Chapter 359: Tree Demon


The more Long Yi thought about it, the more he felt this method was feasible. In this place, there were no less than 10,000 corpse kings, so even if they wanted to kill all of them, their hand would go limp with exhaustion before they were able to. Moreover, in this Death Space, the longer they stayed here, the more disadvantageous it would be for them. Therefore, the most important matter was to leave this place as quickly as possible.

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Long Yi no longer hesitated. He directly rushed towards the distant Golden Armored Corpse King and a wisp of powerful true qi made a slick curve and shot at the back of the Golden Armored Corpse King’s head. Since Long Yi was observing the battle between Long Two and another Golden Armored Corpse King, he was able to determine the weak point of the Golden Armored Corpse Kings. Attacking the back of its head seemed to be the best choice.

However, this Golden Armored Corpse King’s reaction wasn’t slow in the least. Seeing a human charging towards it, it immediately counterattacked. Its claw which was glowing with golden light advanced towards the chest of Long Yi. After seeing what the claw of a Golden Armored Corpse King could do to Long Two even with its bone armor, Long Yi instantly dodged to the side in order to avoid the terrifying claw flying at him. The moment he dodged, his true qi attack shot through the back of the Golden Armored Corpse King. Along with a ‘clang’, the sound of metal colliding against metal, the Golden Armored Corpse King unexpectedly staggered a few steps. After Long Yi’s attack hit, two inch deep wound appeared on the back of the Golden Armored Corpse King. However, for the Golden Armored Corpse King, this small injury was nothing.

Long Yi was speechless. If he were to rank this Golden Armored Corpse King according to the ranking of magical beasts, based on its strength alone, it would be classified as an SS-ranked magical beast.

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Not giving much time for Long Yi to be surprised, the Golden Armored Corpse King quickly turned around and instantly spat out a mouthful of dense green fog towards Long Yi. Changing into a beam of golden light, the Golden Armored Corpse King rushed towards Long Yi, who was in the midst of escaping from the green fog.

Long Yi knew that this dense green fog was most probably corpse poison, and he didn’t want to test how terrifying the corpse poison of a Golden Armored Corpse King was. Instantly, Long Yi casted a barrier spell to isolate this corpse poison. However, just a moment later, the Golden Armored Corpse King’s head smashed into Long Yi’s barrier. The barrier rippled violently, and was nearly broken from the impact.

Long Yi didn’t dare to be careless, so he immediately chanted an obscure incantation as his eyes shone with divine light. Then, his strong power trapped the Golden Armored Corpse King.

The Golden Armored Corpse King violently struggled, and several minutes later, its struggle slowly weakened as Long Yi’s incantation became even sharper.

Finally, the stiff body of the Golden Armored Corpse King trembled. The spirit power seal casted by Long Yi suddenly entered into the space between its eyes, giving rise to a spirit connection between them. As soon as the spirit connection was made, this Golden Armored Corpse King fell under Long Yi’s command.

Long Yi proudly laughed and used his thoughts to command this Golden Armored Corpse King to make the Silver Armored Corpse Kings and Copper Armored Corpse Kings in the surrounding area stand still. As soon as the Corpse Kings stood still, Long Yi commanded the 18 super skeletons to absorb the Corpse Kings’ power.

In a few moments, the path ahead of the group became unobstructed. Long Yi obtained two additional Golden Armored Corpse Kings and he nearly made the entire population of Corpse Kings in the area extinct. Among these 10,000 corpse kings, there were only 20 Golden Armored Corpse Kings that were scattered throughout the area. Fortunately for Long Yi and the rest, if the Golden Armored Corpse Kings were to stick close to each other, they would really be in trouble. Among these 20 Golden Armored Corpse Kings, other than three which were controlled by Long Yi, the other 17 were killed by Long Two. The huge amount of dark magic power possessed by the 17 Golden Armored Corpse Kings were completely absorbed by Long Two.

