Chapter 32: Lin Yuhan Had an Accident!

“Continue listening later. Come over and have your dinner,” Yao Na told Cheng Yu as she took out the dishes she had cooked and placed them on the table in the living room.

“Woah! The dishes look appetizing. Teacher Yao, looks like you have some skills in becoming a chef!” Cheng Yu praised as he started to eat the dishes prepared by Yao Na.

“Haha! If it’s good, eat more of it then!” When she saw Cheng Yu praising her cooking skills, she felt happy.

“Does Teacher Yao have a boyfriend? Since you have the potential to become a good wife and loving mother.”

“Why do you ask so much when you are still a kid? Finish your food faster.”

“It’s ok if you don’t have a boyfriend. This issue can be solved easily since I also don’t currently have a girlfriend myself,” Cheng Yu started selling himself while eating.

“Stop talking such nonsense. Didn’t I tell you previously not to speak such words in front of any teacher?”

After hearing what Yao Na said, Cheng Yu no longer said anything as he continued to eat his dinner. He knew that this kind of stuff can’t be repeated too much. If he did repeat it, it would produce the opposite of the desired result.

When they finished their dinner, Yao Na put the plates away and started to tutor Cheng Yu. As Cheng Yu had no prior knowledge on English, she had no choice, but to start from the bottom. Using her English foundation knowledge and materials, she explained English to Cheng Yu part by part. Since Cheng Yu wished to get into Yunhai University, he would need to study well. As a result, from start to finish, he was paying full attention to what Yao Na was teaching.

Originally, Yao Na’s objective was to only teach Cheng Yu on the basics, which was equal to Junior Middle School level, but she did not expect Cheng Yu’s memorization and ability to learn was so strong that he was able to remember every single thing she said. Yao Na slowly increased the speed of her teaching, and she used a total of three hours to teach Cheng Yu the entire English grammar, which was knowledge equivalent to Junior High School.

At around 9 pm, Cheng Yu exited from Yao Na’s house and started to walk towards the school gate. At this moment, he saw Lin Yuhan’s mother walking from the school towards the school gate looking very anxious.

“Auntie Lin! What are you doing here?” Cheng Yu asked as he walk towards her.
“Ah! Xiao Yu, why are you still in school?” When she saw Cheng Yu walking out from school she asked in doubt.

“Just now our homeroom teacher was tutoring me in English.”

“Oh. By the way, did you see Xiao Han around? I did not see her for the whole night, so I thought she was still studying in the school. But when I went in just now, all the lights had already been switched off and not a single person was in there,” Mother Lin said anxiously.

“Xiao Han? She already left school way earlier. Did she go to her friend’s house?” Cheng Yu frowned.

“That’s impossible. Xiao Han has been very obedient since she was young. If she was going to her friend’s house, she would give me a call to notify me about that. However, for the whole evening, I did not receive any calls from her. Could it be that she had an accident? What should I do?” When she heard Cheng Yu had no idea where her daughter was, she felt even more anxious. She only had her daughter. What if she had an accident? When she thought about that, her eyes started to turn red and tears flowed down.

Cheng Yu gave it a thought and felt that she may have had an accident. Since Lin Yuhan had always stayed in school and did not wander around on the street, it was impossible for her to offend anyone. And since Lin Yuhan was quite close to Cheng Yu only, the only possible reason for a mishap to happen to her would be due to him, as he had offended some people.

Currently, he had offended Xu Yuandong, Jiang Ming and the Blood Wolf Gang. The possibility of Xu Yuandong and Jiang Ming using Lin Yuhan to threaten him was quite low and only the Blood Wolf Gang would do this kind of stuff.

When Cheng Yu realized the situation, he clenched his fist and was thinking of destroying the Blood Wolf Gang. At first, if they did not offend or annoy him, he would have let them off. However, since they decided to kidnap Yuhan, this showed that they were courting death and he should destroy them!

“Auntie, I believe that she will be fine. Let me go and find her while you can go home and wait for news from me. I promise you that I will definitely bring her back home safely,” Cheng Yu consoled.

“Really? You are able to find where Xiao Han is?” Mother Lin asked excitedly when she heard Cheng Yu’s words.

“Yup! Auntie, believe me! You should go back and wait first. What if Xiao Han actually went home first instead? If she sees that you are not around, won’t she get worried as well?”

“Yes, of course. Then I will head back first. Xiao Yu, you must promise me that you will be able to find where Xiao Han is. I only have my daughter, and if she met with a mishap, I too would not want to stay alive anymore.” Auntie Lin said ominously.

“Be assured! I will go to look for her first. Since you are going back home alone, please be careful on the way.” After saying goodbye to Mother Lin, Cheng Yu took out his phone and called his uncle. Originally, he was not used to using mobile phones. However, ever since the cab fare incident, he realized the inconvenience of not having one. From that day onwards, he would charge his phone every single day.

“Hello, Uncle can you please tell me where the Blood Wolf Gang headquarters are at?” When the call was picked up, Cheng Yu went straight to the point.

