Chapter 358: Legend and Death Space


Wushuang began to narrate the legend, but none of them thought that one day in this world might be a year in the outside world.

Although it wasn’t so exaggerated, after they had fallen into that unknown narrow gorge, Long Yi and others had sensed that two-three days had already passed. Never would they have thought that two months had already passed in the outside world. This was exactly opposite to the time when he had fallen into the Dark Space when he was undertaking the mission of Lost City.

From the time Long Yi and his group went missing, many adventurer groups unceasingly entered the Lightning God Forbidden Area in a steady stream. All of them were expecting to obtain the legendary Lightning God’s spirit tablet and the left eyeball of the Lightning God. However, even though hundreds, if not thousands, had already entered the Lightning God Forbidden Area, no one had been able to accomplish the mission.

Meanwhile, the structure of Blue Waves Continent had undergone earth-shaking changes. On year 8788, 5th day of the 8th month of Blue Waves Calendar, Violent Dragon Empire formed an alliance with Nalan Empire and proceeded to wage a violent war against Proud Moon Empire. From both the northwest and southeast direction, the two great empires pincered Proud Moon Empire, initiating the prelude of the war which would involve the entire Blue Waves Continent.

8788th year, 15th day of the 8th month of Blue Waves Continent, Violent Dragon Empire captured three cities which belonged to Proud Moon Empire. On the 20th day of the 8th month, Nalan Empire also captured three cities belonging to Proud Moon Empire. The battlefronts slowly shrunk and there were innumerable casualties on all sides. No matter how Proud Moon Empire struggled to deal with the other two empires, they were forced to retreat again and again.

In the mess that was taking place, the Dark Church which was colluding with the royal clan of Proud Moon Empire was still hidden in the shadows. The Dark Church didn’t interfere in the war that was going on between Proud Moon Empire and the other two empires. As a matter of fact, the reason behind their inaction was due to the Light Church looking on from the sidelines. The Light Church was like a tiger watching its prey from the side, ready to strike as soon as the Dark Church participated in the war.

Today was year 8788, 18th day of the 9th month of Blue Waves Calendar. Both the east and south sides of Blue Waves Continent were the battlefields. The flag of Violent Dragon Empire had just risen on the city wall, representing the capture of this second-tier city. Inside the city walls, it was a ruin. There was no building that was left standing, and smoke was curling up from the houses which have been burnt to ash. One could well imagine the intensity of this war just by looking at the devastation.

Just after the flag was raised, another flag was raised beside it. Both of the flags fluttered in the wind, signaling the successful capture of this city. The other banner was the unique battalion flag belonging to Violent Dragon Legion’s Unparalleled Battalion. This city was conquered by 20,000 elites of the Unparalleled Battalion under the leadership of Tyrant Bear.

Before Long Yi left, he had commanded that no-one had the rights to mobilize the Unparalleled Battalion except for himself. However, he handed over all the matters regarding the battalion to Tyrant Bear in the end and said that if there were any issues, Tyrant Bear could make the decision and control the battalion. Being a war maniac, Tyrant Bear was unable to stay away from the flames of war as soon as the great war between Proud Moon Empire and the other two empires began. Not to mention that the Unparalleled Battalion had to go through real war to temper themselves.

Other than their nerves which got to them at the beginning of the war, the youths in the Unparalleled Battalion who were trained thoroughly, displayed the might of military tactics as well as the cooperation of offense and defense taught by Long Yi. In a short period of time, the mighty name of the Unparalleled Battalion was spread like wildfire throughout the entire Blue Waves Continent.

Above the city gate, in the midst of a howling gale, a tall figure who was wearing pitch-black battle armor was standing motionless as if a mountain.

“General Beitang, we finished counting the casualties. From our army, 250 men died in action, 86 are severely injured and 658 are lightly injured. As for the enemy troops, 1100 died, 2800 became prisoners and 100 people fled without leaving any traces.” A youth wearing a battle armor, who seemed to be around 16-17 in age, came over and gave his report of the battle to this mountain-like figure, after offering a military salute.

