would be at the director level.”

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“I don’t think that’s a good idea. Xiao Yu is still a child, and is still studying in high school. At such a young age, giving him such a honorable position is not that beneficial for his growth,” Zhao Minglong was looking out for Cheng Yu’s future.

“Mayor Zhao, you shouldn’t look at it that way. Normally, most people would be affected by it, but talented people like your nephew will not. With just the ability he displayed today, I don’t think I will be able to find another person that can do what he just did. Furthermore, being a guest doctor doesn’t mean that he would need to report to work every day. He can still continue going to school. We just hope that if the hospital were to face any operations that our doctor isn’t able to handle, he would be able to come over and provide some help. We will also give him a salary for that.”

“There’s no use telling me that. You will have to talk to him about it. Although I am his uncle, I don’t decide for him regarding this kind of stuff.”

“Mayor Zhao, no matter what, you are still his uncle. I believe that if you were to speak for us, the chances of him agreeing would be higher. Furthermore, this is a fortunate thing for the citizens. With such amazing medical skills, I believe he is also a kind hearted person. If Mayor Zhao were to speak up for us, he will definitely agree.”

“Alright, I will mention it to him. But he doesn’t usually listen to my advice. Therefore, I can’t guarantee if he will agree to help you guys.”

Cheng Yu didn’t go home. He had told Ji Wenbo previously that no one was to disturb him when he was resting in the room and they would not need to deliver any meals. Just wait for him to leave the room by himself when he was ready.

It wasn’t until the next day when Cheng Yu woke up from his meditation. He realized that his cultivation had risen and felt very happy about it. For the past few days, he had been using his spiritual Qi very frequently. Furthermore, twice was actually an over consumption of his Qi. The other time was helping Keke to remove her curse. This led to his recent rise in cultivation.

As a cultivator, if he were to cultivate just because he was a cultivator, and not use the spiritual Qi in his body, this would cause a stagnation in his cultivation.

This was the same as when a person is trying to become an author. If he were to read books every day, but not to write a story himself, he would never be able to produce a good story.

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