Chapter 52: Disassemble, Know, and Understand!

Eventually, she realized what that was, that energy which was coursing through her entire body. It was desire, a desire to become stronger and more perfect!

“Hahaha, lass, aren’t you afraid?” Old Man Gen broke out in laughter as he watched the little one whose eyes shone after seeing the different firearms. Even though his face was full of wrinkles, his stiff face showed a warm smile. “These are the real things. With bullets, they can be used. Not some toy gun that you’ve seen before.”

Ye Jian shook her head and showed a huge grin, “I’m not afraid. Principal Chen has taught me that only by developing feelings for the firearms can one actually use it well in combat. By letting it become a helper, it will be able to save comrades in critical moments!”

“Well said! But before you can develop a relationship with your firearm, you have to first understand it!” The little lass’s eyes were filled with excitement without fear. Grandpa Gen could not help but be satisfied.

Walking up to the rows of firearms, he picked up an assault rifle before moving onto the explanations as he disassembled it. “N70AB2—Russian Kalashnikov series AK-101 assault rifle using 5.6mm NATO cartridges, invented by a famous Soviet Union inventor, Mikhail Kalashnikov. This gun is commonly known as an automatic rifle.”

Old Man Gen’s actions were quick. Even without a disassembly toolkit, he was able to disassemble the assault rifle into parts in less than five minutes!

“How many parts were dismantled from the gun just now?” pointing at the parts scattered on the table, Old Man Gen suddenly shot out a question, “Give me a number.”

From the moment he picked up the gun, the training had already began.

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Ye Jian pointed to a part lying on the table, and she spoke with a smile which was not only depicted on her face but also clearly in her eyes. “This is the last part which you placed on the table. This is the 47th part which was dismantled from the gun. That one there is the 74th. Grandpa, you’ve removed a total of 80 parts, am I right?”

She was not just right, she was accurate!

After training for half a month, Ye Jian was already used to entering her training condition at any time. Regardless of whether it was Principal Chen or Old Man Gen, they would always like to ask sudden questions.

Old Man Gen once again grinned and praised, “Not bad, not bad. Good observation and grasp!”

“The 47th part is a rotating bolt. The bolt locks into the receiver by rotating to fire a round, and then it rotates back to unlock the bolt from the receiver in order to remove the magazine. The 74th part is called a loop sling, meant for…” Old Man Gen picked up a part after another while explaining. Ye Jian who had zero knowledge of guns soon gained some.

Throughout the entire day, Old Man Gen disassembled the firearms nonstop, and Ye Jian kept absorbing the information while answering the number of parts each gun that was disassembled into and the usage of the different firearms.

Assault rifles, shotguns, semi-automatic pistols, bolt action rifles, revolvers… and many more. She had not only touched the many different types of guns, but also personally disassembled them herself. From that, she had gained a deeper understanding of them.

“Revolver, extractor rod, mainspring,…front sight…” Ye Jian, who was carrying her textbook while heading towards the classroom, gently moved her mouth a little as her heart reviewed the knowledge she had gained from yesterday and today morning.

The new week had started, and Ye Jian was now back in school. However, her mind had not returned and was still deeply immersed in the world of guns.

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