Chapter 57: Moving Away from the School’s Dormitory

When he heard her so, Principal Chen thought about it for a moment before nodding with a smile, “Since that’s the case, then you have to work harder. Go and change your clothes in the shower room. I have something to handle so tonight’s training will now end.”

After an hour of standing in the rain, acting with undue haste would harm the body, especially when she was still at the age of growing.

After Ye Jian had washed herself with warm water and left the shower room, she saw a middle-aged man in his forties who wore a sports shirt and a long pair of black trousers speaking with Principal Chen in the training room.

“Lass, come, let me introduce this Uncle Yang to you.” Principal Chen had already changed to his principal’s attire when he beckoned Ye Jian, ” We wish to ask for your opinion on something.”

One look at the middle-aged man and you could tell he was someone who had spent his entire life marching. He smiled and measured Ye Jian with his eyes before turning to Principal Chen to give his comment, “In this short period, I’ve already seen that this kid can endure hardships.”

Ye Jian quickly hurried over and politely greeted, “Uncle.”

Hearing her so, he smiled and went on, “Just now, the principal said that it would be inconvenient for you to continue living in the dormitory. Going back late every night at eleven o’clock will affect the students there. Think about whether you want to move out or not.”

Move out? Ye Jian was a little startled.

She had indeed thought of moving out. Seeing Ye Ying today especially strengthened that thought.

However, she had not thought of a solution to it yet, but Principal Chen had already arranged it all for her. The feeling of having someone care for her…felt really good, really good.

“I did have thoughts of moving out, but I’m still…” Before she could finish, she looked at Principal Chen. Then she turned her gaze towards Uncle Yang before revealing her eyes full of joy.

One look and Principal Chen knew she had already guessed right. He laughed as he patted the hand of the middle-aged man, “Battalion Commander Yang, for the next year and a half, she’ll be in your care.”

“You’re too polite. It’s rare for us from the military to be of use on the outside. Then this matter is settled. As long as the child is willing, you can leave it up to us.”

Battalion Commander Yang waved his hand vigorously as he thanked Principal Chen for the flattery, “You’ll be living alone, so you’ll have your own space and a balcony. And since you’re still a student, what about this—I’ll add a bookshelf and a table lamp for you. How about it?”

“I’ll leave it to you, I’ll leave it to you.” Seeing that he was thinking of her every need, Principal Chen was more confident that Ye Jian would be able to live alone in the recruits’ camp. Not only was it safe, it would also conceal her activities.

Ye Jian was not sure how many times her eyes had turned red from all the care she received, and she bowed deeply at Battalion Commander Yang, “Thank you Uncle Yang. I’ll certainly not bring you any trouble.”

But before she could bow completely, Battalion Commander Yang had reached his powerful hands out and held her firmly as he spoke with a low voice, “Kid, you’re too polite. Remember this, we soldiers never yield. That back of yours, straighten it up!”

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More than one person had told Ye Jian to straighten her back and never to bow easily to others.

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When she returned back to school, it was already eleven o’clock in the night. Ye Jian pushed the dormitory door gently… but her brows slowly pressed together.

In order to facilitate the inspection of the dormitory rooms for teachers, all students’ dormitory doors were not allowed to be locked from the inside. However, it was locked tonight.

After training, she would return to the dormitory at eleven o’clock in the night, and it was no different for every other nights before.

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