After traveling with three Golden Armored Corpse Kings protecting them, by the time the shadow-like sun disappeared from the grey sky, the group of four had already reached the end of the territory of Corpse Kings. As soon as the ‘sun’ disappeared from the sky, the dark mist inside the Death Space began surging and rolling. Finally, even that little bit of faint light which was illuminating the death space disappeared. The entire world turned into darkness, and even with Long Yi’s night vision, he was only able to see the silhouettes ahead of him.

“Long Yi, should we stay here for the night and continue our journey tomorrow or do we keep going?” Wushuang asked Long Yi. It was not surprising for her to ask such a question. In the nighttime, the death qi inside this Death Space was several times more powerful compared to the daytime, and this gloomy and cold death qi was gradually nibbling away at their spirit power.

Long Yi frowned and asked after thinking for a bit, “Can you guys keep going?”

Barbarian Bull brandished the Greenstone Rule in his hand and bellowed, “Of course I can! Not to mention that I didn’t get to fight the Corpse Kings. Now, my hands and legs are itching to do something, naturally, I can continue.”

“I have no problem with continuing as well, my husband.” Nalan Ruyue said from the other side of Long Yi.

“I have no objection as well. We are about to enter the dense forest in front of us anyway, who knows if the forest would be illuminated in the morning. What if the dense canopy blocks off all the light? We might as well not waste time and enter now.” Wushuang said.

“Since there is no objection, we will carry on with our journey. Anyway, this place is not suited for long periods of habitation. We should leave this place as quickly as possible, if not, we may be in big trouble.” Long Yi explained.

The four people reached a consensus, and began to grope about in the darkness while walking forward. For their safety, they didn’t use Illumination Magic or Fireball Magic to illuminate their path in fear that fire or light might attract all undead creatures in the forest. Their guess was that the creatures which lived in the deeper areas of the death space were stronger than the Corpse Kings they met when they just arrived. As such, they decided to be cautious when moving forward.

Stepping on dead leaves, they walked a segment of the path. Along the way, Long Yi had a sense of unease in his heart. The three god-beasts following behind him were restless throughout the journey which piled on to Long Yi’s discomfort.

“Long Yi, I have a bad feeling about this place. Don’t you feel as though many eyes are staring at us?” Wushuang whispered to Long Yi.

“I have the same feeling as you, and my spirit sense is very chaotic. I am able to sense that this place is desolate and uninhabited, but there are moments when I can feel as though there are living creatures all around us.” Long Yi made a wry smile and said. He knew that death qi was able to cause all kinds of negative feelings to be induced in people. Fear, over-suspicion, bloodthirst, thought of killing… These were just a few negative feelings death qi could induce in people.

Nalan Ruyue gripped Long Yi’s hands tightly and squeezed, as she was extremely nervous in her heart.

All of a sudden, the Fire Qilin which was walking at the side roared. A burst of flames covered its entire body with fire, and it spat Qilin Holy Fire towards a towering tree beside it.

The flames which covered the Fire Qilin illuminated the area. Everyone was able to see that the Fire Qilin was bound by several thick tree vines. As soon as the Qilin Holy Fire came into contact with the tree vines, the tree vines were burnt to ashes. Looking up, Long Yi managed to catch a glimpse of the tree where the tree vines originated from. Surprisingly, the tree had human-like facial features on its trunk. He also managed to see that when the Qilin Holy Fire was about to hit it, it actually escaped into the forest, leaving afterimages in its wake. Nevertheless, it let out a series of painful screams as it was apparently burned by the Qilin Holy Fire.

“What is that monster?” Nalan Ruyue asked in surprise.

“If my guess isn’t wrong, then that should be a Tree Demon. It is a kind of unusual creature which belongs to the undead world from another space. It should have a certain level of wisdom… Seems like we entered into the Tree Demons’ territory.” Long Yi answered. After explaining what he just saw to the rest, he no longer hesitated. Casting several Fireball Magic, Long Yi made a few fireballs float above the group of four. Long Yi wanted to light up the area so they wouldn’t be ambushed by the Tree Demons again, as he suspected that there might be Tree Demons all around them.

