Chapter 357: Hot passion


Wushuang was startled. Although her charming body was still limp in Long Yi’s embrace, she didn’t let go of Long Yi’s hands. Perhaps she had already accepted Long Yi in her heart, but when she wanted to completely give herself to him, she always felt as if she was lacking something. As such, she stopped Long Yi’s invasion at the last moment.

“You… you must keep your promise.” Wushuang slowly released her little hand and hugged the back of Long Yi’s neck, letting him wreak havoc on her towering breasts.

Long Yi took a deep breath to calm himself down. Although he couldn’t truly make love with Wushuang, being able to reach this stage with the usually cold and indifferent Wushuang, what else was there to be dissatisfied about?

Long Yi’s wolf claw, which was currently inside the clothes of Wushuang, kneaded and pinched her **. With every move, he felt that soft, smooth and marvelous tactile impression in his hands. Feeling the burning hot feeling and the slight trembling coming from Wushuang’s **, Long Yi was enjoying every moment of it. Meanwhile, his other hand moved about on her pert buttocks, and it frequently entered her buttocks crack, synchronizing with the invasion of his little brother.

“Mmm, you bastard.” Wushuang hugged Long Yi tighter and tighter, her pink lips exhaled a scorching hot breath and her willowy waist unconsciously catered to Long Yi’s **. Although this was not something particularly overwhelming, something on this level of stimulation was already beyond Wushuang’s imagination.

Wushuang softly moaned which was just like a strong aphrodisiac that thoroughly ignited Long Yi’s **. Even his soul seemed to be stirred up from her moans. After that, his waist began to grind faster and faster.

“Ah…… stop… stop, I…… I want…… ah……” Wushuang suddenly collapsed and made a futile effort to push Long Yi away. However, her actions only seemed to make Long Yi grind even faster. Before she could finish her sentence, she felt light headed as hot liquid gushed out of her private parts and her mind instantly went blank. Every other thought in her mind disappeared. The only thing that remained was their coarse panting breaths, and Long Yi’s burning hot bosom.

Wushuang, after reaching **, lost her capability to respond to her surroundings. Long Yi wasn’t much better off either. When he felt that Wushuang reached climax, he was so excited that he couldn’t help but start gushing out continuously. It had been so long since Long Yi felt such a pleasant sensation.

The two people tightly hugged each other, and their heated atmosphere began to slowly cool down. Their hearts however, were still boiling hot. Now, Wushuang nestled in the bosom of Long Yi and even after a long time, she wasn’t able to calm down.

“Humph……” A cold snort came from behind them. This snort instantly woke the two who were currently intoxicated in each other’s embrace.

Long Yi glanced from the corner of his eyes and saw a lithe and graceful figure exiting the tent. Other than Nalan Ruyue, who else could she be? Presumably, this girl waited for her sweetheart for a long time, but seeing as he hadn’t arrived at her tent, she was unable to endure it any longer. As such, she shyly decided to go to Long Yi’s tent herself to investigate what was really happening. Never in her wildest imaginations would she have thought that as soon as she got out of her tent, she would see Long Yi and Wushuang intertwined with each other. She was naturally thrown into a vinegar jar.

This matter greatly dissipated Wushuang’s **, and after gently pushing away Long Yi, she immediately felt a moist and sticky liquid on her private part. This sticky feeling between her legs was making her uncomfortable. As such, she rolled her eyes at Long Yi and softly said, “You, bad egg, quickly go to Ruyue. I am returning to my tent.”

Without waiting for Long Yi’s reply, Wushuang quickly disappeared. Seeing this, Long Yi made a wry smile. After returning to his own tent and taking off his pants, he didn’t feel much better.

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Only after washing up and changing his clothes, Long Yi headed over to Nalan Ruyue’s tent. Completely ignoring the barrier at the entrance of her tent, Long Yi barged in.

Nalan Ruyue was curled up on her big bed and a brocade quilt covered her from head to toe. She obviously knew about Long Yi’s arrival but she remained motionless. She clearly showed him that she didn’t want to acknowledge him.

Long Yi naturally knew Nalan Ruyue was throwing a tantrum. He gently walked over and sat on the edge of her bed, gently shaking her as if he was afraid he might scare her. Seeing that she wasn’t responding to him, he called out softly, “Ruyue darling, your husband is here.”

Even after shaking her a few times, Nalan Ruyue didn’t respond to him and she didn’t make a single sound.

Feeling helpless, Long Yi stretched his hands out and wanted to tear off the quilt covering her head. However, Nalan Ruyue grabbed the quilt even tighter and she was unwilling to come out of her quilt cocoon.

Long Yi didn’t want to force her and neither did he want to use brute force to lift the brocade quilt. Although he didn’t manage to get her out of the brocade quilt, he was unwilling to give up so easily. His eyes shone with craftiness and a bad smile appeared on his face.

