Chapter 53: Fire and Water

An Jiaxin who was chasing Ye Jian from behind had already called her several times. However, Ye Jian did not respond, and she could not help but reveal a trace of worry on her face.

Once she had caught up, Ye Jian seemed to have felt her presence and turned her head around. She happened to see the worry on An Jiaxin’s face and asked, “What’s wrong? You don’t look well.”

“Nothing. I called you several times, but you didn’t respond. I’m going to get mad.” Ye Jian gave a bright smile. Clearly, that there was nothing to worry about. An Jiaxin spoke with a smile, but secretly, she let off a sigh of relief.

“My bad. I was memorizing the textbook and didn’t hear you calling me from behind.” Noticing how worried An Jiaxin was, Ye Jian remained calm. She quietly lifted her textbook to show the worried her before smiling, “After the Labor Day Holiday will be our midterm exams. I have to grab this time tightly and revise.”

She neither had the time to do so at night, nor did she have it on the weekends… so the only thing she could do was squeeze some time out and revise every knowledge that could be gained during the term.

You heard right; Ye Jian was revising what she had learned through the entire term and not just what was already taught.

An Jiaxin swept away the worry in her heart and smiled, “Okay, I happen to want to revise, too. After the night self-study session today, shall we both stay in the classroom and do ten questions each before returning to our dormitory?” She shook the test papers in her hand and implored, “Do me a favor and finish these test papers with me. My mom bought them!”

“What you were worrying about was just this?” Ye Jian took the two sets of test papers that were in her hand and flipped them open casually before smiling, “The questions are easy. Is there any need to worry?”

“Listen, Ying Ying, just listen to that. Some people ah, are just so ignorant.” Xie Sifeng’s chilly voice could be heard from behind as she mocked, “Do you really think you’re that amazing?”

An Jiaxin’s footsteps paused, and she turned to tug at Ye Jian’s sleeve before whispering, “Taking half a month of leave and still not afraid that she might be unable to catch up. It’s she who’s being ignorant.” She was talking about Ye Ying who took two weeks off from school.

“According to my understanding of her, that half a month of leave was definitely not a break.” Ye Jian did not turn her head back and chuckled, “During lunch break, Teacher Ke always had to leave school, even dragging the math teacher from class 3. Can you guess where those two teachers went?”

An Jianxin worked her head and seemed to have understood. With a shock, she shrieked, “That can’t be!”

“But of course it is! So, Student An, let us work hard together.” With a smile, Ye Jian ignored the glares behind her back. Ye Ying had always been smart, so how could she possibly let herself be at a disadvantage and throw away her last ounce of superiority.

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At this point, Ye Ying kept her cold gaze and tightened her lips before raising her chin slightly. She said to Xie Sifeng, “No need to bother with them. What do you think happens to people who are complacent?”

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Yes ah, for complacent people, just what kind of end would be waiting for her.

Ye Jian, who now stood at the door of the classroom, looked back at Ye Ying with glee. The corners of her mouth were hooked as she gave a cold smirk.

Ye Ying, I shall crush that pride of yours with my own hands!

As the two’s eyes met, like fire and water, their frequencies were completely incompatible.

After enjoying an undisturbed half a month of leave from school, Ye Ying secretly clenched her teeth. No matter how huge the blazing fire was in her heart, she endured it.

After a series of beat downs, Ye Ying finally saw that Ye Jian would no longer listen to her words obediently.

And it would be impossible to use words like “If you dare score better than me, I’ll drive you out of my house” and more to threaten Ye Jian.

To maintain her current performance standard in school, she must work hard! She had to use her own ability to maintain her good results!

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