Chapter 19- Update

Weise had his team almost working around the clock.

As vr programmers, they could change the system time to go as slow or as fast as one hundred times going either way IRL. This in turn let them work six hundred hours non stop, then have a full night’s rest in a matter of seconds before going full tilt again. This is how his team was able to patch the bug of returning to the character customization room after dying just as you respawn. They also completed a different patch within an hour that banned hackers and hardcore cheater. However, their newest innovative project was a lot different then a simple patch.

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It was an update that added new features and expanded the world by increasing the vastness of it by adding islands, thousands of new dungeons, and millions of new quests.


Even with ten full days to work on such a project, it was an insane deadline, as it would normally take weeks to do such a thing.. However, the update was built on a scrapped project that Weise was working on before he meet KMega6KMegacharacter. Sword Kingdom was originally supposed to be a filler game while they prepared for their next major release, but that went out the window when KMega’s video became the talk of the town. Weise even suggested that the player who recorded the videos beta test the new content in the update. This is something that he has never done before. KMega really did do him a favor for keeping quiet about the bug and showing him in a good light. Plus, because he already watches him play, he can see the beta content being played live from his streams.



KMega chose a place near the dragon4dragonspecies’s lair to set up the camp of the gathering remnants of the Eastguard Kingdom. Because of their close proximity to a dragon’s lair, it would be foolish for the empire to look here. It was also his quest location. He considered that if he got this companion, he could carry it over to his next game. This was wrongful thinking though because that part of the system hasn’t been implemented yet.

He then waited until dark to disappear from the camp.


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The dragon queen was looking at her child that was still egg bound in amazement. She doesn’t remember being bred by the dragon king, so she couldn’t understand how this young one had such a lifeforce in it now. As the life of her young seemed to have been fully restored and more. her attention was then drawn to the cave entrance. A single intruder had breached her lair. All she could do with her injuries was turn and be ready to pounce on the intruder. Over the last month, many men have come in droves to kill her. Most of them were enraged above everything else because her lair had been emptied because she gave her treasures to her broodlings.


This one seemed different then the others though. There was a light about him and he didn’t look hostile, just defensive after seeing her. Her attention was then drawn to her egg again. The egg that was almost dead, now looked like it would hatch at anytime. It was almost as if the child was reacting to something… or someone. The system then allowed her to piece it together.

“You were one of the victims when I rampaged to get my child back, were you not?” (Dragon Queen)


KMega was surprised. He was the victim of a dragon only once.

“You mean that you’re the one that attacked that town?” (KMega)

His eyes then kept going back and forth between the heavily injured dragon and the glowing stone. The dragon in front of him couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ah, I see now. My child became soulbound. I wish that I could give you more than my body and my life as an apology, but unfortunately, that is all I currently own. Out of selfishness, I ask that you please look after my little one. Her life has ended once already, so she deserves a better life in her second chance.” (Dragon Queen)

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