Chapter 18- A Knights Oath

As KMega6KMegacharacter recovered, a level 586 dragon4dragonspecies queen looked at her egg in front of her.

She was in a chamber that was once adorned with rarities and treasures and now laid barren. Some weeks ago, an event that she didn’t think was possible happened.

For briefly two seconds, she heard a heartbeat from inside the egg.

For a time, she believed that she was going mad with sorrow, but then, she heard it again.

The child was in deep hibernation. Dragons could still their hearts for a full year if need be, but a dragon in an egg has to reduce their heart rate to one beat a month.

For this one to do it so well is unheard of!

“Perhaps….” (Dragon)

She said to herself, as the system altered some data for a new quest event and confirmed her suspicions.


When KMega woke up, he saw a male priest praying at his side.

When KMega lifted himself up from the bed, the priest was shocked.

“By the gods, you survived!” (Priest)

KMega could only weakly point to the stand.

He then weakly muttered, “Water!” (KMega)

A moment later, water was going down his throat, followed by dried fruits and preserved meat, then more water.

“Tell me everything that’s happened.” (KMega)

The priest nodded.

After an hour recap of what he had already learned, he started to get out of bed. While he was doing so, the priest begged him to reconsider.

This of course was an event trigger.


“The one that got away, eh!” (Noble)

KMega turned toward the voice and saw a high ranking noble walk into the tent. He could tell by his tone alone this was a stab at his honor. KMega’s curse stat went up by one in response.

“It’s quite strange…. I killed more of the empire on my way here then the dead in your homeland.” (KMega)

His retort was a stab at the noble’s pride as he balled up his hand into a fist.

KMega uneasily stood up to leave, but he soon found the mans armored hand on his bare shoulder.

“I can’t let you leave so easily.” (Noble)

In one swift motion, KMega grabbed the man’s wrist and twisted it until he was pushed to the ground.  This was one of his new skills, grapple counter. He then left the tent in a rush.


A moment later, another quest trigger occured as a uniformed Eastguard footsoldier came toward him.

“Sir, it’s you. It’s really you! Follow me!” (Soldier)

KMega followed him as best he could and was led to where the survivors of this region of Eastguard were.

As the last knight and a fallen true knight of the kingdom, his presence was outstanding to the remnants. While he was reading the lore and listening to the priest’s story, he was considering what to do to make a great final video for Sword Kingdom before he puts it into his sorrowful past.

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He then looked around and saw a poor quality map.

He studied it before speaking to the soldiers.

“I’m heading to Jork fortress.” (KMega)


The soldiers paused and were unsure about what to say.

“That’s where a whole division of imperial soldiers reside.” (Soldier)

KMega nodded.

“They will never expect us to attack that fortress just for that reason.” (KMega)

The common soldiers were uncertain.

“What? You expect me to give you a motivational speech? They beheaded our king and stole our homeland! I was a squire for less then a week before I became a knight. I’m going to die in the land of my people as a knight should. As a true man of Eastguard should!” (KMega)

As KMega spoke, he raised his voice.  

Only allowed on

He knew that it was a suicide mission, but he didn’t care about the game anymore.

He then reached for a sword.

Before he grabbed it though, he received a new quest.


[Quest: Beta Test A New Feature


You have been hand picked by a developer to test a new feature of the game called ‘Soul Companion’ There is no penalty for refusing this quest. Soul companions are non human npc companions that will not die permanently in game. Furthermore, soul companions will begin to appear in all Green Corporation games after the full release of this feature. These soul companions will also carry over to new games played by that specific account.


Task: Investigate the dragon dwelling south of Jork Fortress (Location was chosen based on relevance to the main questline)]

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