Chapter 150: The task which could not be accomplished


Normally, Qin Tian would be excited hearing the ‘Ding’ sound.

But he was now feeling bitter.

Charming and lovely was the Evil Demon city leader. Her well-rounded figure gave off immense seduction, simply like a succubus. When her fragrance entered his nose, he felt his bones turning soft.

However, when the sentence ‘I would like you to help me with something.’ was said, Qin Tian was taken aback. Meanwhile, the system prompted him with a ‘ding’.

Even by using one’s feet to think, one would know that ‘something’ would be extremely dangerous.

Peak universe realm with a fleshy body of the absolute stage. Even the ocean tribe’s patriarch was killed by him. With ten thousand lives, Qin Tian would still not be able to kill him.

Although he came to Jibei ocean to search for the mysterious flame, his main motive wasn’t that.

The dark ocean was packed with monsters, suitable for him to cultivate in. Undoubtedly, Qin Tian came just because of that, as for the mission, who cares?

As long as he could enter the ascension realm, he can return to Tianji sect and settle the debt with Wang Ye and that Yang Han that had not appeared in front of him……

Moreover, the date to the hundred strong contest is reaching. At that time, Long Xiaotian will personally overlook. This was a huge opportunity for Qin Tian, a chance to grab the attention of Long Xiaotian. As long as he could reach the top ten, the patriarch will personally receive him at the Sky Beyond Sky.

Only after he left a deep impression on Long Xiaotian could he carry on with his next plan.

Not waiting for Ziyue to finish, Qin Tian stood up, “City leader, I’m afraid that this subject is unable to complete it.”

Hai Ziyue was taken aback and her expression changed. Her eyes narrowed and a trace of coldness flashed across her eyes. Killing intent emerged.

The women around were stunned. The guy in front of them actually declined?

No one could withstand the charm of the city leader. No man had ever managed to withstand successfully no matter how much he wants to reject. Could it be that Qin Tian doesn’t like females?

Doubt arose as they stared at Qin Tian’s crotch, pondering.

“F**k, aren’t you all thinking too much?” Qin Tian brought his thighs together and stared at those overly exposed women. His heart heated up and he did not dare to look at them again.

Qin Tian had felt Ziyue’s murderous gaze.

However, facing an impossible task, it was no different from dying.

Although he loves beautiful young females, it was not until he could forsake his life. Living is the root of everything.

Much of what Ziyue said was regarding the mysterious flame. Her motive was obvious – the task definitely has a relation to the ocean tribe.

All he wanted was to kill some monsters and level up, maybe grabbing some mysterious flame on the way if lucky to finish the task. Even if unlucky, he was sure that he could break through to the ascension realm at the very least. There was no need to jump into a pit of fire just because of a beautiful lady’s words.

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Everything Qin Tian was thinking about, Ziyue was clear.

Ziyue was shocked. Qin Tian was unlike other males, still being clear headed. This was the first time she saw such a man. She swept her eyes across Qin Tian a few times and retrieve her killing intent. “With your rank six spirit refining realm strength, asking you to kill that traitor and getting the holy flame is just like a fool’s nonsense.”

“City leader is right, and would naturally know the rest. I would not be able to complete your task. Please hand it to someone else, for I am afraid I would only hold up your plans.” Qin Tian bowed and said respectfully.

“I am not dumb enough to ask you to kill that traitor, what’s more getting the holy flame.”

Ziyue’s voice contained a touch of disdain, but Qin Tian turned a blind eye to it. Trying to agitate him? Ziyue had not done well in that aspect.

“Didn’t you want the Black Pagoda? It is a half God’s cultivation treasure…”

Qin Tian’s eyes glistened and his heart was somewhat moved.

“Any woman here can count as a top beauty. You’re free to pick any…”

Qin Tian’s eyes looked at the dozen of female bodies lecherously, and his blood began to boil. A bump grew at his crotch area.

“What I want you to do is simple, bring my sister out and it’s done.”

“What? That sounds very simple.”


“Help Hai Ziyue find her long lost younger sister. Task level, S Rank. Task reward: 1 000 000 experience, 180 000 Qigong value, 20000 Survival Value. Will you accept?”

“Just a S Rank Mission?”


Qin Tian had already completed a Rank S mission before. Compared to beheading the Nine Heaven Demon, Qin Tian was more confident he could complete Ziyue’s mission of finding her younger sister. As such, he did not give it much thought. Since it was a Rank S mission, he believed it should not be too difficult.

“Alright, I promise.” After Qin Tian accepted the task posted from his system, he looked at Ziyue and asked, “Will you keep your word?”

“Of course, our Ocean Clan most values credibility.” Ziyue laughed for she was elated.

She did not know why, but her heart felt an inexplicable feeling that Qin Tian would be able to accomplish the task in her stead.

Not talking about the system assigning the task, the Black Pagoda which could double his cultivation speed was of great importance to him. Ability training was too slow for him, without using the ability, it would not increase in proficiency. That was a huge problem for Qin Tian. But with the space which could double his cultivation speed of abilities, he would be able to save half of his Qigong value.

This task was worth the risk.

“I wish to ask, your cultivation has already reached the Universe Realm, so why not do the rescuing yourself? I’m just a Spirit Refining Rank Six, so why me?”

The matter bewildered Qin Tian as he could not understand why he was scouted to accomplish it. There were many in the Evil Demon City who had attained the Ascension Realm, and even the Evil Demon City Leader had attained the Universe Realm, so why not do the rescue herself?

After Qin Tian’s words came out, all around him immediately quieten down.

Even Ziyue let out a soft sigh as she turned and returned to her throne. Her jade-like fingers stretched out gently and she sketched the distant ocean. Her eyes were filled with a feeling of loss which expressed her loneliness as she submerged herself into her deep thoughts.

Qin Tian was aware that he had asked a question which he should not have.

After a long while, Ziyue answered softly, “We cannot return.”

Her words contained some form of loneliness pent-up within her. As for the dozen other women around, their eyes longed, longed towards Jibei Ocean.

Qin Tian was startled and asked no more.

“Enough, you should be going.”

Ziyue’s face changed as she twirled her hand. And with a single wave, a giant whirlpool was formed in the ocean. The vortex of the water was so strong that Qin Tian had no time to react. In an instant, he was sucked into it, disappearing from where he was.


After Qin Tian’s disappearance. In the Underwater Divine Palace.

“City Leader, can he really accomplish it? The Void Piercing Realm humans before couldn’t…”

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“Yes ah, City Leader. Isn’t his strength too weak?”

“A Spirit Refining Rank Six, I’m afraid he might die in the deep ocean even before entering the territory.”


Several women began discussing among each other. Ziyue leaned on the throne, with two fingers supporting her head. Closing her eyes, she pondered deeply. From the time she felt Qin Tian’s Darkness Force, her heart suddenly throbbed. Caring not for the dangers of offending the Flowing Cloud Sect, she went to save Qin Tian, all so that he could enter the Ocean Clan to save her younger sister.

Ziyue’s younger sister, Hongyue, a saint lady from the Ocean Clan, had the Heart of the Ocean.

By having the Heart of the Ocean, regaining the territory of the Ocean Clan would not be as difficult anymore.

Compared to the Mysterious Flame, the Heart of the Ocean was of a much greater importance to her!

“Qin Tian, I hope you’ll not let me down…”

This task was known as the “task which cannot be accomplished!”

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