Chapter 28- Time Passes

Six months have passed in game since KMega6KMegacharacter captured Jork fortress.

In that time, events in the game have continued to move forward. The emergence of the prince of Eastguard, the counterattack on the empire’s invasion, the release of the companion system, and the game’s expansion. However, perhaps the biggest thing was the raids on the empire’s slave camps. Hundreds of civilian and the prisoners of war of Eastguard were freed and escaped the empire during that time. These recuses were all done by two lesser Eastguard knights. KMega’s level was also now 136. Over half of his stat penalty has been restored too. To top it off, to compensate for it, his CC skills and skill levels have raised to much higher levels with the guidance of his senior knight.


Yirk was amazed at KMega’s decision at first, then he remembered he never swore loyalty to the crown or the bloodline. He was a commoner knight on top of that.

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Naturally, he assumed he did it for the people of Eastguard, but that wasn’t entirely true.

He was looking for someone.

With what Yirk said about the prisoners being taken from the battlefield, and the fact that the lore didn’t show the name when he was looking over the dead, he was looking for Kieser.


Yirk watched from a distance with Astrid7Astridcharacter as KMega broke into the slave camp once again. This is the prison where the higher ranking nobles and the magicians were taken.

Naturally, it was heavily guarded because of this.

Still, the skill to infiltrate such a place undetected made Yirk wonder about KMega’s past.

“Was he a bandit in a past life?” (Yirk)

He asked a mindless question while he was watching him with his Clairvoyance skill.

“He was!” (Astrid)

It was an unexpected answer from the dragon4dragonspecies girl.

Yirk, like many others, found her attractive and adorable, but he was also weary of her.

Being closer to KMega than the others, it led him to know his student better. In turn, he was able to understand Astrid to a degree. She seemed like a sweet and innocent child, but under that cute exterior, there lived a raging beast just waiting for it’s reigns to be released.

Still, her comment made him curious.

“What do you mean?” (Yirk)

She smiled sweetly at him before responding.

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“Big brother was a master bandit in a previous life. It was the only choice for him then.” (Astrid)

Yirk kept quiet because his AI didn’t know what to do with the content that the other gave him. She then giggled at his confusion.

“I’m a dragon, and he’s my wife. We can naturally see into each other’s past lives to help better understand the other in our current and future lives because of this” (Astrid)

Yirk was even more puzzled now, and the topic was too advanced for him to contemplate.

“So, are you saying that if I didn’t take KMega in then he would have turned into a rogue?” (Yirk)

This time, she was a little puzzled.

“Big brother has never been a bad person. He cares for the people around him and does the right thing whenever he can.” (Astrid)

Yirk couldn’t help but pause and agree.

He also noticed the young man’s personality when he trained him.


KMega was holding the slaver overlord by the neck as he leaned forward. KMega had a manifest of names and prisoner serial numbers in his hand.

He’s never questioned the darker side of games. He’s been a pirate, necromancer, and a bandit. He didn’t hesitate to show a less pleasant face than normal because of this.

“If you want out of here alive, you better talk! Where are the people missing from this list!?” (KMega)

The man spat on KMega and squinted his eyes, but he ended up keeping his composure at the last moment.

“Tell me and there might be a few coins in it for you.” (KMega)

The man paused.

“ How much?” (Slaver Overlord)

KMega then held half a large gold coin in his hands. A full gold coin was worth one hundred normal ones, while one gold coin was worth one hundred silver, or ten thousand copper coins. For a solo player, or a normal npc, it was a fortune.

Even small guilds barely earn that much in a month, but with all the raids he’s been doing, he’s received a lot from the spoils of other rich slavers.

In the end, he was even closer to his goal.

When he finally got the last piece of information he needed to pin down Kieser, a system message appeared.


[The gods are worried about the stability of the region. All battles will cease and all foreign forces will withdraw. A tournament will also be held to determine the victor of the war.]

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