Beitang Yu turned around. This time, she had led 2,000 elites of the Unparalleled Battalion in the attack on this second-tier city. She employed a stratagem to deceive and open the city gates, which led to the successful capture of this city. This youth was the younger brother of Nangong Xiangyun, Long Yi’s brother-in-law, Nangong Nu. He had grown taller and became a lot stronger. Even though he was only 14 years old, he currently looked like a mature handsome youth. The training he had done within the military camp had undoubtedly played a vital role in this. Originally, Lady Nangong had refused to let Nangong Nu participate in the war, but this kid sneaked out of his residence and went through many different battles since then. Moreover, he had beheaded several hundreds of enemy soldiers and officers. Currently, his reputation among the big legions of Violent Dragon Empire was extremely good, and his name had spread far and wide.

“Very good, order the pickets to strengthen the patrol. If any soldier violates military discipline, immediately behead them. No questions asked. Also, order the logistic teams to properly work on quelling common people. As for those prisoners, they still have their uses.” A hint of a grim smile appeared on the face of Beitang Yu which involuntarily made Nangong Nu shudder. He naturally knew that these prisoners will be used as free labor, and during the next campaign, they will be made into cannon fodder as they were assigned to the frontlines to charge headfirst at the enemy.

The fame of the Unparalleled Battalion had spread far and wide, but the person with the highest fame within the battalion wasn’t Tyrant Bear. Instead, it was the female general Beitang Yu. Her train of thought was already opened wide thanks to Long Yi’s guidance, and now, her stratagems were no longer stiff. Adding on to her amazing stratagems, she had an ice cold attitude just like the God of Slaughter who came from the depths of hell. It can be said that the overwhelming majority of the current military success of the Unparalleled Battalion were directly linked to her.

“My husband, just look at me. I will definitely make your Unparalleled Battalion stand at the very peak of this Blue Waves Continent, and you will stand at the peak. You’ll be able to look down on the entire continent.” The expression of Beitang Yu suddenly softened and a hint of yearning flashed in her eyes. This female general, who was reeking with blood and emitting killing intent just a moment ago, instantly changed into a dainty and delicate girl. Unfortunately, no one was there to see this scene.


Inside Lightning God Forbidden Area, Wushuang was in the process of narrating the legend and everyone was listening attentively.

According to Wushuang, there is a Divine World above this mortal world. The Gods who were in the Divine World stood tall, and were watching over all living creatures in the mortal world. There are seven main gods in the Divine World, individually, they were the Light God, Dark God, Wind God, Fire God, Lightning God, Water God and Earth God.

Among them, the Light God served as the leader of the seven main gods. All of the gods propagated faith in the human world. But after millions of years, only the Light Church and the Dark Church had an inheritance in the human world. Legends have it that the Light God and Dark God were completely incompatible with each other, as such, the people in the human world who had faith in either of these two gods opposed each other.

Beneath the seven main gods, the ranks were subdivided into First-tier God, Second-tier God and Third-tier God, forming a strict hierarchy among them. The Violent God was an outstanding figure among First-tier Gods. His actual strength was almost comparable to the strength of the main gods. Later, his divine soul was somehow severed and his divine body changed into nothingness. However, his divine soul was sealed in his weapon, Greenstone Rule. Later, the city lord of Holy City i.e. the father of Wushuang obtained it, but he was never able to find a way to unseal it. After some time, he tossed it into his treasure house, no longer bothering with it. Beyond everyone’s expectations, Barbarian Bull managed to obtain this Greenstone Rule after several thousand years.

“This Greenstone Rule recognized Barbarian Bull as its master with only a drop of his blood, this method is nothing special.” Long Yi said.

“Dripping a drop of blood to be recognized as its master, my father had thought of that method long ago. However, after trying many times, he was still unable to successfully bind this weapon. As for why Barbarian Bull was able to accomplish this in one go, the only explanation was that fate had a part to play in it.” Wushuang shook her head and said.

