Chapter 68: Getting Rid of the Emperor

The rest of the concubines are a bit reluctant to do that, but they do not have the guts to defy him. They can only curtsy before leaving with heavy hearts.

Jun Qian Che enters Feng Yang Palace. Now that he has been discovered, he might as well confront her about what happened the other night.

Now that they are meeting again, there is this certain embarrassment lingering between them. They are originally a pair of husband and wife, but now that they have consummated their marriage, by force at that, there is this slight awkwardness between them.

Both of them stand in the courtyard, looking at each other awkwardly.

Mo Qi Qi does not like this atmosphere and tries to lighten the atmosphere, “Look at how popular you are, Your Majesty! All the meimeis were so happy when they saw you, why didn’t you let them stay?”

“Are you okay?” Jun Qian Che does not wish to talk about those women.

His words bring back all the resentment that Mo Qi Qi has been trying to conceal. She looks away, trying her best to appear light-hearted. “I am fine! I eat fine, I sleep fine! There are so many meimeis accompanying me to play, to dance, my life is naturally good!”

Zhen was out of control that night. Zhen will not force you in the future, zhen will…..” Jun Qian Che earnestly promises her.

Chenqie has forgotten everything that happened that night. Do not bring it up anymore, let’s just pretend it never happened.” Mo Qi Qi pretends to laugh indifferently.

Jun Qian Che gives her a long look before turning around and leaving helplessly.

As Mo Qi Qi stares at his retreating back, she mumbles to herself, “Useless jerk, what is the point of saying all that after doing what you did? Trash. I will give you your retribution, just wait,” after saying that, she turns away, plotting ways to get rid of Jun Qian Che.

The night is dark and gloomy, perfect to do something one wouldn’t want others to know.

The servants in Yu Jing Palace have gone to rest.

A black-clothed figure shadily approach Jun Qian Che’s resting chamber. The person pokes a bamboo stick through the window and blows into it. White smoke floats out of the stick.

Mo Qi Qi puts away the bamboo stick and starts counting inside her head: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…

“Ban Xiang said that this fainting smoke is very powerful. By the count of 10, even the most powerful person will lose consciousness. Hpmh, Jun Qian Che, you dared to force this grannie, see if this grannie won’t finish you today!”

And so, Mo Qi Qi carefully lowers her body before pushing open the door. Lucky the door is not locked. Seems like even the gods are planning to help her tonight.

Mo Qi Qi enters the chamber as she carefully eyes her surrounding, no one is in the outer chamber. She smiles arrogantly, seems like she did the right thing by putting the fainting smoke into the room. Then, she carefully creeps into the inner chamber. Since she is too focused on the inner chamber, she accidentally kicks an antique vase.

She immediately stoops down to stop it from falling. She pats her chest in relief, “How dangerous.”

She continues making her way to the dragon bed. She stoops down in front of the bed carefully, not wanting to make her presence known. The wooden carving of the rosewood bed draws her attention. She caresses it gently while appreciating it in her heart: This is indeed worthy of being an emperor’s bed. The flowers are vivid and lifelike, what an excellent showcase of craftsmanship. What did they used to carve it so realistically? The ancient people are indeed wondrous!

After a moment of distraction, Mo Qi Qi holds herself together. She knocks herself in the head, “What on earth is wrong with you, Mo Qi Qi! You are here to kill Jun Qian Che, why are you getting distracted by his bed?”

She looks around the room again before getting up. Jun Qian Che is lying on top of the bed with his eyes close, asleep.

Seeing him in deep sleep, she sighs in relief. Then, she sits on the dragon bed, looking at the sleeping Jun Qian Che while pointing at him angrily, “Aren’t you super capable, Jun Qian Che? Even you are not immune against this grannie’s sleeping smoke! You actually dared to force yourself on this lady, I will send you to the King of the Underworld! The world will change owner tomorrow. Yue Hen will be a better ruler than you!” She reaches for the dagger that she had secured on her waist earlier on, but it is no longer there. She looks for it hastily, “Where is it? I clearly brought it!” She suddenly remembers something.