Well, you can grab it so I can’t pull the quilt down from above, but what about from below? Let’s see what you use to stop me from lifting this quilt up. Long Yi moved to the end of the bed and lifted the brocade quilt. Immediately, Nalan Ruyue’s two glittering and translucent little legs were exposed. Those five tender toes looked really cute as they slightly curled up into a ball.

Catching the legs which Nalan Ruyue was trying desperately to tuck into her body, Long Yi used his hands to caress them lovingly. They truly were tender and smooth.

“Release me, you big pervert……” Nalan Ruyue’s somewhat obscure voice came from under the quilt.

“I am not releasing your legs unless you come out.” Long Yi answered with a smile, but his big hands continued to take advantage of her little legs.

“No! I’m not coming out, I don’t want to see your face.” Nalan Ruyue cried.

“Not coming out? Heh heh, l will see how long you can stay in there for.” Long Yi grabbed Nalan Ruyue’s ankles, and his other hand started to tickle her sole.

“Ah… let me go, smelly fellow, scoundrel, haha…… let me go……” Nalan Ruyue was unable to bear Long Yi’s tickling much longer. She violently struggled with her legs, but how could she escape from Long Yi?

“Are you coming out? If you don’t come out I will continue with what I was just doing…” Long Yi laughed and his fingers, as if playing a qin, lightly scraped the sole of Nalan Ruyue’s feet. One should know that the sole of a human being was one of their most sensitive spots

“Haha….. help ah…… smelly husband…… stop tickling, I…… I will come out.” Nalan Ruyue was powerless to struggle so she had no choice but to unwillingly raise the white flag and surrender.

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Long Yi stopped tickling, but his hand still held on to Nalan Ruyue’s slender legs.

Finally, Nalan Ruyue lifted up the brocade quilt and sat up. Glaring at Long Yi, her face was as red as a tomato.

“Humph…… still not releasing my leg? Hateful.” Nalan Ruyue took a deep breath and then angrily scolded Long Yi.

Long Yi however, remained motionless. He gently caressed the soft and smooth jade-like leg of Nalan Ruyue and suddenly bending over, he kissed her leg. He didn’t stop there, and went for another kiss on her sole. As a saintess that cultivated light magic, Nalan Ruyue loved to be clean even to the extent of having a little bit of mysophobia. Her glittering and translucent little legs were not even a little bit smelly, on the contrary, it had a hint of delicate fragrance. Her skin was tender and smooth, and even on the soles of her feet, he couldn’t find even a trace of cuticula. When there were people with such beautiful legs around, it was no wonder that there were people with a foot fetish.

Nalan Ruyue nevertheless exclaimed and her entire body trembled. Even a small kiss from Long Yi on her legs could unexpectedly make her spasm so much, could it be that her legs were her sensitive spot?

Nalan Ruyue inhaled a mouthful of air. She had never even imagined that a kiss from Long Yi could actually give her such a strong feeling. She moved over and used her little hands to pry open Long Yi’s big hands which were currently holding her legs, before hugging her quilt and furiously turning her body to face away from Long Yi.

“Darling, are you still ignoring me?” Long Yi got into the bed and hugged Nalan Ruyue’s slender waist from behind.

“Don’t call me darling, how can I assume the position of your darling? Big sister Wushuang is your beloved one.” Nalan Ruyue didn’t struggle in Long Yi’s grasp. However, nothing stopped her from expressing her grievances.

“You all are my darlings, don’t be jealous. In my heart, you all are my priceless treasures.” Long Yi spoke sickening whispers of love to Nalan Ruyue. He knew that when girls were jealous, even if they knew that the words spoken were false, their mood would still improve. Naturally, everything that Long Yi said was coming from the bottom of his heart.

“You are lying, big sister Wushuang is a treasure to you, I’m merely a blade of grass. You obviously don’t take me seriously, otherwise, you wouldn’t….. wouldn’t have……” Nalan Ruyue blushed. She had no objections against Long Yi and Wushuang having an intimate relationship. After all, Wushuang and him were already in love with each other. But the problem here was that Long Yi had clearly promised her about the thing they were about to do tonight. In the end, she was the one who ran into Long Yi and Wushuang who were getting intimate with each other outside her tent. This naturally made her angry and sad at the same time, giving birth to a knot in her heart.

“Silly girl, I naturally remember the agreement I made with you. Only, you have to think about it from another perspective. Your big sister Wushuang and I have a strange telepathy. In any case, what if she becomes angry? That was why I had to settle things with her first. Otherwise what would happen if she found out that I came to your tent at night?” Long Yi coaxed Nalan Ruyue with a calming voice, but his hands were dishonestly wandering about her waist and stomach.

Nalan Ruyue felt that what Long Yi said was very reasonable and that grievance in her heart also dissipated. Then, feeling the mischievous hands which belonged to Long Yi, her charming body softly collapsed into Long Yi’s embrace.

Long Yi’s wolf claws moved upwards, grabbing Nalan Ruyue’s soft meat buns from above her clothes, and his little brother who had just gone through a tough battle with Wushuang began to bare its fangs and brandish its might again.

