Chapter 27- Move Out

It wasn’t only KMega6KMegacharacter that grew a liking to the young dragon4dragonspecies. Many of the soldiers remember her as a child and a infant, so they treated her like a treasured idol. She brought a smile and a warmth to them. This is in fact from KMega’s karma stat. This stat is affected by all the deeds he’s done since he started the game, so it’s naturally quite high.

While training to become a squire, he often contributed to the church, and he also tries to complete as many side quests as he can because he’s a gamer. His likeable personality by the npc’s has also affected this stat. While the war has lowered it some, he’s gained some as well during certain times, and it has grown more as he helped out in the fortress while the noble sons argued on what to do.


The knights that KMega freed were impartial on whatever action they take. Most of the prisoners were lesser knights like Yirk and stood beside KMega. They saw his value of being a knight worthy, but their loyalty to the nobles prevented them from taking action. As for the nobles, there was a differing opinion from each of them so they couldn’t decide on what to do. Some wanted to flee to the union nations and build relations there, while some wanted to use the fortress as a stronghold to marshal and conscript the population around them. Some also wanted to attack the imperial army in the flank or hit their supply lines.

In the end, he ultimately had to give up working with them altogether.


As KMega’s continued to fight with the nobles, the union nations decided to capitalize on their success and hit the opposite flank. With KMega distraction to the south, the union pulled another victory in the north. After spending a week IRL time inside the fortress, KMega had enough of sitting on his hands. He then got on a horse with his little sister and brought Yirk with him as they began to leave. He wasn’t patient enough for politics. The only group he’s ever led before were outlaws who follow the rule of the strong. This meant that he wasn’t really qualified to be the leader of an army or a kingdom, but surely a small force is something he could easily handle.


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Abandoning the army to the nobles, KMega would miss an event quest called ‘restore the throne’ that would have made him the head of the knights of the kingdom of Eastguard when it was restored. Instead, he opted to head for the empire. His sole purpose was to look for the taken prisoners of war and free the Eastguard people that they enslaved.

This act would result in being a more difficult task, but it was a task he was much better suited to because he was once a master bandit.

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When KMega finally logged out, he checked the backlog of his stream posts and his account balance.

It was unexpected that he would abandon the command of the army, so many people were disappointed in his decision. At that point in time, he was the player with the most power in the game. Even with the combined efforts of the largest guild so far, they couldn’t muster more than a few hundred members, most of them crafters or support classes, while none had a fortress base. Even his level was higher than most other rankers, but with his stat penalty that was only being restored by 1 point at a time at random intervals in game everyday, he was still rather weak. Even weaker when he was level fifty and first became a squire. Only the fact that his set of free knight gear, which had long since been repaired, had no equip requirements other than being the owner, led to this being his best gear, even if it’s a lesser gear at level 100.

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