Chapter 334 – B*tches Can Live A Thousand Years

The quiet looking girl was both shocked and surprised. Tears rolled down her face as she quickly gave her thanks.

After thanking the members of the Surging Wave Academia, she went to Huan Qing Yan to give her thanks as well, “Lady Huan, thank you for your help today, Ning Xue is filled with gratitude.”

Huan Qing Yan slightly nodded her head at her to accept her thanks, but she did not speak further.

This was her way of repaying the debt she had owed the Hou Clan.

In addition, it was just a simple task of lending a helping hand. If she could do it, she would do it.

By noon, only ten participants remained after the tests…

Huan Qing Yan and the others had their names registered before they were issued a waist token of the Surging Wave Academia. They were given a few days to return home to make preparations. When the recruitment exercise ends, they would depart for the Surging Wave Academia together.

Everyone returned home in high spirits.


A few days went by in a flash.

Today was the day of departure, above the public square of the Royal Palace, was a huge flying ship on standby. Through the recruitment this time, Surging Wave Academia managed to recruit a total of a hundred people.

Everyone boarded the huge flying ship with faces of excitement.

Huan Qing Yan and Huan Jiu Li waved goodbye towards Madam Huan and the group before they also boarded the flying ship.

Surging Wave Academia’s teacher, Kang Hao Ming, and the other members of Surging Wave Academia also bid their farewells to the fat Hanging Cloud Emperor.

“Didn’t you know? That teacher that is in charge of the Surging Wave Academia’s recruitment this year is said to be a Mystic Spirit Master!”

“Really? So powerful!”

“Has everyone arrived? Why are we not leaving…?”

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At that moment, the gathered crowd opened a path, a travel-worn Bai Chen Feng was riding his Blazing Horse and galloping towards them from afar.

He stopped in front of the fat emperor and Kang Hao Ming, gave a respectful bow, and spoke something.

Kang Hao Ming smiled happily as he nodded his head after hearing him.

Then, Bai Chen Feng bowed again before walking towards the flying ship as well.

“Woah, Lord Ninth is coming to Surging Wave Academia as well?”

“Lord Ninth is so cool! To think that we have the great fortune of staying with Lord Ninth in the same place.”

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Within the group of lovestruck idiots, Huan Qing Yan displayed a sarcastic face.

And communicated with the reincarnated girl, “I thought that Bai trash is not going, to think that he came at the last moment, what a spoilsport.”

The reincarnated girl replied, “Bai Chen Feng did go to Surging Wave Academia in the last life, I am only afraid that Huan Meng Yue did not die and came along as well…”

“Pei Pei Pei! Please say lucky things!”

Yet, when speaking of the devil.

A weak girl wearing a veil appeared in front of her. The girl was being supported by two seniors of the Surging Wave Academia as they boarded the flying ship as well.

Although behind the veil would cause most ordinary people to be unable to recognize the person behind it, could that standard be applied on Huan Qing Yan?

Her eyes turned wide, “F*ck, what is this, she really did not die. The legend that b*tches can live for a thousand years is true?”

“She is only a One Star Spirit Master, so no matter how low the benchmark of the special recruitment became, it is impossible for her to pass the recruitment right? What in the world happened?”


Huan Qing Yan could not help but become agitated.

At that instant, a tall figure shadowed over half of her body, using a deep and magnetic voice, he said, “I heard from Teacher Kang of the Surging Wave Academia that the academy wishes to research her Butterfly Culinary Technique, so she was specially accepted through this recruitment.”

Huan Qing Yan jumped in shock, “Bai Chen Feng, you can talk all you like but why are you so close!”

Please observe the proper proprieties between men and women!

Huan Jiu Li, who was beside her, immediately stretched out his large hands to protect Huan Qing Yan; he was on high alert as he looked at Bai Chen Feng.

Bai Chen Feng displayed a smile filled with devilish charm, “Little Yan, there’s no need to be nervous.”

To have Bai trash so close, how could she not be nervous!

“Bai Chen Feng, let me warn you. This elder sister no longer wishes to have any dealings with you nor do I want to ever see you. So, just stay away from me as far away as possible…”

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