Nalan Ruyue let out a soft moan. After placing her small hands above Long Yi’s naughty hands which were still fondling her bosom, she shyly said, “My husband, since you have settled down big sister Wushuang, then tonight, can… we…”

“Of course…… not…” Long Yi was also really looking forward to this. Even if Long Yi didn’t talk about the fact that Wushuang could feel him and Nalan Ruyue doing ‘that’, he suddenly remembered that they were entering the death zone shrouded with evil qi tomorrow morning. Not to mention, Nalan Ruyue was a light magician. Tonight, if they were to do the deed, then that might affect her performance tomorrow. Anyway, the Lightning God Forbidden Area wasn’t a good place either, so it was better to wait till they find a better time and place before doing anything. Moreover, this would save everyone the trouble of diverting their attention to other unnecessary things.

“Why? You… don’t you want me?” Hearing Long Yi’s answer, Nalan Ruyue asked. Perhaps in the world, all the young girls in deep romantic love would worry about such personal gains and losses.

“Silly girl, how can that be?” Long Yi moved his hand away from her chest and caressed her hair while telling her his concerns.

Nalan Ruyue realized she was too impulsive due to the love she had for Long Yi. After hearing Long Yi’s analysis, she sobered up and understood that this truly wasn’t the opportune moment. The sky was already about to brighten, and the death zone ahead of them was sure to be extremely dangerous. Thinking so far, she couldn’t help but feel ashamed and her feelings towards Long Yi became even deeper. Hypothetically speaking, in this world, how many men could think about such things when facing a beauty? Perhaps Long Yi seemed like an extremely lustful and rotten person, and he was always itching to take advantage of others. However, at the critical moment, he was always able to control himself.

In the dim light of the night, Nalan Ruyue and Long Yi didn’t take the step further. They merely hugged, fondled and kissed each other, and then they slept. From the beginning to the end, Nalan Ruyue had a happy smile on her face.

Time passed without them noticing, and the day once again replaced the night.

The death zone had a dense evil qi as before, and the black mist was also seething. Even rays from the sun were unable to enter into this death zone. Within the radius of a kilometer outside the boundary of this death zone, there wasn’t a living organism to be seen. It was so quiet that it would make people feel ill at ease.

When Long Yi came out from Nalan Ruyue’s tent, Barbarian Bull just happened to finish training a set of the rod technique. Now, his aura was even more solidified. He emitted a domineering air from head to toe, and his bull eyes were shining with deep profoundness. His strength was so rapidly progressing that even Long Yi was surprised. Barbarian Bull’s harvest in this trip to the Lightning God Forbidden Area was really not small at all.

“Boss, you woke up! When this old bull was just training in the Evil Vanquishing Rod Technique, I suddenly felt as though this Greenstone Rule has some peculiarities in it.” Seeing as Long Yi finally appeared, Barbarian Bull eagerly ran over and asked.

“Strange? What strange?” Long Yi took Greenstone Rule from Barbarian Bull and he suddenly exclaimed in surprise, “It is indeed strange, this Greenstone Rule is actually rejecting my aura. Could it be that it is currently rejecting your aura too?”

“No, I just feel as if this Greenstone Rule suddenly had a life of its own. However, instead of rejecting me, it felt as though Greenstone Rule was very friendly towards me.” Barbarian Bull scratched his bull-horn and said.

“Is that so?” Long Yi frowned and began to ponder. Greenstone Rule was basically a divine artifact, and after the battle with the Nine Dark Demonic Flower, Barbarian Bull was able to extract a great amount of power from Greenstone Rule. In any case, divine artifacts certainly have extraordinary aspects. The only issue here was the issue of a divine artifact having a life.

“Greenstone Rule is different from other divine artifacts. Other divine artifacts are either man-made or left behind by some low-level Gods in this Blue Waves Continent. However, Greenstone Rule was the weapon used by the legendary first-tier God, the Violent God. The legend says that his god soul is sealed inside it.” All of a sudden, a peaceful voice belonging to Wushuang came from behind both Long Yi and Barbarian Bull, explaining the extraordinariness of Greenstone Rule.

Long Yi turned his head and saw that Wushuang had already arrived behind him without his notice. She still had an indifferent appearance. Only when she looked at Long Yi, a trace of warmth would flash in her eyes.

Listening to what Wushuang said, Long Yi was very interested. Wushuang came from Lost City which existed several thousands of years ago, so she definitely knows many behind-the-scenes stories. Now, regarding the existence of Gods in this world, Long Yi no longer brushed them aside like he did before.

Looking at all sorts of signs and facts, he knew that the Gods of this world really exist. Long Yi was earnestly hoping that he could learn more about them.

“Wushuang, can you elaborate on what you just said?” Long Yi pulled Wushuang to sit on the grassland and said.

“According to legend……” Wushuang’s eyes blurred as she began to narrate an ancient legend.

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