Chapter 31: Was Brought Home by Homeroom Teacher

“That’s right! In 2 months, it will be time for the College Entrance Exam. Because of such a small matter, you want to demerit his points? This does not follow the rules that were set. I think we should just let Teacher Yao guide him. After all, we are already at the important juncture of the College Entrance Exam,” The homeroom teacher of the 4th class agreed.

He Jian knew that regarding this matter, he had to let it go since everyone was asking for leniency for the boy. The two teachers who pleaded for Cheng Yu were the senior teachers in the school, and they were also pretty well known. Even though he was the team leader, their seniority was still too important. Since they already requested him to stop pursuing the matter, if he did not give up, it would only show that he was extremely narrow-minded.

When Cheng Yu returned to his seat, Fatty rushed straight to him and asked, “Boss! What did the homeroom teacher talk to you about?”

“Shoo! Small kid, what are you asking so much for?” Cheng Yu waved his hand as he chased Fatty back to his seat. He saw Lin Yuhan was also giving him a curious look.

Cheng Yu spread out his hands and said, “It’s really nothing. Maybe she thought that I am a genius so she discussed several research topics with me.”

“Research topics? What topics?” Lin Yuhan was puzzled.

“Do the *** sizes of women have any relation with gravity on Earth?” Cheng Yu earnestly said while laughing and looking at Lin Yuhan’s ***.

“Get lost! Always talking trash. Since your memory is so good, you should really start to study. I believe that with your learning ability, you would be able to catch up before the College Entrance Exam.” Lin Yuhan pouted and told Cheng Yu seriously.

“You really hope that I can catch up on my studies?” Cheng Yu asked.

“Naturally, unless you do not wish to go to college? Of course, since your family is so rich, even if you are unable to get in, there are other methods you can resort to. However, don’t you wish to use your own ability to get into the school instead? By doing so, you would have a sense of achievement, right?”

“Which university are you aiming for? With your results, it should be easy for you to get into Kyoto University.”

“It’s hard to say. I never planned to go to any foreign universities. Since I want to stay in Yunhai, I am preparing to go to Yunhai University,” Lin Yuhan said tranquilly.

“Is it because of your mother?” Cheng Yu knew that Lin Yuhan is a filial daughter. “Since she did not plan to go overseas to study, it was most likely due to this reason,” Cheng Yu thought.

“Yeah. I don’t wish to leave my mother alone. My mother and I have always been mutually dependent. If I were to leave, she would be left alone. She would definitely feel very sad. Furthermore, she would need to earn more money to provide tuition fees for me to go to school. I want to stay here to accompany her and help her earn money,” Lin Yuhan said emotionally.

“Actually, if you don’t have enough money, I can help you out with that,” Cheng Yu was moved by her words. She was such a pure and motivated female. She dared to use her life in exchange for happiness.

“I know that you can help me, but I would not want to use your money. I can earn the money together with my mother,” Lin Yuhan rejected Cheng Yu.

Truthfully speaking, she could not understand what their current relationship was. From a student’s point of view, Cheng Yu really took great care of her, and the treatment she received was comparable to a girlfriend. Both of them never officially talked about being a couple and Cheng Yu never requested anything from her before either.

She was very puzzled. Previously, she always heard of Cheng Yu harming other girls. Although she did not witness it personally, everyone knew about this matter. However, there are no more rumors of him harming any girls anymore, but did he not feel attracted to her? Why did he not have request anything from her? At most, he would just crack a joke or harass her, but he had never put her in a difficult situation.

Women were always very strange creatures. If you ever requested anything from her, she would feel that you only liked her for her body, but if you do not ask for anything, she would think that you are not attracted to her anymore.

This is a riddle that has never been solved for the thousands of years!

“I know that you are strong-minded and do not want to owe me any favors. However, I hope that if you face any difficulties, you can come and tell me. I will help resolve it for you regardless of what difficulty it is,” Cheng Yu earnestly told Lin Yuhan.

Lin Yuhan nodded when she saw Cheng Yu’s sincere look.

“Alright, since you have already planned to go to Yunhai University, I will also start studying and get accepted into Yunhai University. I heard that it’s not easy to get accepted,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“You want to get into Yunhai University? Isn’t your family in the capital? You don’t wish to go back there?” Lin Yuhan was surprised.

“Of course it’s because of you. If I were to go back, won’t you get married to someone else? As for whether I am going back or not, it’s the same to me. The place where you are is also my home. Therefore, Yunhai is currently my home,” Cheng Yu said affectionately.

Lin Yuhan was unable to adapt to Cheng Yu’s sudden transformation. However, when she heard what he said, she blushed and turned her head acting like she was reading the book and said, “You only know how to use those flowery words to deceive people. I will never believe you!”