“Big sister Wushuang, have you seen the Gods?” Nalan Ruyue asked with curiosity.

Wushuang shook her head and answered, “Nope, but in the shrine in our Holy City, the statues of all seven main gods were enshrined and worshiped. It is said that Holy City was built by the Light God.”

“Then what exactly happened to Holy City? Was it truly cursed by the Dark God?” Long Yi asked.

“I don’t know, but there is no doubt that the residents of Holy City had been affected by the dark curse.” Wushuang sighed and intense hatred flashed in her eyes.

Long Yi reached out his hand and grabbed Wushuang’s ice-cold hands, gently transmitting his warmth and energy to her.

Wushuang hid the hatred flashing in her eyes and when she saw Long Yi’s concerned gaze, she slowly smiled. Suddenly, the sun and moon became lusterless. When they saw her smile, even Nalan Ruyue who was a girl was stunned by her smile.

“A smiling Big sister Wushuang is so beautiful.” Nalan Ruyue absentmindedly said. Although she was also counted as one of the greatest beauties in Blue Waves Continent, her temperament was far from a match for Wushuang. Even though her looks were a notch above Wushuang’s, the both of them were extremely different in the way they acted.

Long Yi came back to his senses and with a soft voice, he whispered to Wushuang, “Wushuang, from now on, only smile in front of me. Look, even Ruyue is charmed by your smile.”

Wushuang rolled her eyes suddenly, making Long Yi shiver like an intoxicated toad.

“We should prepare to enter now, before it becomes dark again and the evil aura grows stronger.” Wushuang reminded the group.

As soon as the main issue was mentioned, all three people sobered up completely. They were still in a dangerous situation. Moreover, they had the premonition that the further they went, the more danger they would be in.

After all the preparation was completed, Nalan Ruyue used Holy Light Guard Magic on herself, Barbarian Bull and Wushuang. As for Long Yi, he didn’t need it. Due to the fact that he was a necromancer, the death qi shouldn’t affect him.

The group which consisted of the four of them and three god beasts entered the death space ahead of them. Evil and gloomy qi blew right against their faces which made them shiver involuntarily.

Although they came from a place where the sun was blazing, they were unable to see even a glimpse of the giant fireball in the sky. When they looked up at the sky, darkness greeted them. As for the sun, they could vaguely see a round shadow hanging in the middle of the dark sky.

“Silver Armored Corpse King?!” Nalan Ruyue suddenly exclaimed. In front of them were undead creatures which numbered more than ten rushing towards them, and they looked just like the Silver Armored Corpse King Long Yi had summoned before.

Undead creatures which belonged to different space actually existed here? Not to mention that they were only at the edge of this death space.

Naturally, even though there were more than ten Silver Armored Corpse Kings rushing towards them, there was really no threat to the group. Just a few Silver Armored Corpse Kings could easily be dealt with. However, there was another problem. After entering this space, they discovered that the death qi unexpectedly had another property. Not only could the death qi erode a human’s **, it was also able to erode spirit power. Currently, this wasn’t a huge problem, but what about in the long run? Who knew how big this death space was, what if they were trapped in here for a long time?

“No one is to move. As much as possible, try to stop moving, we will rush through this death space without wasting spirit power.” Long Yi said to the others. Long Yi sensed that the death qi was able to erode spirit power at a quicker rate when they made any movements. Moreover, this death qi was able to ignore any barrier, which made setting up barriers useless.

Long Yi summoned the 18 super skeletons as undead creatures were unaffected by the death qi in this place. Moreover, these 18 super skeletons were able to absorb dark power possessed by other undead creatures to increase their own strength.

Long Yi looked into the distance and understood that this space was a world of the extra dimensional corpse kings. Everywhere in front of him, there were Copper Armored Corpse Kings, Silver Armored Corpse Kings and also even more powerful Golden Armored Corpse Kings. There were innumerable corpse kings, so it was impossible to bypass them all. Maybe they could fly past them as corpse kings didn’t have the ability to fly.

