Chapter 66: An Accidental Hug

When he left, his back was slender like a bamboo. His posture was relaxed as he paced steadily with an unparalleled elegance. That figure was Xia Jinyuan, an elegant yet also dangerous soldier.

The girl’s lips pursed slightly, and she stood up to chase after him.

“Captain Xia, I promised to go to my friend’s house tonight.” Rushing out, Ye Jian saw the figure disappear at a corner and down the stairs. She raised her voice, “I’m going out now. My friend must be waiting for me in her house right now.”

The footsteps did not stop, and Ye Jian could only chase after him down the stairs.

She must leave tonight. An Jiaxin’s mother was a doctor! If the wounded target needed immediate medical attention, then An Jiaxin’s mother, Auntie Zhou, was the one to call for!

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If he were to instruct the guards on duty to not let her leave, then there would surely be no way for her to do so.

Now the question lay on whether she would be able to reach Auntie Zhou in time or not. It had already been over sixteen minutes since she last saw the target!

Skipping two to three steps as she rushed down the stairs, Ye Jian was extremely quick. From the third storey, she was now already at the first storey. She was fast, but not as fast as Xia Jinyuan. The sound of his footsteps had already disappeared on the first floor.

Her words did not actually fall on deaf ears. Xia Jinyuan had actually heard her clearly and was thus going to arrange for someone to escort her there. To save time, he did not stop in his steps to respond to her.

“Arrange for a soldier to escort Ye Jian to her classmate’s…” Before he could say the word “house,” he heard footsteps from behind, like the sound of heavy raindrops. Her speed was fast, with no fear of tripping!

Before Xia Jinyuan could finish his instructions, his face turned cold, and he turned before taking a step. Now standing right beneath the stairs, he saw a slender figure that was like a migrating swallow rushing straight at him.

The hasty Ye Jian did not think that he would suddenly appear right in front of her. The foot that took the step forward was quick to react, shortening the number of steps she skipped by one. Her right hand went and grabbed the railings firmly.

From her own calculations, she would be able to come to a halt completely without knocking into him.

However, from what Xia Jinyuan saw, the swallow-like her was definitely going to fall.

With both his hands wide open, his feet had already subconsciously gone up the stairs a few steps… Steadily, he was like a mountain as he grabbed Ye Jian tightly into his arms.

For the guard who was walking over, it was altogether another scene that he witnessed… The girl was unwilling to part and came chasing, and the man who felt the same way turned and tightly hugged the girl who was chasing after him.

It was entirely like a romantic scene.

Very quickly, Xia Jinyuan realized that his actions were not needed, and he quickly kept his hands indifferently before smiling at Ye Jian who seemed to have gotten a fright. “Pay a little more attention next time. Your recklessness like just now is prone to make others worry that you might get into an accident.”

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The lass really was thin. Her waist was so thin that he could wrap his arms around her.

Ye Jian coldly gazed at the man who retreated with a step back, and she huffed for not letting her bite him.

Looking at him, she spoke coldly, “I was already standing steadily. It was you who made the wrong judgment.”

In front of this lass, Xia Jinyuan always had this slight feeling that he could not quite speak well.

His thin lips showed a slight smile of helplessness, and he turned. When he looked at the guard, his expression turned cold again, as if him smiling just then had never happened.

The guard had a subtle expression on his face, and Xia Jinyuan ordered him coldly, “What are you daydreaming for! You’ll escort her to her classmate’s house. Be on alert.”

The scene in the guard’s head disappeared and he quickly saluted before replying firmly, “Understood!”

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