Cheng Yu chuckled and no longer talked about it. When Lin Yuhan realized Cheng Yu had no intention to continue on with the topic, she felt somewhat disappointed in her heart.

Cheng Yu picked up a reference book on history and started to read it seriously. Previously, he would just memorize the whole book. However, regarding the structure and analytical questions, he was not clear on how to answer them. Therefore, he had no choice, but to study the reference book seriously.

Cheng Yu used a day to memorize everything in the reference book. He used his Spiritual Sense to wrap the book and started to photocopy everything to his brain. However, the main point was that these types of questions needed Cheng Yu to slowly comprehend the answers. It was the same for cultivation. It would not work if you had only memorized the cultivation manual, but you also needed to comprehend it or everyone would have already become an immortal.

After the class ended, Yao Na stood at the entrance of the classroom and called Cheng Yu to her office again. This time, there would only be the two of them in her office.

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“Don’t take what happened in the morning to heart. He said that he will not pursue it.”

Cheng Yu curled his lips and did not speak a single word. Wouldn’t pursue him? It would already be his fortune if Cheng Yu decided not to pursue him instead.

When she saw Cheng Yu’s manners, she knew that he had no idea about He Jian’s powerful relations in the school. “Because of his uncle being the vice principal of the school, Leader He holds a substantial influence in making decisions. If he decides to bicker over this issue and let you receive a large amount of demerit points, your College Entrance Exam could be affected.”

Cheng Yu was touched when he saw that Yao Na actually cared about him even though he would often take liberties with her. This showed that Yao Na was actually a good teacher.

“Is it? I would need to thank Teacher Yao then. Are there any other matters?”
“Because of the fight in the morning, I was not able to talk to you about the reason I called you into the office. I think that since you have such a good memory, I hope you would be able to adapt a good learning attitude for these upcoming months before the College Entrance Exam. I believe that with just the memorization skills you have and some perseverance, you would be able to obtain good results,” Yao Na seriously commented.

“That’s good. Anything else?” Cheng Yu had already decided to be serious with his studies.

“If you would like to study seriously, I am able to help you in various subjects. I would like to know currently what is your weakest subject?”

“English.” Cheng Yu honestly replied.

“I can tutor you in English. Do you have any other subjects that you have a hard time coping with?” In Yao Na’s opinion, Chinese, Math and English are subjects that Cheng Yu were unable to cope with since he had left the mock papers blank.


“Are you sure that your Chinese and Math does not need any assistance? I can help you to arrange two teachers to help you with them.”

“If you are able to confirm that both the teachers that would be teaching me for the subjects are as young and pretty as you, then I will then need their assistance on teaching me. Otherwise, no need.”

As Yao Na did not expect such a reply from Cheng Yu, she was stunned before she sternly said, “In the future, don’t ever say these kinds of words in front of teachers. It is a form of disrespect. Got it?”

When she saw Cheng Yu was not replying back to her, “From today onwards, every day after school you will come to my house to study for 3 hours.”

“Go over to your house?” Cheng Yu was surprised. However, his heart was elated as these kinds of opportunities are almost non-existent. He was excited for the personal time he would have with his teacher in her house.

“Yes. Come over to my place. Don’t let your thoughts run wild! I am asking you to come over to my house to study, and nothing more.” When she saw Cheng Yu’s excited expression, she knew what was on his mind.

Yao Na stood up and started to pack her stuff before bringing Cheng Yu over to her house. Yao Na lived at the teacher hostel, which was not far from the school. Due to it being a hostel, it was quite cramped when both of them entered the house together.

“Your English has no foundation at all. I would recommend you to start from the beginning. I will let you practice the phonetic symbols’ pronunciation first.” She took out her laptop, and opened the folder she had on English materials to find the file called “Basic English Pronunciation.”

“You should listen to this first while I go and prepare dinner. After dinner, I will explain it to you.”

Cheng Yu plugged in the headphones beside the computer and started to listen to the recording earnestly. When Yao Na saw that, she went to the kitchen and started preparing dinner.

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As for Lin Yuhan, after school ended, she normally walks out of the school entrance and head straight to the night market. She would usually take the alleyway to go to her destination as walking on the main road would take a longer time. However, because of the darkness of the alleyway, there would only be a few people passing by.

When Lin Yuhan was about to pass through the main street towards the alley, a white van without a license plate turned and stopped in front of her. Lin Yuhan turned back, but was only able to see a black sack heading over to cover her head before pulling her into the van.

All this happened within a few seconds. When the van left the scene, it was as if the kidnapping did not occur at all. Even though several bystanders stopped to check out what was happening, due to the position of the van, they were unable to witness the kidnapping.

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