Chapter 60 – Supervisor Wu checks the bloodstains

Liu Zhongtian flipped his body around and hugged her before speaking softly into Qiqi’s ear, “Relax. I’m the Great Han’s Duke, not the lecherous wolf that you think I am. I’ll adhere to my promise so just sleep!”


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“Of course!”

Wei Qiqi felt that Liu Zhongtian’s voice had a magnetizing effect which made her drowsy and she slowly let her guard down. Her breathing stabilized and her hands fell naturally onto the bed. Soon, she began sleeping soundly.

Liu Zhongtian maintained this posture. After a long time, he exhaled a breath. He felt as if he was struck by magic with those many fantasies of this woman in his arms. Involuntarily, he could smell the fragrance in her hair. At this moment, Liu Zhongtian was somewhat regretful. Why did he listen to the words of a 17 year old girl and made things difficult for himself? He couldn’t hold his emotions back and hugged Wei Qiqi even tighter.

Qiqi flipped her body and buried her head into Liu Zhongtian’s embrace. Instantly, her body began to snug tightly to him. The soft and fragrant body caused Liu Zhongtian’s blood to boil, and an irritating desire swiftly followed. He obviously felt that he had married an unnecessary trouble for could neither do anything to her nor throw her away.

Liu Zhongtian pushed Qiqi away from his embrace. He sat up irritated. It seemed he would not have a good sleep tonight. The woman beside him wasn’t a beauty, so where did his troubles come from?

Wei Qiqi slept soundly. She lazily stretched her waist, and from inside the tent, she could vaguely hear someone speaking outside tent. She immediately got up. She then realized that she had slept on the Duke’s bed yesterday night. Nervously, she looked at her body. The clothes on her were still there. It looked like the Duke kept the promise and it was she who had belittled him.

“Royal Concubine? Have you gotten up?” Wu Zhongyi asked in a soft voice from outside the tent.

“Supervisor Wu is up early!” Third Duke’s voice coldly rang.

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“Not early at all. It’s the Duke’s wedding. Hence you woke up late!”

Wei Qiqi then realized that Wu Zhongyi had come to the tent so early in the morning to see the bloodstains. She began to nervously look for that silk cloth and discovered that Third Duke had already arranged for the white cloth with bloodstains on the bed. Qiqi’s cheeks instantly flushed red. She hurriedly jumped from the bed and arranged her jeans and T-shirt before walking out of the screen cover.

Liu Zhongtian looked at Wei Qiqi once and helplessly shook his head. She acted really well. Her cheeks were flushed red, causing others to link the two matter together. Even if someone were to say it was fake, no one would believe it.

Liu Zhongtian continued lowering his head to look at the scroll and he didn’t put Wu Zhongyi in his eyes. He knew that as long as that despicable fella had seen the fake bloodstains, he would naturally leave in satisfaction.

“Royal Concubine is awake!” Wu Zhongyi bowed respectfully. He then gave a look at the soldier behind him and ordered, “Go, help the Royal Concubine to arrange the bed!”

“Yes!” The soldier responded and lowered his head. He walked past Qiqi and went behind the screen cover.

Wei Qiqi furiously walked to the front of Wu Zhongyi and stared at him before running off angrily.

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