Long Yi immediately casted Soaring Magic as he wanted to try flying past the corpse kings. However, in this death space, Long Yi was only able to fly to an altitude of ten meters. There was a peculiar power pushing Long Yi down the whole time he was in the air so he knew that flying past the corpse kings was not possible.

Long Yi knew that if Silver Armored Corpse Kings were to spare no effort to jump into the air, they would definitely be able to reach Long Yi in the air. In other words, even if they tried to fly over the corpse kings, the Silver Armored Corpse Kings and Golden Armored Corpse Kings would be able to attack them. Not to mention that Nalan Ruyue’s Float Magic wouldn’t be able to sustain flight for long periods of time. If they were to consider the death qi all around them, their spirit power would be sapped dry before they could fly across the corpse kings. Without spirit power, it would be even harder for them to cross this place.

Long Yi used the 18 super skeletons to open up a path ahead of them, and the three god-beasts kept an eye on both sides. Long Yi himself would protect Nalan Ruyue and the others in the middle while they crossed.

He had to admit that the perception of a Golden Armored Corpse King was extremely frightening. Long Yi and others had just taken two steps forward, and two Golden Armored Corpse Kings immediately started roaring. In an instant, several hundred Copper Armored Corpse Kings and Silver Armored Corpse Kings rushed towards them and started a violent battle with the 18 super skeletons.

Long Two danced in the air with the Death Scythe, and after a red light flashed in the air several times, limbs belonging to dozens of Copper Armored Corpse Kings were cut off. When Long Yi was in the Mea Principality’s library, he had once let the 18 skeletons battle against three Silver Armored Corpse Kings at the same time. At that time, only Long Two was able to match a Silver Armored Corpse King in battle. The other 17 skeletons were only able to take on the other two Silver Armored Corpse Kings by working together.

However, at this point in time, the 18 skeletons had evolved and were far stronger than before. On the Extreme Yin Day, they had absorbed the dark power of countless undead creatures, vastly increasing their strength. Moreover, Long Two had developed its own consciousness already, which greatly boosted the skeletons’ attack power.

Now, each super skeleton was fighting against several Silver Armored Corpse Kings by themselves, and as for Long Two, it was fighting against a Golden Armored Corpse King evenly.

The Fire Qilin and Violent Lightning Beast also joined the battlefield. The Fire Qilin’s holy fire instantly turned several corpse kings into ashes, and even though Violent Lightning Beast’s forbidden magic spell was severely weakened in this place, it was sufficient to deal with these corpse kings.

Several hundreds of corpse kings instantly perished under the onslaught of Long Yi’s team but the few Golden Armored Corpse Kings in the distance roared again. As soon as they roared, countless corpse kings rushed over from the surrounding area and the savage battle started again.

Chi, a Golden Armored Corpse King’s incomparably hard claw actually pierced through the black bone armor of Long Two. As soon as the claw pierced through Long Two, a red light appeared in the pitch black eye sockets on Long Two’s skull. After the red light flashed in its eye sockets, Long Two’s death scythe slashed the Golden Armored Corpse King’s head from the back.

Along with a shriek from the Golden Armored Corpse King, a dense black qi came out of its wound. This dense black qi was completely absorbed by Long Two. In moments, this Golden Armored Corpse King dried up and the claw which pierced through Long Two fell to the ground with a thud.

Just when Long Yi was about to go up to Long Two to fix its broken bones, he saw a black mist being emitted from Long Two’s broken bones. In the blink of an eye, the bones which were broken restored themselves to their original state. Long Two went through another evolution, which greatly surprised Long Yi.

Occasionally, Long Yi would behead a few corpse kings which managed to avoid the 18 super skeletons. However, his gaze was fixed on the nearest Golden Armored Corpse King. After he saw that the Golden Armored Corpse Kings were able to order Silver Armored Corpse Kings and Copper Armored Corpse Kings, he suddenly had a thought. If he were to use Extra Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic to summon a Golden Armored Corpse King, would they be able to easily pass through the corpse kings’ territory?

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