Chapter 60: Lift Up Your Shirt

Even if Cheng Yu had all the knowledge about writing or was very confident when he was discussing with other authors, he would realize that he wouldn’t even be able to start the introduction once he started trying to write a book. There’s this saying, ”action speaks louder than words.”

This was the same for cultivation. If he were to cultivate and not train his battle instinct as well, without the use of the spiritual Qi, there would be a point where his cultivation progress would stagnate, destroying his future.

Cheng Yu left the room and found a nurse as he asked where Han Xue’s ward was before walking towards her room.

When he entered her room, Han Xue had already woken up. Furthermore, her mother was there as well and was feeding her. When Hu Qiman saw Cheng Yu arrive, her face was filled with happiness. If it wasn’t because of his defiant attitude yesterday and how he kicked all the doctors out of the operation room, her daughter would most likely not be around anymore.

“Xiao Yu, you came. I heard that you didn’t go home yesterday. Auntie made something for you to eat. Come over and eat.”

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“Haha. Thank you, Auntie. I didn’t manage to eat anything yesterday night, I have become hungry after I heard what Auntie said.” Actually, after reaching the Foundation Establishment Realm, even if he were to starve for a month, it wouldn’t be a problem. Eating had become a habit for Cheng Yu. The moment he sees someone else having a meal, he would also become hungry.

“Come, come. This is a chicken broth that I specially prepared for both of you. As you didn’t have a meal after such a long time, drink a bowl of soup first to act as an appetizer before eating the rest,” Hu Qiman poured a bowl of soup affectionately for Cheng Yu.

“Thank you, Auntie! Mmm! The chicken broth is so delicious!” Cheng Yu praised her cooking as he gulped down the bowl of soup.

“Haha! It’s good that you enjoyed it. When you are free in the future, ask Xiao Xue to bring you over to our house, I will prepare some soup for you!” Hu Qiman said happily.

“En! I will. How are you feeling now, Han Xue?” Cheng Yu looked at Han Xue who was sitting on her bed.

“I should be fine. It’s just that the stitches on my chest makes me feel very uncomfortable. I am really grateful for what you did yesterday. My mother told me that if it wasn’t because of you yesterday, I would have definitely died. I didn’t expect you to actually have such high skills in medicine,” The moment she woke up, her mother told her that she was saved by Cheng Yu. She was shocked. This little fellow actually knew about medicine? Furthermore, it seemed to be very formidable as well that even the whole hospital had to give up on her situation, but he was actually able to save her. This was truly too shocking.

“Haha! You are so beautiful, I can’t bear to let you die yet. As long as I am around, no one will be able to take your life away,” Cheng Yu looked at Han Xue and laughed.

When Hu Qiman who was scooping up rice for Cheng Yu heard what he said, her smile got even larger.

“Che! Talking nonsense again. Even if your medical skills are so formidable, can it help me achieve immortality and stay young forever?” When she saw the affectionate smile on Cheng Yu’s face, she felt touched.

“Hehe! You are absolutely correct! Although I am unable to help you achieve immortality right now, I am still be able to help you look young forever,” Cheng Yu said.

When Hu Qiman heard Cheng Yu’s words, her hand trembled as she asked because she was shocked, ”Xiao Yu, are your medical skills so powerful?” Even after she had witnessed his formidable medical skills, she still felt that keeping beauty forever was quite impossible to accomplish and felt curious if he had the capability to do so.

“Of course! I have some pills here. Auntie can have them. Although it wouldn’t be able to help you have an everlasting youth, it is quite suitable for you right now,” Cheng Yu took out two bottle of pills.

“This is a Rejuvenation Pill. It will allow women who consume them to turn back their appearance by 10 years. If Auntie was to consume it now, you would return back to your 30’s appearance. Although Auntie maintained your face very well, you have used too many chemicals. Once you stop using them, your skin will start to get worse and will easily age. By then, even my pills wouldn’t have any more effect,” Cheng Yu explained to her and placed the pill bottle into her hand.

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Hu Qiman looked at the pill bottle in her hand. It was so fragrant. She replied excitedly, ”Xiao Yu, will this pill allow me to look 10 years younger?!”