“Blood Wolf Gang? Why are you asking that for?” Zhao Minglong asked in a puzzled tone when he heard what Cheng Yu asked.

“One of my classmates has disappeared. I suspect that it was caused by the Blood Wolf Gang. I would like to go and look for them.”

“How did it lead to this? Don’t be anxious! How sure are you that they are the cause of it? If it was not done by them, it will be very dangerous since you are at their headquarters,” Zhao Minglong replied anxiously. He was worried that due to impulse, Cheng Yu would rush straight to their den causing a scene there.

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“Just tell me where is it! We are talking about a person’s life here.” Cheng Yu said worriedly.

“I think it would be better if you let the police handle the situation. With them around, this matter could be solved easily,” Zhao Minglong said, as he did not feel relieved.

“Impossible! This matter happened due to me. I need to also solve it personally. This time, I will make the Blood Wolf Gang disappear from Yunhai forever. You just need to let the police take care of the aftermath. You should just tell me where their headquarters are!”

“What if something happens to you? How am I supposed to answer to your parents?”

“Relax, it’s just several mixed fish. Nothing will happen.”

“Uhh…alright. They are at Songhua Dadao City District, Xinguang Nightclub.” When Zhao Minglong finished his sentence, Cheng Yu hung up the phone. After thinking for a while, Zhao Minglong still did not feel at ease to let Cheng Yu go there alone so he called the City District Police Station Chief Wei. He requested him to send a squadron to surround Xinguang Nightclub and wait for him to arrive before deciding what to do.

“Who is it that called? What happened? Why are you going out at this timing?” Cheng Meiyan asked when she saw Zhao Minglong standing up with the intention of heading out.

“Something has occurred outside. I need to head over there to have a look. You go and sleep first,” Zhao Minglong headed out of his house after finishing his sentence as he urgently headed towards Xinguang Nightclub.


The third floor of the Xinguang Nightclub holds the Blood Wolf Gang headquarters.

“Boss, why have you not called that boy to come here since we already kidnapped this girl? What if he called his uncle to request for the police to come over? Wouldn’t our effort have gone to waste?” Bao Lang asked curiously.

“Relax. This boy is so arrogant. Since he feels that he is such a great fighter, he would not call his uncle to ask the police to help. Furthermore, even if he had called the police, they might not be able to locate the girl and might even cause her to be in danger. Secondly, that boy may not know that it was caused by us. I want him to feel anxious, unable to find any clues to locate her and let him endure a night of suffering before calling him. Besides, if he guessed correctly that it was done by us, then he would also be able to guess what our aim is. To lure him into coming here. In that case, he certainly won’t be calling the police,” Qin Canghai replied in a slow manner as if he had everything all planned out.

“Boss is so smart! I, Lao Lang would never be able to think of such an idea. Currently, that boy should be looking all over the place for her anxiously. Haha! Even if he were to come to this place, I would still need him to face the consequences of crippling Lao San,” Bao Lang stood up and roared.

“Don’t celebrate so early, that boy is not so stupid. Go and instruct the brothers to guard that place well. Once that boy comes in, don’t ever allow him to walk out safely. Although we are unable to kill him, it is still possible to cripple him.”

When Cheng Yu reached outside of the Xinguang Nightclub, he looked around the surroundings and decided to go in with the crowd.

Once he entered, the place was filled with loud electronic music with a mix of desperate males and females shouting and jumping. Cheng Yu did not bother to linger in the first floor and went straight up to the second floor.

“Excuse me Mister, the second floor is meant only for the VIPs. Please show us your VIP card if you wish to enter,” When Cheng Yu walked up to the second floor, a hall manager walked toward him and told him that.

“Where is your boss?”

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“May I know what’s the problem, Mister?”

“I am here to take your boss’s life.”

“Ah! What?!” When the hall manager heard what Cheng Yu said, he retreated back several steps and shouted, “HELP! HELP! Someone is here to wreck the place!”

Within a few moments, a group of people came out while holding steel pipes. When one of them saw Cheng Yu, he shouted, “That’s him! The boss wants us to cripple him!”

When he saw the group of people holding steel pipes running towards him, Cheng Yu stopped being polite since he was here to kill people anyway. Tonight, he was infuriated. He would be able to tolerate it if someone provoked or annoyed him. However, he would never tolerate anyone who threatened him by using someone he cared for, regardless of who it was.

When Cheng Yu was still in the Immortal World, he had always been alone after his teacher passed away. He had never once experienced any affection, like familial affection, romance or friendship. Since he was a Pill Master, those people that would associate with him were usually people who would want to obtain benefits from him.

However in this life, Cheng Yu had family members, lovers and friends. He would never allow anyone to destroy any of these. But today, the Blood Wolf Gang dared to use Lin Yuhan to threaten him. In that case, he would use their fresh blood to repay for their sin!

Cheng Yu started to kick those who came rushing towards him. They flew from the barricade of the second floor all the way down to the first floor’s dance floor. When those dancing saw what happened, they started to freak out. At that point, a few more people came crashing down on to the dance floor. Everyone started to flee randomly causing the scene to be extremely chaotic.

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