She picked up the dagger and prepared to take it with her on her mission. But then, she grew worried and decided to ask Ban Xiang to bring a piece of meat so that she could test the sharpness of the blade. The dagger gave the meat a clean cut, easing her worry. And then, she puts the dagger on a table before she went to change. After changing, she put the bamboo stick containing the fainting smoke on her belt and then got thirsty and decided to drink a cup of water. All the while, Ban Xiang was persuading her not to do this. She wouldn’t listen and then ran out. Damn, she forgot the dagger!

Huhu, what a rotten luck! Everything is ready except for the weapon itself! Even the fainting smoke is something that Ban Xiang had to acquire from some people in the jianghu, it is rare and hard to find.

She looks at the sleeping Jun Qian Che. This is such a good chance, it will be a great loss if she does not take it.

No way, she must kill Jun Qian Che tonight. She only lacks the weapon ma~, there are many ways out there to kill a person. She looks at a nearby vase, smirking. “Found it!”

She runs to the vase and picks it up, ready to smash it on the ground. She can use the glass to cut Jun Qian Che’s vein. Maybe, she can even make it out to be suicide. Hahaha, you are a genius, Mo Qi Qi.

But, just as she is about to throw it to the floor, she cannot bring herself to. This is a top-quality vase, very rare. The process of making it is very complicated. There are not many of these that survive the test of time, if she manage to bring this to the modern time, it will be very valuable. Modern people cannot imitate this kind of workmanship. She also feels bad towards the master who made this, he ought to have invested a lot of effort and time in making this. No, she cannot do this. Nobody knows how much her heart breaks everytime they uncover a site only to discover that the antiques are broken. What a pity.

She puts the vase back to it’s original place, “Sorry, I almost disfigured you!”

She needs to find another way. She sits on the bedside, staring at Jun Qian Che’s neck. She narrows her eyes, “The neck is the most important part of a human body. Maybe if I strangle him…. Sorry, Jun Qian Che!” As she prepares to strangle him, she finds herself unable to move her hands.

The sleeping him is too different from the regular him. Right now, he looks like a child who has not guards at all. His long eyelashes are curled prettily under the candlelight, looking like two small fans.

His thick eyebrows are like those in paintings while his nose is high, as though it has been chiselled out of stone. His lips are thin while his skin is smoother than those cosmetic endorsers on tv. There is no flaw in his facial features.

She has always thought that Jun Yue Hen is handsome in an unparalleled way, but to be honest, Jun Qian Che does not lose to him in any way. Just, he usually looks so cold and solemn, so people usually do not have the guts to look at him in the face. Even those who dares to look at him will be too intimdated by his iciness to appreciate his good looks.

Jun Qian Che, the gods have given you such a handsome face, it is a pity you did not use it to seduce people. Instead of using your looks to your advantage, you used you indifference to push people away. People like you are only hated by other people.

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She picks up a pillow and raises it on top of his face, “Sorry! This very day will be your death anniversary next year.” Just as the pillow touches his face, she picks it up again. “No, if I use this way to kill him, he will die in an ugly manner. It will be too scary.” The image of a jiangshi appears inside her head. She drops the pillow in fear.

(TN: A Jiangshi is a Chinese zombie.)

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Three of her killing methods have been rejected, Mo Qi Qi is distressed now. How on earth should she kill him?

She looks around again. In the end, her eyes fall on a sword hanging on the wall. She picks it out from it’s scabbard. The sword gleams under the cold light. With just one glance, she can tell that this is a finely forged sword. If she use this on him, he might not even feel the pain before he passes.

She returns to the bed: Jun Qian Che, you must not blame me. You were the one who wronged me. In your next life, you must learn to be a little warmer. People do not like those who are too cold.

She swings the sword towards him. When the sword is inches away from him, she stops. She keeps telling herself to do it, but her hands won’t listen to her.

She helplessly sighs, “You are so useless, Mo Qi Qi. You can’t even do something as easy as swinging the sword.” Since she cannot bring herself to kill him, why don’t she just disfigure him? Her eyes fall on that part between his legs.

She smirks: “Who knows how many women you have hurt. If I get rid of ‘that’, you will not be able to do anything even if you wish to. I can save many women from getting hurt if I do that.”

Hehe, if an emperor becomes a eunuch, it will be written in the annals of history. He will be laughed at for generations to come. It will be even worse than death. Let’s see if he will still be that arrogant after she cuts it off.

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