Chapter 149: Jibei Ocean’s Tribe


The ocean water flowed gently across, providing coolness.

Under the strong light, sparkles could be seen around. The vibrant colors of the corals and seaweed make others unable to take their eyes off them.

As Qin Tian descended down the black pagoda, his gaze continued to linger among the beautiful women, not paying attention to the surroundings. Followed by the light cough of the lady on the holy throne, he finally calmed down and realized that he was on the seafloor.

Evil Demon city was built on the northern land, snow mostly covers the land. Whether it was soil or ice below, Qin Tian did not know. However, the fact that he descended down from the pagoda was truly outrageous. Does this mean that the pagoda tunnels deep into the ground too?

If it had tunneled through the ground, it would be the Jibei ocean. Though, it is pitch black within the ocean, not bright like this.

The black pagoda looks like an independent spatial world, would this Underwater Divine Palace be a spatial world too?

Universe realm experts can use the heaven and earth force to create an independent spatial world. Could the Underwater Divine Palace be created by Evil Demon city leader?

Qin Tian’s mind sank into contemplation. His face, however, had no expression.

Due to having a Water Avoidance Pearl, Qin Tian did not feel uncomfortable underwater. It was just like on land.

Staring at the lady on the holy throne, Qin Tian spoke respectfully, “City leader.”

Hai Ziyue revealed a faint smile. Her smile seemed like it could grasp a person’s soul. She waved her arm and an icy jade chair was formed beside her in a blink of an eye, which traveled towards Qin Tian. “Sit.”

Her bearing was just too perfect. Qin Tian can’t help but imagine the Mother of a nation, the Queen.

A rank four universe realm expert can move the heaven and earth force as he wishes. Qin Tian was amazed. Not daring to waste more time, he sat.

The two rows of beautiful women revealed a look of shock. Someone that could make city leader provide a seat was rarely seen. Qin Tian was only a rank six spirit refining realm cultivator, any of them could kill him in an instant. What was his qualification?

Qin Tian felt that he was sitting on pins and needles. With that kind of feeling, it would be better to just stand. At least his ass wouldn’t feel piercing cold. His body trembled and his lips turned purple. Although unwilling, he still showed a face of gratitude and said his thanks.

How could the icy jade chair formed from the deep waters be so simple?

Seeing Qin Tian’s expression, a few women near him covered their mouths and giggled, understanding that city leader was messing with him.

City leader Ziyue laughed inwardly and thought, “To dare say that I’m a thousand-year-old monster, now then, hehe……”

Ever since Qin Tian revealed the overlaying of three abilities, she left a spiritual sense within his mind. Anything Qin Tian thought about, she would know. It was also under her instructions that the Evil Demon incarnation gave way.

Her face was the direct opposite of her thoughts, it was extremely serious. “Was cultivating in the black pagoda fast?”

“Yes, many thanks to city leader for allowing.”

The coldness was becoming worst. His blood was literally about to frozen. He screamed inwardly, “Elder Sister, can I stand now?”


A voice rang in his mind, it was like Hai Ziyue’s voice. Suddenly, Qin Tian’s heart sank as he stared at the city leader, stunned.

How could she know what my mind was thinking about?

Not only can a universe realm expert use the heaven and earth force, but also dig into a person’s mind?

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“City leader, you……” Qin Tian stared at Ziyue.

“Ya?” Ziyue’s face turned slightly red and she bit her small tongue, thinking, “It’s exposed!”

Flushed, she showcased a childish smile. One cannot imagine a universe realm expert still having such a childlike smile.

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Isn’t every universe realm experts monsters that cultivated for thousands of years?

Is she really the Evil Demon city leader?

“Ke…ke…” Ziyue coughed lightly and regained her serious expression. She asked with a great bearing, “You came to Jibei ocean to search for Jibei mysterious flame. Do you understand what the mysterious flame is?

Hearing what Ziyue said, the women frowned in hatred with their jadelike hands clenched tightly.

At this moment, Qin Tian felt the strength hidden within them surge. Sensing their hatred, anger, and resentment, if not for Ziyue, they may have turned mad.

“There’s enmity?”

Qin Tian instantly felt that they had some form of enmity with something in the ocean, and it was related to the mysterious flame. Could it be that Tianji sect’s information was not detailed enough?

The information stated that the Jibei mysterious flame was the flame of Jibei ocean’s core, able to smelt anything.

Could there be another use for it?

Their expression appeared as if the mysterious flame was something of great importance to the Evil Demon city leader, also could it be……

“Indeed, we are one of the ocean tribe.”

Ziyue’s voice within his mind made Qin Tian jump in shock.

“She can really sense my thoughts ah.” Qin Tain sigh but did not dare to have any qualms. “I came to search for the mysterious flame with little understanding, may city leader grant me knowledge.”

Ziyue sank into deep thoughts, her eyes carried a faint longing, and within the longing was hatred. A while later, she let out a long sigh and walked up and down around the holy throne. Her marvelous face had a trace of gloominess, making the hearts of those who see her pained.

Another while later, she halted and her frown loosened. “Jibei mysterious flame is my tribe’s holy flame, coming from the deepest parts of Jibei ocean. It contained an unimaginable amount of power, able to smelt anything between heaven and earth. Rumours of the outside world say that it comes from the flame of the Jibei ocean core. It actually isn’t so, only my ocean tribe knows it’s origins. The sacred domain.”

“Sacred domain?!”

The Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture started trembling with excitement.

“Sacred domain. Absolute realm experts will experience the baptism of the heaven tribulation. Failure will result in death, while those that are successful in piercing through the void will step into the Saint realm. That is where the mysterious flame came from. Tens of thousand years ago when the ancient demon tribe was defeated in the war, the demon leader of the sacred domain used his Saint energy to bring the most baleful mysterious flame of the firmament into Tianyuan continent. At that time, Jibei ocean was Jibei forest. The flame descended and ravaged the land, turning the place into a sea of flames. At that night, the demon tribe disappeared.”

“Our ancestor was also a saint realm expert. He drew the dark water of the firmament and suppressed the fire. Hence, the land became an ocean.”

“Although the mysterious flame was suppressed, it was never extinguished, always hidden in the heart of the ocean. For generations, our ocean tribe has been protecting it. Until 3000 years ago when he appeared.”

At this point in time, Ziyue’s expression changed. There was a deep trace of hatred on her face.

Among the hatred contained killing intent.

Qin Tian shuddered.

“He was our ocean tribe’s one in ten thousand years genius and also the one to inherit the role. However, his ambitions were great. Not caring about the tribe’s opinion, he jumped into the mysterious flame. He then relied on the mysterious flame’s power to smelt himself a boundless body.

“For three years, he vanished without news. Just as all of us thought that he died, he appeared with a part of the mysterious flame. At that time, his cultivation had reached rank nine universe realm. His bodily strength was tougher than absolute realm experts, reaching the stage of the undying.”

“His return caused the tribe to be devastated. The patriarch, revered elder and many powerful experts died in his hands. His might comes from the mysterious flame. His body was able to reach the stage of undying because he swallowed a part of the mysterious flame.”

“He now rules over the ocean tribe, those that do not obey are chased out. We are one of them.

Ziyue’s eyes turned moist. She gave a glance at her tribe members and sighed. Her heart was in a great agony.

Then, she gave Qin Tian a lovely smile, walked towards him and place her hands on his shoulders. Placing her head beside his ears, she said softly, “I would like you to help me with something……”


The system sounded suddenly.

Immediately, Qin Tian’s eyes widened and his face turned pale……

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