Chapter 17- In the Saddle Again in a New World

[The Kingdom of Eastguard is no more. All it’s knights are dead, they’ve fled, or they were captured. All of it’s nobles are dead, they’ve fled, or they surrendered.

The King of Eastguard has also been beheaded. The remaining forces of Eastguard have fallen back to their allied nations or have been captured. There are rumors that the king’s son still lives.]


[Title earned, ‘Enemy of the Markwell Empire’.

There’s a bounty on your head from the Markwell Empire for your performance in the last battle.]


[Title earned, ‘Last Knight’.

While offline, you were commissioned into knighthood by the Eastguard Kingdom.

Because of the IRL settings, your recovery time exceeded the penalty time to claim the title and return to the war.

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Before the summoning timer ended, the war ended in your sides defeat.

You’re the last knight remaining free knight of Eastguard.]


[Title earned, ‘Blessed by the Gods’.

By receiving two blessings of the gods at the same time, the blessings effects will be extended,  and the penalties will be lessened.

‘Blessed’ stat has been generated.]


[Title earned, ‘Fallen True Knight’.

You’re a knight of a fallen kingdom.

You didn’t run from battle, but your efforts weren’t enough to win.

‘Cursed’ stat has been generated.]

Only allowed on


[You have two opposing stats. Fused into ‘Karma’ stat]


[Due to hostilities at your last save point, you will respawn at a friendly town in your respective nation.

Due to your respective nation being destroyed, an alliance nation will be chosen.]


After reading the messages and confirming the respawn list, three nations appeared, and there was the choice of respawning on the border of Eastguard. He really didn’t care, as he picked one at random and he appeared at the entrance of another armies camp.

Unlike how he imagined him being in basic new player coverings, he was in level 100 gear called the ‘shamble knight’ set.

Everything had only 1 durability left, and his hunger and other stats were bottomed instantly.


[‘Fallen True Knight’ has been triggered. Lore changed.

After the battle at Eastrange, you were summoned by the god of war to revel in his fortress.

You declined him respectfully and said that you would rather go back to fight for your king and land. After granting your request to return, you were caught behind the rapid advance of the empire and had to fight your way through. You then arrived at the alliance camp bloody and broken. With the constant fighting, your level increased to 100.

Proportionally, your stats and skills have increased at the average growth rate of your level, and several new skills have been unlocked.

However, due to your extreme exhaustion and injuries, your stats will need to be restored with time.]


[‘Last Knight’ has been triggered.

Quest: ‘Marshal of the Fallen’ has been activated]


[Due to your weakened condition, you’ve blacked out.

Would you like to read the lore and events to follow?

Time passage will return to IRL time for a duration of ten minutes.]


Of course, KMega6KMegacharacter read the notes and lore updates. He wanted to know what was going on more than anything.

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