Chapter 61 – Uncle Liu?

The soldier lowered his head and walked out. Immediately, Wu Zhongyi went forward, exchanged words with the soldier and nodded satisfiedly while laughing loudly. He used an extremely condescending gaze to look at Liu Zhongtian. There was actually bloodstains. This was out of expectations.

“Duke seems to be rather tired. You must be too tired from yesterday and didn’t rest well. I shan’t continue disturbing!”

Wu Zhongyi carefully observed Liu Zhongtian. His heart involuntarily felt some pride. The Liu Zhongtian who was high up in the sky was only so. No matter pretty or ugly, he didn’t reject them. He deserved it for marrying this ugly woman as his wife. This caused Wu Zhongyi’s pent up frustration to disappear.

Liu Zhongtian continued looking at the scroll. His eyes didn’t even lift up, basically disregarding Wu Zhongyi’s existence. Wu Zhongyi was no able to see Liu Zhongtian’s depressed expression and could only leave the big tent.

Liu Zhongtian furiously stood up after Wu Zhongyi left. His Emperor-brother could actually think up such a thing. Today, it was the despicable Wu Zhongyi laughing at him who knows how many relatives in Great Han would be pointing fingers at him in the future.

Wei Qiqi was a mysterious woman who caused him to love and hate her. Maybe this was fate’s arrangement, for him to marry an ugly royal concubine?

Liu Zhongtian was thinking about Wei Qiqi when she suddenly ran into the tent and extended her hands towards him.

“Duke, give me some silver!”


“Yes, I want some!”

“What do you want the silver for?”

“I have use for it!”

Wei Qiqi walked up bashfully towards Liu Zhongtian’s side and grabbed his arms, shaking it while pleading him.

“Duke, spare me some big taels of silver!”

“Big tael of silver?” Liu Zhongtian nearly laughed. What big tael of silver? That is not surprising, afterall, a woman like Qiqi who had never seen the world could probably only see small taels of silver.

Liu Zhongtian couldn’t stand Qiqi pleading him, hence he helplessly took out two taels of silver. He just extended his hands when Qiqi quickly grabbed it and played with it. Liu Zhongtian looked at Wei Qiqi suspiciously. She couldn’t be a materialistic woman right? In the army camp, as Liu Zhongtian’s concubine, she could have whatever she wanted. What would she need silver for?

Wei Qiqi kept the silver and excitedly tiptoed to kiss Liu Zhongtian’s cheeks, “Thank you Uncle Liu!” After speaking, she ran out quickly.

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Liu Zhongtian was somewhat dazed after her kiss. He sat at the desk and used his hands to touch his own face. He started laughing. Thank you Uncle Liu? Was he that old?

Wei Qiqi this woman was really bold and unreserved. She actually dared to kiss him in broad daylight. This caused him to be caught unprepared. However Liu Zhongtian was still happy. Wei Qiqi was really very special and she was so bold that she was cute.

Wei Qiqi took the silver and walked out of the tent. She roamed around the tent, looking for someone. Someone that she hated extremely. If she didn’t take care of this guy, she would find it hard to accept it.

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The soldiers in the camp were still used to calling her General Qi. Qiqi obviously liked this manner of address. As for whatever concubine, it was fine if they didn’t call her that. It sounded extremely off, as if it had nothing to do with her.

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