Chapter 58: Pay No Attention to Her

Ye Jian did not knock on the door. Her deep dark eyes looked at the tightly shut dormitory door, and a cold sneer spread from her lips to the depths of her eyes.

Well, well, she had already started her little trick right when she got back.

Ye Jian did not knock on the door and instead left for An Jiaxin’s dormitory.

“What, the door’s locked? How dare she!” On the bed, a gust of anger flashed past An Jiaxin’s face and she gnawed, “A good for nothing! She just got back, and now she’s already directing her attacks towards you!”

Ye Jian, however, was not angry. She used her hands as a pillow for her head and smiled gently, “It’s a good excuse for me to leave the dormitory, no, to move away from school.”

Since there was already an accommodation for her outside which was convenient for her training, she would just listen to Principal Chen and move out after class tomorrow. She would use the night self-study time for her training.

An Jiaxin immediately became interested and asked, “Move out? Really? Is it a place where I can often find you?”

“Student An, we’ll talk about it next time when I move out,” Ye Jian whispered softly and closed her eyes. “It’s already very late. I’m going to get up early tomorrow morning to jog.”

“Xie, lying to me.” An Jiaxin could not see the slightest excitement of moving out within her, and she snorted a few times before turning her body. In no time, she was fast asleep.

In the other dormitory, Ye Ying was still waiting for Ye Jian to slam heavily on the door. But who knew that after waiting for a long while, she herself fell asleep. There was not a single noise made outside the bedroom throughout the night.

The next morning, when she opened the door, she saw Ye Jian and An Jiaxin chattering and laughing while carrying a washbasin. Their hair was wet as they left the bathroom and they did not even take a glimpse of her as they passed by her.

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She had been returning to the dormitory at eleven o’clock at night these few weeks. Where could she be going?

Staring at the body which was becoming more and more slender, and whose back was becoming taller, Ye Ying’s beautiful eyes tightened and there was a slight dullness in her eyes.

“Help me find out where Ye Jian’s been going at night. She doesn’t go back to her dormitory after class, so where else can she go?” Liao Jian stared at Xie Sifeng who took the initiative to find him. His eyes turned a little to the side, and that face of his which had a few pimples on exposed a smile of a thug, “That’s simple. You come out with the money, I’ll come out with the information. How’s that?”

Xie Sifeng became somewhat interested and bargained, “How much? We’re classmates, so don’t demand an exorbitant price.”

“Relax, just ten dollars. It should be trivial for you. I just happen to want to know where she’s going, too.” Liao Jian’s eyes darkened, and he revealed a face full of resentment.

Damn lass, making me lose face in front of the entire class. He too was waiting to clear this debt.

Leaving the school at night. Ha, this would be good!!

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At this moment, Ye Jian was already in the teacher’s office. She had told Teacher Ke that she was moving out of school, and she also spoke of how she was locked outside the dormitory room the night before.

This made Teacher Ke who had wanted to add in a few words immediately keep her mouth shut. She looked piercingly at Ye Jian, “Fine, just sign on this acceptance letter. If anything happens, it’ll not be the school and the teachers’ problem.”

Moving out to live? A girl without discipline will only be exposed to the dirtiness of the society. Turning bad…is a very easy thing!

Ye Jian looked at it for a moment and signed her name on the letter without any hesitation. With a smile, she said politely, “Teacher Ke, rest assured that I will take care of myself. I will not trouble the school or the teachers.”

So long as she was still a teacher, Ye Jian would give her her absolute respect towards this person.

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