Chapter 12- NPC/Player Relationship

[Quest Complete: 12/12.

Titles Earned: ‘Squire of Yirk’ and ‘Knight of Eastguard.’]


KMega6KMegacharacter couldn’t help but ignore the notice as he laid on his back beside Kieser.

Their gear was in shambles. KMega’s shield was splintered, and his swords were either broken or chipped. If the fight against the feral drakeling lasted another minute, then they would have died. For KMega though, that wouldn’t be much of a problem.

He’s died more than once while giving Kieser the opportunity to escape.

As they laid there exhausted, Kieser got up and walked over to the drake and took out a dagger before removing the largest fangs of the beast. He then took some twine and wrapped it around the fangs and handed one to KMega, who by this point was sitting up as well and watching him. No words were needed. He took the fang before switching out for a reserve set of gear.

They then began to load their spoils into the wagon nearby. The drakeling’s fangs, bones, and flesh will make decent equipment.

It’s skull would also be a nice wall mount, and it’s meat is tasty and could be used for a good dinner.


They only took small breaks while hauling the drake to the nearby town where they had it disassembled by the adventurer’s guild for a portion of the goods.

With the head in a pack, Kieser walked beside KMega while joyful after a nights sleep in a real bed.

“Man, I swear that thing had us.” (KMega)

KMega smiled while thinking about the fight.

“To think that my sword and shield was almost useless. If it wasn’t for your greatsword, we would have been it’s food instead.” (Kieser)

KMega nodded with a pack of the drake spoils on his back as well.

“Thanks for the healing, by the way. I was close to death a few times.” (Kieser)

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Kieser then raised a fist and KMega tapped it with his own.

After some laughs, the two of them walked down the road, one looking like an older brother to the other.


Back in the capitol, KMega turned over all the spoils they got to Yirk. The Drakeling they hunted was a lot higher level than they anticipated.

Yirk looked at KMega both happy and worried at the same time.

This joyous occasion was then clouded by some sorrowful news though.

“I’m glad to see that you’re both safe. I wish that we could celebrate, but orders just came not long ago. I need to head east. As both of you have passed my tests to be my squire, I deem you strong enough for combat. KMega, I trust that you’ll look after my son as you have been.” (Yirk)

KMega nodded while agreeing without hesitation.

“Of course. He’s like a little brother to me at this point.” (KMega)


That night, both KMega and Kieser got a good nights sleep. In the morning, they packed a light load of their belongings and set out with their senior. The destination was the eastern expanse. KMega had a feeling that this has been coming for some time.

This means that he’ll be holding off his scheduled streams for a while because his longer videos will be released.

This is going to hurt his pocket in IRL for a while, but thankfully he had a small buffer now.

Plus, he can seek ad services now. It wasn’t a coincidence that he became a squire, and moving to a warzone wasn’t unrelated either. He must have earned a qualification to be in this war.

He’s going to be busy for the next month at least.


The war between Eastguard and the Markwell empire, a war that will lead to the games first major shift in power since it’s release over three months ago.

It will cause several unexpected events to occur….

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