In the manual of the Extra-Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic given to him by Feng Ling, there was only a rough description of the Tree Demon. This was because this kind of Undead World’s creatures which belonged to a different space couldn’t be summoned. This made Long Yi sure that this Death Space was similar to the Undead World from another space. If they were to encounter the most terrifying existence from said space, the Three-Headed Demonic Dragon, it would be extremely troublesome.

Long Yi shook his head. There was still the problem of the Tree Demons ahead of him. Why was he thinking so far ahead?

From out of nowhere, a column of flames burst out from the ground. Several sad and shrill sounds followed the explosion and disappeared in the next moment.

“No need to fear, it was the Tree Demon that made a surprise attack on the Fire Qilin just a moment ago. Qilin Holy Fire can not only burn down tangible objects, it can also burn the incorporeal soul. Once something is burned by the Qilin Holy Fire, it will be extremely difficult to extinguish it.” Long Yi assured Nalan Ruyue as he patted her little hands.

Taking precaution from the Tree Demons’ attack, Long Yi began to cut down all the trees around them to clear out a path. He certainly didn’t know anything about the abilities of the Tree Demons, but it was precisely because he didn’t know their abilities that he became even more cautious.

They were able to advance for roughly 10 li before Long Yi felt as though there were shadows swaying in their surroundings. Currently, they were standing in an empty spot where there was nothing around them. Within the radius of 10 meters, the group was unable to feel any living things except for the other members of their group. However, there were rows of thickly dotted Tree Demons surrounding them in all directions outside the 10 meter radius. There was a pair of eyes on the tree trunk of every Tree Demon, and now, they were emitting bewitching red light.

“Boss, we are surrounded.” Barbarian Bull excitedly said while grabbing his Greenstone Rule and he emitted a bloody killing intent.

Long Yi rolled his eyes. This bullhead, we are surrounded but he is actually so excited. Seems like this bull was a battle maniac deep down to his bones.

From the very beginning, Long Yi saw that the Tree Demon was exterminated by the Qilin Holy Fire. As such, he guessed that the Tree Demons feared fire, which was why Long Yi intentionally only allowed the Fire Qilin to attack.

Although the Raging Flames jade wasn’t used, the attack power of the Fire Qilin was still not to be underestimated. It roared loudly and changed into its true form before using the Qilin Holy Fire. As if flame spears, the Qilin Holy Fire swept all around, incinerating everything in its path. The blazing heat burned even the air, and the entire space appeared as if it was burning.

As for those Tree Demons, they seemed to have made their preparations. Several dozens of Tree Demons changed their form, as their big trunk suddenly blew open. Layer after layers of gloomy and cold death qi piled up in front of them, blocking the Qilin Holy Fire from the Fire Qilin. It even bound the Fire Qilin, causing it to be unable to get away.

After using the life of several dozen Tree Demons to tie up the Fire Qilin, the blood-red eyes of the remaining Tree Demons shot out a red light. Thousands of lights flocked together, as they charged towards Long Yi’s group of four.

At that time, a layer of misty cold qi shrouded everyone. This cold qi was moving about as if it had a life, forming a huge vortex. This however, was a divine level defense magic casted by Wushuang, Spinning Ice Wall.

Sounds of explosions resounded, as those blood-red light beams hit on this Spinning Ice Wall. One beam after another was reflected after it hit the wall, and several hundreds of Tree Demons screamed as they changed into smoke and dissipated.

This was far from being enough, the number of Tree Demons were far beyond the imaginations of Long Yi and the others. Wushuang would definitely not be able to maintain this Spinning Ice Wall for long.

Is this Spinning Ice Wall? Long Yi’s eyes shone as he recalled that the necklace which held the Spinning Ice Wall Magic was sealed. It was given to him by that mysterious female Swords Saint when he was at Mea Holy Magic Academy.

“No need to worry, I’ll help hold off these Tree Demons. Since there is no other way, Wushuang, prepare your most powerful attack magic spell.” Long Yi took out that necklace from inside his space ring and said to Wushuang.

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