“En! However, it would be best if Auntie was to consume it during the night so that the moment you wake up the next day, you would be able to see the result immediately. In addition, here is an Eternal Youth Pill. This pill works the same as the pill I just gave you. Once you have eaten this, you will return back to your 30s appearance. It’s just that you will age 10 times slower and the effect will last for 30 years. By the time Auntie reaches 40, you will have your current appearance,” Cheng Yu took out an Eternal Youth Pill from his pocket.

After she heard what Cheng Yu said, Han Xue and her mother were speechless. This was really too mysterious. If they didn’t witness the miracle Cheng Yu had created yesterday, they would really think that he’s a lunatic.

“Wait, Xiao Yu, why does the pill name sound so familiar? I think I heard it before,” As she recalled what Cheng Yu said, Hu Qiman asked doubtfully.

“Haha! You must have heard it while watching tv. Actually, my friend and I already started selling pills on the market. However, those pills were modified, and they can’t be compared to those I just gave you. Those pills on the market need to be consumed every single day. Furthermore, the results are not as obvious as the one you received,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“You are really a profiteer! No wonder you are able to afford such an expensive car,” She looked at Cheng Yu and said with disdained.

“You shouldn’t put it that way. My pills are 100% natural and are beneficial to the country and the citizens. Those beauty products you used to use are rubbish compared to my pills. Although they earned your money and helped you ladies to turn prettier, it was actually harming you. My pills are different. Even if it’s compared to the whole beauty market, it’s like heaven and earth. Most importantly, those who consume my pills will realize that their health is getting better. That’s why you shouldn’t say I am a profiteer!” Although it’s just a beauty product, it’s still an immortal pill. Even if it was diluted, its effect are still there. It’s just that they would need to consume it more frequently.

“Xiao Xue, Xiao Yu is right. If this pill’s effect is like what Xiao Yu described, even if we were to spend a lot of money to purchase it, it would still be worth it. Furthermore, I watched the advertisement on tv. Although it’s more expensive than normal beauty products, it’s still within everyone’s purchasing power. If it was me, I would definitely sell it at a higher price,” Hu Qiman held onto the pills tightly and said.

“Mum! How can you help him and not me! You actually sold your daughter just because of these two pills!” Han Xue looked at Cheng Yu who was having his meal at the side as she clenched her teeth and said unhappily.

“Don’t look down on these two pills. You may not even be able to buy it for thousands of dollars. Of course I should be grateful to Xiao Yu. Not only did he save my daughter, he still gifted me such precious pills,” Hu Qiman looked at Cheng Yu eating and said happily.

“Hehe! Auntie is too courteous. If you really wish to repay me, please allow Xiao Xue to become my girlfriend since I am still single right now,” When he heard what Hu Qiman had said, Cheng Yu smirked.

“Pei! Who wants to be your girlfriend? How old are you?! Every single day, only thinking about how to get yourself a girlfriend,” Han Xue’s face reddened as she disdainfully replied. This fellow was too shameless. He actually dared to say such things in front of her mother.

“So what? In front of love, who cares about age when even people with the same gender can fall in love with each other? With me around, even if I reached 30 years old, your appearance will still look the same. Who cares if people thinks we match or not. No matter the age difference, it’s never a problem. Don’t you agree, Auntie?”

“En. Xiao Yu is right. I think that Xiao Yu is not bad. Not only does he have formidable medical skills, but he also dotes on you. If he were to become my son-in-law, I would definitely be elated about it. However, I can’t possibly decide for Xiao Xue. Xiao Yu, you must work hard and pursue her!”

“Hehe! With Auntie’s approval, even if it was an imperial decree, I would still continue to pursue Xiao Xue no matter what.”

“The both of you! Aiyo!” Just as Han Xue was about to rebut them, she felt pain coming out of her wound.

“What’s wrong?!” Hu Qiman shouted hurriedly when she saw her daughter screaming out in pain.

“My chest hurts!” Han Xue clenched her teeth and said.

“Xiao Yu, can you help Xiao Xue to relieve the pain?”

“En! This pain should be from the sutures on her chest. The doctor may have not handled it well, causing an infection to happen. Lift up your shirt and let me have a look.”

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