Chapter 62 – Teasing Supervisor Wu

Wei Qiqi was feeling smug on the inside. Looks like whoever she was thinking of had come. Wu Zhongyi came with a soldier. Immediately, Qiqi went forward to receive him. She pretended to be busy with something, shifting to the left and right. This action of hers roused the attention of Wu Zhongyi.

“Royal Concubine, why are you so free? You just got married yesterday, don’t you have to accompany the Duke?”

Qiqi purposefully clenched her fists and drew it back. Her face was in a semi-smiling state as she looked at Wu Zhongyi.

“Duke… he is a busy person. How could I keep bothering him. Oh right, Supervisor Wu, these Xiongnu people are very wealthy!”

“Why do you say so?” Wu Zhongyi stared at Qiqi and asked her. This Wei Qiqi definitely had something that she was keeping from him. Furthermore, Qiqi’s hands were kept behind. There must be some kind of secret there. “Royal Concubine, what are you hiding?”

Qiqi extended her hands and in there were two taels of silver. She then softly spoke to Wu Zhongyi, “In the desert behind the army camp, I discovered that they had left a lot of taels while running away. These people only cared about their lives and not money.”

Wu Zhongyi looked at Wei Qiqi, not sure whether to believe her or not. Who knew whether this ugly woman was speaking the truth. However these silver were real. Each of them were one tael.

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“How could this be?” Wu Zhongyi cunningly smiled.

“How could it not be. When we were burning the Xiongnu campground, these Xiongnu people ran away with their lives. Our soldiers picked up numerous benefits! I discovered these silver from behind the desert! However Third Duke does not allow me to go out and run again. I can no longer go there!”

“Yes, yes!” Wu Zhongyi turned his eyeballs, “You just got married. The Duke is still fresh in his spirits!”

Wei Qiqi felt that Wu Zhongyi was really a despicable person. He was obviously making fun of Liu Zhongtian marrying an ugly woman as his concubine. She would really be letting the heavens down if she didn’t take care of him! Qiqi smiled and kept the silver in her clothes and she pointed at the big tent.

“I will go look for the Duke, otherwise I will be lectured later on!”

Qiqi was just about to leave when Wu Zhongyi stopped her, “You won’t tell the issue of the silver to the Duke?”

“Of course I won’t! The Duke is so strict, he doesn’t allow us to run anyhow!” Qiqi pretended to be scared. She waved her hands at Wu Zhongyi, turned around and left.

Wu Zhongyi looked at Qiqi’s figure and smiled in his heart. This Royal Concubine was not only ugly, but silly as well. Liu Zhongtian was really pitiful.

Wei Qiqi satisfiedly returned to Liu Zhongtian’s tent and discovered that Third Duke was still reading those boring scrolls. Could it be that this person had nothing to do if he wasn’t warring?

Qiqi walked over and put the silver on the desk in front of Liu Zhongtian, “The mission of the silver is fulfilled!”

“What nonsense are you playing again. It is best that you don’t let me catch you. Even if you are the Royal Concubine, you still have to follow the military rules!” Liu Zhongtian kept the silver and spoke sternly.

“I know, I know. From now on I won’t let you spank my buttocks again!”

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“Spank the buttocks?” Liu Zhongtian frowned. In the beginning he was able to give her 20 strokes because he didn’t know that she was a woman. Now that he knew, even if she committed wrong, Liu Zhongtian wouldn’t be able to give her those strokes. Furthermore she was now his concubine. All the more he couldn’t hit her.

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