Chapter 59: Soaring Like a Young Eagle

Ye Jian had impeccable etiquettes and steep improvement in her grades… This made Teacher Ke, who had wanted to teach her a lesson from time to time, have absolutely no chance to do so.

Once the afternoon came, Ye Jian went to pack her luggage. Her blanket… She carried the huge woven bag by herself and left the school without turning her head back.

An Jiaxin helped carry her textbooks and followed her closely. Until they reached the school gate, An Jiaxin asked in disbelief, “You really…really are moving out? Really?!”

She had always thought that she was just joking with her!

“Of course I am. Didn’t I tell you about it last night?” Ye Jian placed her baggage into a common three-wheeled passenger van and spoke to An Jiaxin who was still taking her time to process the event. “Go back quickly. It won’t do you any good if your name’s marked.”

An Jiaxin quickly put the bag of textbooks into the van and wiped her face before responding, “The card you played sure is good. Beautiful in fact! Did you see Ye Ying’s express just now? Just how ugly it was!”

How could she not be? Without her in the dormitory, Ye Ying would have no way of bad mouthing her.

“I don’t really care what she does now, and I also don’t wish to deal with her! I only want to study well and enter the high school in the capital. Dealing with her would only waste my time.” Since there’s no way to deal with her or kill her now, or even chase her from school and leave her with nothing, then why waste her own time and efforts when it would all turn to naught?

Once Ye Jian finished, she jumped into the van and waved goodbye to An Jiaxin. Along with her baggage, she would soon enter an entirely new place.

Although there were many people walking to and fro after school, Ye Jian’s leaving did not draw much attention. Only Liao Jian, who had a lollipop in his mouth, was smiling as he eyed the three-wheeled van with a cold sneer.

He approached a motorcycle which was going to pick him up and patted the young man of the society who had green tattoos on his back. “Bro, let me tell you about this good chick in my class.”

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“How good can a chick from your school be. There are two rich chicks at the restaurant, and their chests bounce when they walk. Let’s go, Bro will bring you there to have fun.” Brother Fei was a famous gangster in the town. His relationship with Liao Jian’s father was also good, and he often brought Liao Jian to have fun.

The motorcycle started. It left behind a trail of black smoke as it rumbled before disappearing from the school gate.

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Ye Jian finally had no more restrictions from her previous accommodation, and she began to make rapid progress in her development which surprised Principal Chen greatly.

Touching the gun and shooting for the first time made her become more and more obsessed with becoming a sniper!

She was obsessed with the unstoppable speed of a bullet as it hits the target! She was entirely indulged with the joy of overcoming herself repeatedly.

For the whole holiday on the first day of May, Ye Jian followed Principal Chen and Old Man Gen to train without stop in the forest. With her teeth clenched, she endured the never-ending cycle of torment.

“Target is 470 meters away. A headshot!” Keeping her sniper rifle, she carried the gun on her back and held the tree trunk before descending from the steep height. Once she had reached a certain height away from the ground, she leaped off the tree.

Her face was painted green with oil paint, and her face looked even more refined with the little helmet on her head.

Principal Chen picked up the straw target and stepped over the bushes. He dug out the blank bullet shot to the forehead of the straw target and handed it to Ye Jian. “Keep it well, it will also be one to witness your growth.”

“I will make many more of it to witness my growth!” She pursed her lips and murmured. Her hand held the hot bullet tightly. Her exquisite expression already had the coldness of a true soldier.

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