Chapter 11- Back Home

The kingdom of Eastguard is a small nation with nothing special about it.

It’s part of a union of nations who band together to defend against the larger ones.

Like it’s name, Eastguard guards the east of these nations. This would normally be hard with a wide eastern expanse to guard, but the people of this land have learned several tricks in order to prepare ahead of time in case of an invasion. One of these is called Clairvoyance.

Many of the knights of this little kingdom have the power of farsight, to see things many others couldn’t.


Yirk, a knight of Eastguard, was talented in this regard, so he was able to watch KMega6KMegacharacter leave with the four. The system recognized this as a subjugation mission, and Yirk took this as a good time for KMega to both train and earn some money for himself. He only kept a little attention on him while he continued to train his son, while only pausing to look away with a smile on his face. Yirk was surprised by the young man he found. His skill with any weapon, even if he used it for the first time, was extraordinary. As a knight, he had a naturally higher intellect than most people. He was thinking of one day building a knight division around Kieser and KMega.

He knew that the two of them would serve his king well, but destiny was about to wreck that dream.


KMega arrived back in the city really happy.

Unlike how he left the valley all bloody and tattered, only his gear looked like it’s been through ten rounds of hell.

To his surprise, Yirk and Keiser were at the gate waiting for him.

“I should have known.” (KMega)

KMega said, as Kieser gave him a hug.

“I was so worried!” (Kieser)

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KMega smiled, but he also felt embarrassed as he was embraced.

He then looked at Yirk before speaking.

“You were watching me, weren’t you?” (KMega)

Yirk nodded.

“Is your IRL trouble so deep that you need to risk your safety with such unsavory individuals?” (Yirk)

KMega laughed lightly.

“Well, it was a little difficult. I did look into them, but sometimes you gotta take the risk. However, I got a little of what I went there for, so alls well that ends well.” (KMega)


KMega then noticed the high ranking priest of the temple.

“What’s he doing here? I was going to pray at the temple after seeing you two at your place.” (KMega)

The priest stepped forward before speaking.

“Please allow me to perform a cleansing ritual on you quickly. It seems that you’ve caught a demon disease called malware from the demon worshipers you were with before.” (Priest)

KMega blinked once, unsure about what to make of it, but then he remembered the patch.

“Yes, of course. Do as you will. Will it be fine if I still speak to Yirk as you do?” (KMega)

The priest nodded.

“Of course. You can ignore me if you wish, but first there’s another matter. Those demon worshipers left many spoils when they were sent to hell. The church was going to claim them, but you were the one that was wronged, so we considered it fair to hand their spoils over to you.” (priest)

KMega was also unsure what to make of that statement.

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His window for stream chat was going crazy telling him to accept such an income, and he was tempted to take it as well.

“No, I didn’t earn it all alone. It will be unfair for me to claim the whole bounty while the others who worked for it got none.” (KMega)

This decision was a hard one for KMega, but he knew a lot about vr games.

He’s played both sides of the karma wheel before.

“Of course. You’re such a noble soul.” (Priest)

The priest didn’t say anything else, as KMega became disappointed not seeing any notice about donations or charity being given.

However, this decision didn’t affect his standing within the church.

It affected his standing with Yirk and Kieser though.

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