Chapter 67: A Lotus Exposing Its Thorns

After giving the orders to the guard, he turned and looked at the little face of Ye Jian who was still standing a few steps above him. With an apologetic nod, he kept his piercing gaze and left hurriedly.

In Chunyang Hotel, Liao Youde was seen on a poker table using a pair of scissors to cut the bloodied clothes. His expression changed immediately. “Quickly, go find a doctor from the hospital! If this goes on, it’ll be bad!”

It was a black gunshot hole, and the flesh around it was smeared with blood. He watched as a stream of blood steadily flowed out from the wound that was as large as a child’s thumb.

A man walked into the room with a steaming hot stainless steel pot. “Kacha!” The door behind was locked, and he spoke to Liao Youde whose face was now pale, “Brother De, it’s all up to you now!”

The boiling water in the stainless steel pot was used to sterilize the scissors and the forceps. Another man poured out a roll of hemostatic gauze, bandages, anti-inflammatory drugs, and anesthetic needles from a bag.

Once Liao Youde heard that, his face turned even paler than before, and he panicked, “That won’t do, that won’t do. I’m afraid Brother Fei is too gravely wounded. The unskilled me wouldn’t be any help! It’ll definitely worsen Brother Fei’s injury!”

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Turning to face the man whose face was now as pale as a blank piece of paper after losing too much blood, he whispered hurriedly, “Brother Fei, I definitely can’t do it! I’ll go find Doctor Zhou from the hospital! She has handled gunshot wounds before!”

Although the face of the man who was referred to as Brother Fei was pale, his expression was fierce nevertheless.

After hearing so, his eyes darkened, but he gestured to those around him with his eyes before nodding gently in agreement.

The town with little to no activity at night was already enveloped by darkness. Those who had gone to bed early already had their lights turned off, leaving only the dim lit street lights to light the roads.

Arriving at the hospital, Ye Jian went to see her escort off before heading towards a doctor’s office.

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Not too long after she had walked to the flight of stairs did she hear Lao Jian’s father, Liao Youde, urging anxiously, “Doctor Zhou, quickly, please. After drinking so much, he became drunk and started climbing a tree. Who would have expected that he would fall and be stabbed by a branch in the waist? Aiai, what have I gotten myself into.”

Ye Jian scoured her surroundings. With no one around, she quietly retreated.

When Liao Youde brought Doctor Zhou into a dark street, Ye Jian chased after them from behind. Using An Jiaxin’s voice, she shouted, “Mum, where are you going so late at night? I’ll accompany you.”

Hearing it all of a sudden, it would really make others think it was An Jiaxin who spoke.

Ye Jian bumped heavily into Liao Youde from behind, and something seemed to have fallen into her hands before she went to hug Doctor Zhou’s arm.

“My child, shouldn’t you be resting at home?” Being in a hurry, Doctor Zhou seemingly did not notice. Plus, since An Jiaxin had indeed come from the direction of their home, she did not give much thought about it.

Liao Youde turned his head and laughed. “Jiaxin still hasn’t slept this late at night, while my Liao Jian is still studying his math at this time. Uncle knows you’re good at math, so why don’t you teach Liao Jian?”

“Sure, no problem.” The reason she chased after them now was that she was worried for Auntie Zhou, and so, Ye Jian naturally agreed.

Doctor Zhou wanted to say a few more words, but she was pulled on the arm by “her daughter,” and at that moment, she felt that something seemed amiss.

“Auntie, I’m Jiaxin’s classmate, Ye Jian.” Ye Jian could clearly feel her body stiffen, so she quickly urged her to move a little before whispering softly, “Something’s happened. Just treat me like Jiaxin.”

There was no way to explain the situation clearly. With the man behind chasing closely after them, Ye Jian had only enough time to say those few words before closing her mouth.

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