Chapter 148: A Mass of Beautiful Women

A pair of eyes filled with spiritual energy opened.

In a blink of an eye, Qin Tian’s frown loosened as he kept his aura. His heart trembled, “Evil Demon city leader?”

“Gedeng, gedeng……”

From the darkness came sounds of footsteps, walking towards Qin Tian.

The loud and clear footsteps sounded like they were high heel shoes, causing people to be lost in a wild and fanciful dream unknowingly.

Each step knocked the spirit of Qin Tian. In his sea of thoughts appeared a figure. A pair of white long legs, small slim waist, young with huge melons and peerless in appearance. The girl walked towards him one step at a time. His eyes stared in a daze……

The more he thought, the more he could not control himself.

Just the sound of footsteps turned his mind into unrest, so what about seeing the real person?

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“Evil Demon city leader?”

Qin Tian activated his Qigong and controlled himself. He might get a nosebleed if that carries on.

The footsteps felt close yet far. Qin Tian squinted his eyes but was still unable to see anyone around. Suddenly, a fragrance entered his nose. Qin Tian immediately halted his breathing and called out respectfully, “City leader?”

The was no reply.

The clearer the footsteps were, the stronger the fragrance.

Qin Tian released his law of aura, only to be left disappointed. It could not sense any aura. At the same time, cold sweat emerged from his forehead. The Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture in his Dantian moved, guarding his mind. “Is it the great city leader?”

The footsteps became increasingly clearer. From the sound, Qin Tian guessed that he was not more than ten metres away.

Which means that even at such a short distance, Qin Tian could not see anything, much less a person.

Suddenly, the footsteps halted. His eyes widened unusually big because the footsteps stopped in front of him.

He wanted to move back, but his legs were like stuck on the ground, unable to move.

Meanwhile, the Emperor’s Purgatory force activated, focusing all the power into his legs. Still, no matter how hard he tried, they could not move.


Like bubbles emerging from the deep waters.

Following that, Qin Tian felt his feet sink. A force was acting against him.

He got even more anxious and let out the rank two berserk. 8 times increase in attributes was used, Emperor’s Purgatory force was currently extremely powerful. The azure dragon and colossus elephant roared, wrecking havoc continuously. At this moment, Qin Tain believed that he could easily kill any early stage ascension realm, yet he was now powerless.

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The more he struggled, the faster the sink.

Until half of him was in the earth did he stop. “If I am wanted dead, there isn’t a reason to do this. Instead of struggling, why not wait and see?”

He kept his Qigong and calmed himself until he entered the earth completely and disappeared into the darkness of the black pagoda.

A faint light shined on his closed eyes.

Qin Tian opened his eyes. Seeing two huge white delicate peaks in front, he took half a step back and immediately regretted. He cursed himself for not being more daring.

The distance between his nose and the peaks just now was just one foot. He would have been able to enjoy those tender pillows just by leaning forward a bit. The ditch between the peaks seemed to have to end. Two pieces of silk covered the ‘tip’, making him want to cut it apart and enjoy the sight.


Unknowingly, Qin Tian swallowed his saliva.

The huge twin peaks gave out an immeasurable amount of sexiness, causing him to not be able to free himself. What’s more, her clothing only covered the important parts, others were in plain sight. The jade-like skin, both clear and bright. Every part of hers was near perfection. Qin Tian had never seen such a stunning woman before.

The bright eyes of hers were like the spring water. Staring at Qin Tian closely, she blinked from time to time, extremely beautiful.

“Hu, Hu, Hu……”

Qin Tian’s breathing became stronger as his heart beat more intensely. He won’t be able to endure if this carries on. The pervert within him just wanted to jump on her and eat her up.

“You…what is wrong?” The woman said with a look of ignorance.

Qin Tian shifted his gaze away and replied with difficulty, “No…nothing.”

“F**k, stop looking at me if you want me to be alive.” If not for him fearing that she may be a universe realm expert…..

Seeing him in such a difficult situation, the woman laughed lightly and disappeared from where she was standing at.

At the same time, the space around him underwent a massive change.

The light became stronger and everything around could now be seen.

“Damn, seems like it won’t be easy to not have a nosebleed.”

Qin Tian gave a glance and his face turned red. “A kingdom of girls. Heavens, do you still want me to live?”

“I can’t endure anymore.”

“Really can’t.”

In front of him, there were two lines of women barely covered. Only the important parts were covered, and others were exposed. They attracted his attention, evoking his lust.

This was more ferocious than a bikini party!

Qin Tian was after all a nerd, when had he seen so many overly exposed women?

It was like a dream, no, he would never imagine so many beautiful women even in a dream. It’s like falling into a kingdom of girls, too fantastic.

“Ke, ke……”

A light cough came, full of seriousness.

Qin Tian’s whole body trembled. In an instant, the fire in him died down.

Not far away was a chair carved with flowers. On it sat a lady, giving off a feeling of maturity. Well rounded and charming, Qin Tian did not dare to let his gaze linger. Seeing her reminded Qin Tian of those fairies of Jingxin sect, but the lady was far beyond them.

Her eyes were purple and a faint dark aura could be felt from her.

The surroundings quietened, even the light above did not dare to fickle. In here, she was the god that controls everything.

She, Evil Demon city leader, Hai Ziyue. Rank four universe realm.

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